Norman Reedus Teases Merle’s Return; THR and TV Guide Talk Rick and Lori’s Marriage


This week, Norman Reedus teases Merle’s return while The Hollywood Reporter and TV Guide discuss Rick and Lori’s marriage. Plus, Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan talk about Glenn and Maggie’s relationship. Read on for more:

Norman Reedus speaks to RedEye Chicago about Merle’s return in Season 3: “It’s like bringing your drunk uncle to a Christmas party. But it’s his kin, so I’m sure he wants him back.”

The Hollywood Reporter and TV Guide report on comments by Glen Mazzara, Andrew Lincoln and Sarah Wayne Callies about the state of Rick and Lori’s relationship vis-à-vis Shane’s death.

Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan tell Access Hollywood that Glenn and Maggie will continue to be an item. Cohan calls their love “this kind of pure, optimistic, hopeful thing.”

Variety notes that Greg Nicotero is nominated for Emmys for both The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.

Composer Bear McCreary tells Comic Book Resources that the electric banjo personifies the sound of The Walking Dead for him.

The Huffington Post cites The Walking Dead as a reason for Atlanta’s emergence as the Hollywood of the South.

Digital Journal reports that The Walking Dead‘s Story Sync won a Social TV Award in the Best Mobile Phone, iPad or Tablet Social TV Application category.

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