Video – Zombie Experiment NYC

Check out this video of New Yorkers being transformed into zombies. What do you think?

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Dispatches From the Set – Special FX Makeup Artist and Co-Executive Producer Greg Nicotero


The Walking Dead‘s makeup master Greg Nicotero describes zombie torso decomposition, his own plans to play an undead terror this year and what Season 3 has in common with Jaws.

Q: From Day 1, everyone has been excited to get to the prison. Now that you’re there, does it live up to its expectations?

A: The prison is certainly the beacon for things to come. When you reach that milestone, we know we’ve turned a corner and now we know that different and bigger things are coming. It’s like watching Jaws and seeing the little yellow barrel and saying, “OK, that’s the yellow barrel, so I know the shark is somewhere around here.” It’s just a question of when he’s going to surface.

Q: You’re now directing your second The Walking Dead episode after last season’s “Judge, Jury, Executioner.” What can you tell us about it?

A: I tend to get these really good dramatic bits in my episodes… I got the script and I read it and it’s huge. Every single character in the show has something to do, something to say and there are great dramatic moments. I also had several key moments from the graphic novel that fans will recognize that I had to establish and set up in Episode 5 that will play out through the rest of the season. And then there’s a lot more zombie action in my episode. Actually there’s a lot more zombie action in every episode this season.

Q: Tell us about the zombie decomposition that’s happening in Season 3. How are you changing the ways the zombies are portrayed from season to season?

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The Walking Dead and Robert Kirkman Win Saturn Awards


Last night the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films held its 38th annual Saturn Awards in Burbank, California, and The Walking Dead was honored to take home the prize for Best Television Presentation. In addition, the series’ Writer and Executive Producer Robert Kirkman received the Academy’s inaugural Innovators Award, which was presented to him by The Walking Dead‘s show runner Glen Mazzara.

The Walking Dead faced heavy competition for this year’s award: TNT’s Falling Skies, Starz’s Camelot and Torchwood: Miracle Day, HBO’s Game of Thrones and The Science Channel’s Trek Nation were also nominated.

Also a big winner at last night’s ceremony was AMC’s drama Breaking Bad — which won the trophy for Best Syndicate/Cable series, Best TV Actor (Bryan Cranston) and Best Supporting TV Actor (Aaron Paul) — as well as The Killing‘s Michelle Forbes, who won for Best TV Supporting Actress.

Click here to learn more about The Killing‘s Saturn win.

Click here to learn more about Breaking Bad‘s Saturn wins.

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Norman Reedus Teases Merle’s Return; THR and TV Guide Talk Rick and Lori’s Marriage


This week, Norman Reedus teases Merle’s return while The Hollywood Reporter and TV Guide discuss Rick and Lori’s marriage. Plus, Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan talk about Glenn and Maggie’s relationship. Read on for more:

Norman Reedus speaks to RedEye Chicago about Merle’s return in Season 3: “It’s like bringing your drunk uncle to a Christmas party. But it’s his kin, so I’m sure he wants him back.”

The Hollywood Reporter and TV Guide report on comments by Glen Mazzara, Andrew Lincoln and Sarah Wayne Callies about the state of Rick and Lori’s relationship vis-à-vis Shane’s death.

Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan tell Access Hollywood that Glenn and Maggie will continue to be an item. Cohan calls their love “this kind of pure, optimistic, hopeful thing.”

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Dispatches From the Set – Key Make-Up Artist Donna Premick and Hair Stylist Taylor Knight


The Walking Dead‘s Key Make-Up Artist Donna Premick and Hair Stylist Taylor Knight describe what goes into dirtying up the cast and share some hair and makeup tips for the apocalypse.

Q: How do you take a cast of Hollywood stunners and make them look like bedraggled survivors of the apocalypse?

DP: People always say, “You do makeup on the actors?” They think they walk in looking like that and that’s a big compliment… Everybody gets sunscreen. And then if it’s a woman, we will do their makeup very lightly so you don’t see the eyeshadow or eyeliner… When we got hired to do this job, [the producers] told us, “We want them to look sexy but yet to look like they haven’t taken a shower in months.”

TK: When I was originally hired, [the producers] were wanting a real tattered look, a really not-done look, a wet, sticky, sexy, hot look. Of course sexy is not hard to do with this casts’ hair. They’re all beautiful…I do a lot of highlighting for the sun-kissed looked…then we have a sweat mixture, so their hair looks wet and sweaty.

