Craig Silverstein Discusses Season 2 With EW; TURN Renewal Good News for

turn-redcoats-british-press-325x200This week, Craig Silverstein discusses Season 2 with Entertainment Weekly. Plus, TURN: Washington’s Spies renewal is good news for Read on for more:

Entertainment Weekly talks to Craig Silverstein, who says he’d like Season 2 to show how the Revolutionary War was part of a global war, “how the British were fighting on all fronts, and to them, the colonial rebellion was just one of the many little problems that were going on.” calls TURN: Washington’s Spies‘ Season 2 renewal “very, very good news.”

• Heather Lind is set for a guest-starring role on Season 2 of FOX’s Sleepy Hollow, playing an old flame of Ichabod Crane, according to TVLine.

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PopWrapped Celebrates TURN’s Renewal; Craig Silverstein Tells Enstarz Now Abe is “All In”

Turn_S1_105_DeletedScene_video_325This week, PopWrapped celebrates TURN: Washington’s Spies renewal and calls the show “genuinely one of the best dramas on TV today,” while Craig Silverstein tells Enstarz that Abe is “all in” for Season 2. Plus, Special Cable wants to see more of Anna Strong and Benedict Arnold in the new season. Read on for more:

PopWrapped calls TURN: Washington’s Spies “genuinely one of the best dramas on TV today” and that the tale of Abraham Woodhull “will surprise you in how exciting it really is.”

Now that TURN: Washington’s Spies has been renewed, Craig Silverstein tells Enstarz that Abe is “really kind of taking charge now, not just taking orders” in Season 2.

Special Cable makes a list of what it wants to see in TURN: Washington’s Spies’ second season, namely an expanded role for Anna Strong, “one of the show’s most interesting characters” and an exploration of famous British spies like Benedict Arnold.

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LA Times, EW on TURN‘s Renewal; IGN Calls TURN “Compelling”

turn-major-john-andre-jj-feild-104-press-325This week, the Los Angeles Times and Entertainment Weekly cover TURN: Washington’s Spies’ renewal, while IGN deems TURN: Washington’s Spies “compelling.” Plus, JJ Feild discusses John Andre with Anatomy of a Movie. Read on for more:

The Los Angeles Times reports on TURN: Washington’s Spies’ Season 2 renewal. “AMC’s revolution will continue,” observes Entertainment Weekly. Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter, TV Guide, Variety and TheWrap also reported on the renewal.

IGN, reviewing Season 1, says TURN: Washington’s Spies became a “consistently compelling drama by combining complex interpersonal relationships with cloak-and-dagger intrigue and the occasional nifty battle sequence.”

JJ Feild, talking to Anatomy of a Movie, describes John Andre as “cunning and clever and charming and mean and kind. He’s a bit of everything.”

TV Eskimo applauds TURN: Washington’s Spies because “rather than fantasizing big battles, the show focuses in on the suspense-filled nature of these spies’ lives.”

The Richmond Times-Dispatch says that Season 2 filming will resume again in the fall in the area.

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AMC Orders Second Season of Revolutionary War Drama TURN: Washington’s Spies

tu-s1-cast-560AMC today announced that it has ordered a second season of its Revolutionary War drama, TURN: Washington’s Spies, which attracted a passionate core audience averaging two million viewers a week over its initial 10-episode run. TURN: Washington’s Spies will return to AMC with 10 new episodes next spring. The network is also pairing encores of the entire first season of TURN: Washington’s Spies with Hell on Wheels on Saturday nights this summer to give new viewers a chance to discover and connect with the show.

“Craig Silverstein, Barry Josephson, and a talented cast and crew delivered a truly distinctive and engaging premiere season. We look forward to continuing this revolutionary journey into season two,” said Charlie Collier, AMC president. “AMC and its creative partners have a track record of nurturing programs we collectively believe in, patiently growing viewership and engagement over time. With TURN: Washington’s Spies, once again, we dive in with our partners to build upon this very promising first season.”

Season ratings averages, live+3, across initial 10 episodes:

  • Total audience, 2 million viewers
  • Adults 25-54, 772,000 viewers
  • Adults 18-49, 709,000 viewers

On a very competitive night, the TURN: Washington’s Spies finale delivered 2.2 million viewers, live+3, including 792,000 adults 25-54 and 706,000 adults 18-49.

A character-driven drama set during the Revolutionary War, TURN: Washington’s Spies takes us behind the battlefront to a shadow war fought by everyday heroes who vowed to keep their heroics a secret. Based on Alexander Rose’s book Washington’s SpiesTURN: Washington’s Spies centers on Abe Woodhull, a farmer living in British-occupied Long Island who bands together with a disparate group of childhood friends to form the Culper Ring. Together they risked their lives and honor and turned against family and king for a fight they believed in passionately, ultimately helping George Washington turn the tide of the Revolutionary War in favor of the rebels. Their daring efforts also revolutionized the art of espionage, giving birth to modern spycraft as we know it today, along with all of the moral complexity that entails.

