Explore the Ties That Bind With the New TURN Character Map


What binds the characters of TURN together? Family? Friendship? Duty? The new TURN character map, released with the TURN: Origins Online Comic Book, explores the key players’ connections — from the Patriots to the Loyalists and everyone in between.

Visit the TURN character map >>

TURN airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

Canada.com, Moviepilot Praise TURN; Jamie Bell Calls Abraham “Highly Paranoid”

tn-s1-anna-abe-325This week, TURN receives kudos from Canada.com and Moviepilot, while Jamie Bell tells IGN that Abraham, his character, is “highly paranoid.” Plus, Heather Lind discusses Anna’s strength with Zap2it. Read on for more:

Canada.com calls TURN “compelling precisely because it’s out of the ordinary.”

• After watching the series premiere, Moviepilot thinks TURN is set to become AMC’s “next big success.”

Connecticut Magazine is a TURN fan: “They always say the truth is more compelling than fiction. In the case of AMC’s Turn, a healthy dose of both is making for some great TV.”

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TURN Q&A – Angus MacFadyen (Robert Rogers)

tn-s1-robert-325Angus MacFadyen, who plays Robert Rogers on AMC’s TURN, talks about portraying historical figures and dispels a rumor about himself.

Q: You’ve spent a great deal of your acting career portraying real-life figures, from Orson Welles in Cradle Will Rock to Robert the Bruce in Braveheart. What drew you most to playing Robert Rogers?

A: At first, I didn’t even know that he was a real-life figure. When I got the part, I found out, much to my delight, that he was a real person. It’s always nice to do a little research leading up to the job, so that you’re actually working as opposed to making it up as you go along. I was able to read about the period and learn a lot of information that allowed me to create a character.

Q: What kind of research did you do into the life of the real Robert Rogers?

A: It was a slow process of putting pieces together. It’s interesting because a lot of books have only just come out, as this series has. I learned he was a farmer at first, and his skills in hunting lent well towards becoming a very efficient solider and a very efficient killer. He also spent a lot of time with the Native Americans, so he was able to discern and use their methods. Robert was also a writer, which would have made him not the most sociable of people — writers can often prefer their own company. So, he’s this guy that basically doesn’t fit into civilization at the time. He’d have preferred to sleep alone under the stars than under a roof. Perhaps he’d have preferred the company of like-minded, quiet people like the Native Americans.

Q: Have you seen portraits of Robert Rogers? Do you think you resemble him at all? Did you do anything to try and resemble him more? Continue reading “TURN Q&A – Angus MacFadyen (Robert Rogers)” »

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TURN Spycraft Handbook – The Honey Trap

tn-ep102-spycrafthandbook-325“I’ve just completed my mission. The recruitment of a young, talented agent who is willing to apply said talents in service of the Crown, for the aim of ending this reckless war. Tell me — have you ever been to New Jersey?” — Major John Andre to Philomena in Episode 2, “Who By Fire”

To evaluate the loyalty of one of his spies (an as-yet-unseen mole in a New Jersey unit of the Continental Army), John Andre recruits an enchanting actress named Philomena to serve as a “honey trap.” With a keen eye for human weakness, Andre knows a honey trap is the best tool to use to test his operative.

Spies often use gadgets and other tricks of the espionage trade to collect information, but one of the simplest and most effective ways to garner intelligence is decidedly low-tech: Human intelligence, especially when coerced under compromising circumstances. The term for a spy who uses sexuality to extract information is “honey trap” (aka “honey pot”), and refers to a woman who dabbles in the trade. However, the art of enticement is not exclusively female — men, known in spy circles as “ravens,” sometimes also get in on the action.

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From the New York Gazette – On the Legendary Mercenary Robert Rogers

tn-ep102-charactersblog-325“To Those Loyal Countrymen and Subscribers Devoted To The Crown:

“Take note that the famed Major Robert Rogers, celebrated for his exploits as the White Devil of the French and Indian War, and now the revered leader of the Queen’s Rangers, is once again soldiering for His Majesty King George III across these great colonies. Armed with an eclectic collection of trained fighters at his side, this son of Massachusetts and his cohorts are renowned for raising their mercenary ranks to dispatch their enemies far and wide. The Major’s past addled exploits of being too free with the creature are long forgotten as he forays into the fight to beat back General Washington and his tattered rebel Army.

“Many may be aware that inside the Major’s chest beats the heart of a lion, yet few among you may be apprised that he contemporaneously nurses the soul of a poet. Robert Rogers is not only esteemed for his abilities as a soldier, but has reached acclaim for his unrivaled work as an author. The ferocious and riveting battle accounts Major Rogers encountered were penned in his Journal of the French and Indian War, which went on to be published in 1765.

