What’s New – The Walking Dead Social Game Releases Chapter 2, Part 2


Survive the firebombing of Atlanta, fight your way underground, save remnants of the National Guard, encounter a mysterious message written on a helipad, help the Vatos, and get to the CDC — all in the second half of The Walking Dead Social Game‘s Chapter 2, released this weekend!

There are 15 exciting new Story Missions, new characters and 17 new maps. There are also a number of feature upgrades, including new game challenges — now, you must keep key companions alive on Story Missions to succeed.

New Game Challenge
Story Missions have a new feature. Whereas previously, you could allow your companion to die and still complete a Story Mission, now your companion has to survive for you to finish. Camp missions, however, remain the same: Your companion can die and you can still successfully complete the mission. This change was made to improve the continuity of the story and to introduce a new challenge for Story Missions. Hope you enjoy playing this new feature.


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