TURN: Washington’s Spies, from AMC Studios, is executive produced by Craig Silverstein (Nikita), who also serves as showrunner, and Barry Josephson (Bones, Enchanted) from Josephson Entertainment. The series stars Jamie Bell as Abraham Woodhull, Seth Numrich as Ben Tallmadge, Daniel Henshall as Caleb Brewster, Heather Lind as Anna Strong, Kevin R. McNally as Judge Richard Woodhull, Meegan Warner as Mary Woodhull, Burn Gorman as Major Hewlett, Angus MacFadyen as Robert Rogers, JJ Feild as Major John Andre, and Samuel Roukin as Captain SimcoeTURN: Washington’s Spies is distributed internationally by Entertainment One Television (eOne), through an exclusive multi-year output agreement.

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What’s Your Favorite Episode From Season 1 of TURN? Vote Now


Over the course of TURN: Washington’s Spies Season 1, you watched the story behind the inception of America’s first spy ring unfold. But which of the season’s ten episodes is your favorite? Was it the series premiere, “Pilot,” in which Ben recruits Abe to be a rebel spy? Was it Episode 7, “Mercy Moment Murder Measure,” in which Abe and Simcoe duel with pistols? Or perhaps it was Episode 8, “Challenge,” in which Abe and Anna infiltrate John Andre’s exclusive gentleman’s party? Check out the TURN: Washington’s Spies Episode Guide to refresh your memory, then vote for your favorite episode in AMC’s TURN: Washington’s Spies Season 1 Episodes Ranking List.


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How Well Do You Know Season 1? Play the TURN Ultimate Fan Game to Find Out

tn-101-simcoe-abe-560Experiencing TURN: Washington’s Spies withdrawal? Of course you are. Season 1 may be over, but there’s still one thing left to do: Prove you’re the ultimate TURN: Washington’s Spies expert. Do you know what the first piece of intelligence that Abe gave to Caleb was? Or which spycraft method Ben learned from Nathaniel Sackett? Well, that’s not enough. You’ll need to answer nine more questions in the TURN: Washington’s Spies Season 1 Ultimate Fan Game, then prove you’re the champ by challenging your Facebook friends to beat your score. Afterwards, if you haven’t already, be sure to play the other TURN: Washington’s Spies Ultimate Fan Games, including a game for each Season 1 episode and a game for series star Jamie Bell.


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HuffPost Gives Kudos to Seth Numrich; New Trailer, Posters for Angus MacFadyen Movie

turn-ben-tallmadge-seth-numrich-325x200This week, The Huffington Post is a fan of Seth Numrich’s performance in Fathers and Sons. Plus, a new movie written by and starring Angus MacFadyen gets a new trailer and posters. Read on for more:

The Huffington Post‘s review of the Fathers and Sons revival at London’s Donmar Warehouse says that the character of Evgeny is “portrayed especially well” by Seth Numrich.

Joblo showcases a new trailer and two new posters for She Rises, a movie that’s co-written by and stars Angus MacFadyen.

JJ Feild speaks with Fanpop about playing a send-up of Mr. Darcy in Austenland.

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TURN Executive Producer Craig Silverstein Answers Fan Questions

tn-s1-craig-silverstein-325In this interview comprised of questions from TURN: Washington’s Spies fans, Executive Producer and Showrunner Craig Silverstein talks about the greatest challenges of producing a historical drama and shares which character he’d most like to meet in person.

Q: What made you decide to do the series? — Brandi M.

A: It was an opportunity to tell a true story that had never been told until now and to explore a time and place that is, for some reason, rarely explored in movies and TV.

Q: What are some of the greatest challenges of producing a historical drama like TURN: Washington’s Spies? — Joseph B.

A: I think the greatest challenge is trying to reconcile the differences between what we’ve researched to be true and what people were brought up believing is true. One example is Nathan Hale, who’s held up as a heroic spy who said this infamous quote: “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” When you really look into it — and there were people there when he was hanged — he actually said something else that wasn’t nearly as poetic. That quote was taken from a play and attributed to him later to prop him up as a hero, though he was in some respects. You’re brought up to believe that George Washington was absolutely perfect when, in fact, he had a lot of interesting flaws.

Q: How did the show get the details about 18th century espionage? — Richard F. Continue reading “TURN Executive Producer Craig Silverstein Answers Fan Questions” »

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Showrunner Craig Silverstein Speaks With Zap2it; The Independent Applauds Seth Numrich

turn_s1_ben_seth-numrich_press_325This week, Craig Silverstein speaks with Zap2it, while The Independent applauds Seth Numrich. Plus, Jamie Bell talks TURN: Washington’s Spies with Assignment X. Read on for more:

Zap2it speaks with series showrunner Craig Silverstein, who discusses what viewers might see in a Season 2, including “how the Culper Ring was instrumental in turning the tide one way or the other with their intelligence.”

The Independent‘s review of the Donmar Warehouse production of Fathers and Sons applauds Seth Numrich, who “splendidly captures the charisma and the smug more-radical-than-thou manner” of his character.

Assignment X interviews Jamie Bell, who says that “original storytelling is happening in television. Character development and opportunity for actors is in television for the most part.”

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A Journal Entry by Richard Woodhull in the Wake of His Shooting

tn-ep110-charactersblog-325August 21, 1777 – The pain searing through my body seems on the verge of too much to bear as I write this. Every sting of discomfort is an acute reminder of God’s grace which allows me to take another breath on this day. I am certain that Doctor Mabbs would insist that I settle into bed to heal, yet I cannot rest until I put these careful introspections down on paper. The words that once eluded me became so clear when my life was suspended in the balance.

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