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NY Times Calls TURN “Beautifully Filmed”; Jamie Bell Talks Spies With TV Guide

tn-s1-caleb-abe-anna-ben-325This week, The New York Times calls TURN “beautifully filmed,” while Jamie Bell talks spies with TV Guide. Plus, TURN‘s opening credits and theme song win plaudits from critics. Read on for more:

The New York Times applauds TURN as “ambitious and beautifully filmed.”

TV Guide learns from Jamie Bell that TURN, with its focus on the Culper spy ring, is “really shedding light on a story that almost nobody knows about, and it’s so crucial to the identity of America today.”

Spin spotlights TURN‘s theme song and opening credits, commenting that “Mad Men isn’t the only AMC drama with cool opening credits by hip artists.” Zap2it calls TURN‘s theme song “snazzy.” Continue reading “NY Times Calls TURN “Beautifully Filmed”; Jamie Bell Talks Spies With TV Guide” »

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Create Your Own Spy Ring With the TURN Recruit Your Ring App

tn-s1-recruityourring-560If you were creating your own spy ring, who would make it into your most trusted circle? Immerse yourself in the world of espionage by creating a customized Revolutionary War spy ring, complete with disguises, with the TURN Recruit Your Ring app. Here’s how it works:

1. Start by selecting a photo from your Facebook profile, uploading a photo from your computer or device, or taking a new photo
2. Customize your photo using clothing, backgrounds and spycraft tools seen in in TURN
3. Choose up to three friends to recruit and customize your entire personal spy ring
4. Share your new portrait via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, email or text message. Don’t forget to tag your friends!

Check out the app now:

TURN airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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TURN Q&A – Jamie Bell (Abraham Woodhull)

tn-s1-abe-325Jamie Bell, who plays Abraham Woodhull on AMC’s TURN, discusses learning about the American Revolution and talking to members of the CIA about the series.

Q: You were born in England. How much did you already know about the American Revolution? What kinds of things were you taught about the Revolutionary War in school?

A: I hope my teachers don’t slay me for saying this — and I might be wrong — but I learned literally nothing about that time in history. Even when I was reading the pilot script, I was like, “What are we talking about here?” We learned about all the other wars, but for some reason, the Revolutionary War just wasn’t something that was in textbooks. I was just amazed from reading the scripts by how little I knew about it.

Q: Have you read the book on which the series is based, Alexander Rose’s Washington’s Spies?

A: Yes. I was amazed by how little America as a whole knew about these people who did this incredible thing. People would ask me what I’ve been up to and I’d say, “A show about the Culper Ring,” assuming that it was definitely a part of American curriculum. Everyone would be like, “Culper what?” I was blown away — it’s so unknown. I think what Alexander’s book has done, and hopefully what we’ll do with the show, is shed some light and show people that beyond just Washington as this great leader and commander were incredibly hard-working people underneath him who took all these risks to pave the way for the future of the country.

Q: What kind of research did you do on the life of the real Abraham Woodhull? Did you learn anything about him that directly influenced your portrayal? Was there anything you learned about him that surprised you?

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Explore the TURN Interactive Map to Learn About Locations and Events Seen on the Series

tn-s1-map-560TURN is based on the true story of the Culper Ring, America’s first spy network established by George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Learn more about the real-life locations and events seen on the series by exploring the TURN interactive map. Check out points of interest from the series premiere, “Pilot,” now, then return on Mondays throughout the season for new content related to the latest episode.

Visit the TURN interactive map >>

TURN airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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A Letter From Abraham Woodhull to His Son Thomas

tn-ep101-charactersblog-325Dear Thomas,

As I write this letter you are upstairs in your mother’s arms, sleeping peacefully. There is nothing I love more than watching you in your crib, but tonight I am wide awake, alone with my thoughts, unable to rest as dark intentions keep my mind preoccupied. I saw an old friend today. A young man who I have known since I was only a few years older than you are now. His name is Benjamin Tallmadge, and he has asked me to do something dangerous.

The war is raging now, and General Washington has been driven out of York City and the Royal Army has taken over there. They continued their march across the Sound, spilling over onto Long Island and into Setauket. Now there are redcoats everywhere, swathed in every nook of our hometown. They have taken over everything, using brute force and the heels of their boots to make their presence known. Washington and his rebel army are fighting back and Ben is a part of that resistance, battling the Royal Army alongside thousands of other brave men. But while their passion is thick, their numbers are overshadowed by the fastest and largest navy in the world.

Ben has asked me to assist in balancing the scales. Now that York City is dark to the rebel army, they need a man who can get inside and gather information. This is a dangerous endeavor. If I am caught, I could be hanged as a traitor and a spy. Even if they decide to spare my life and send me to a prison ship, I would still leave you, your mother, my father, and our entire family disgraced. It is a choice that comes at a heavy price.

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