Q: Do you two have to follow the cast around to make sure they stay sweaty and dirty-looking?

DP:  We do a liquid dirt and a dry dirt on them….And then we spray them down in sunscreen to keep it in place. But when we’re out on set and everything and they’re sweating it off, we have to go and reapply it and make it look the same way it did in the beginning.

TK: The sweat mixture stays in the actor’s hair, but we reactivate about every three takes so that it stays consistent from scene to scene. It’s a hot and sweaty show, but that’s life in the South.

Q: How has your approach changed over the last three seasons?

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Video – Highlights From The Walking Dead Comic-Con Panel


So, you didn’t make it to San Diego Comic-Con. There’s always next year, right? Until then, this video is a great way to experience one of the most buzzed-about events from this year’s Con: The Walking Dead panel. Check out AMC’s highlights reel, which spotlights the cast and crew discussing Season 3.


The Walking Dead returns Sun., Oct. 14 at 9/8c on AMC.

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David Morrissey Talks The Governor With Vanity Fair; Universal Plans Dead Attraction


This week, it’s announced that The Walking Dead will be celebrated during Halloween Horror Nights at the Universal Studios theme parks, and Vanity Fair catches up with David Morrissey at Comic-Con to talk about playing The Governor. Read on for more:

• According to The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly, The Walking Dead will get the theme park treatment during the annual Halloween Horror Nights celebration at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. The Huffington Post has more coverage.

Vanity Fair chats with David Morrissey, who says about The Governor: “He’s a bit more complex than in the comic book. He’s a bad guy and he does terrible things, but I think he’s part of this world.” MTV also talks to Morrissey about his turn as one of The Walking Dead‘s most iconic characters.

Entertainment Weekly has highlights of The Walking Dead‘s Comic-Con panel and concludes that the Season 3 Trailer ”looked fantastic and seemed to follow through on the producers’ promise that the show will continue its current wave of momentum.”, calls the trailer ”intense, action-packed, claustrophobic, chilling, and thrilling.” New York has 11 observations about the panel and trailer, while The Hollywood Reporter offers 11 teasers from the cast and creators, as well as more from the panel. Zap2it says the trailer “did not disappoint. Not even one bit.” The Associated Press, E! Online, HitFix, the Los Angeles Times,, TV Guide, TVLine, USA Today and Variety also checked out the panel.

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The Walking Dead Nabs Three Emmy Nominations for Season 2


The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the 64th
Primetime Emmy Awards
this morning, and The Walking Dead was honored nominations for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup, Outstanding Visual Effects and
Outstanding Sound Editing for the second straight year.

The nominations are part of 34 garnered by AMC this year, with an additional 17 nominations going to Mad Men, 13 to Breaking Bad and one to Hell on Wheels.

Special Makeup Designer Greg Nicotero and his KNB EFX team were nominated for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for Season 2 Episode 1, “What Lies Ahead”. His team includes: Jake Garber, Special Makeup Effects Artist, Andy Schoneberg, Special Makeup Effects Artist, Kevin Wasner, Special Makeup Effects Artist, Gino Crognale, Special Makeup Effects Artist, and Carey Jonse, Special Makeup Effects Artist

VFX Supervisors Victor Scalise, Jason Sperling and Darrell Pritchett — along with their team at Stargate Studios — were nominated for Outstanding Visual Effects for their work on Season 2 Episode 13, “Beside The Dying Fire”. The full team includes: Victor Scalise, VFX Supervisor, Jason Sperling, VFX Supervisor, Darrell Pritchett, Special FX Supervisor, Eddie Bonin, VFX Producer, Valeri Pfahning, Lead 2D Artist, Spence Fuller, 2D Artist, and Martin Hilke, 2D Artist. 

Supervising Sound Editor Jerry Ross was also nominated for Outstanding Sound Editing for 
Season 2 Episode 13, “Beside The Dying Fire”. His full team includes: Lou Thomas, Dialogue ADR Editor, Tim Farrell, Sound Effects Editor, Phil Barrie, Sound Effects Editor, David Lee Fein, Foley Artist, and Hilda Hodges, Foley Artist.

The 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards will air Sun., Sep. 23 on ABC.

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AMC’s The Walking Dead Featured at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Caught in the middle of a high-intensity struggle for survival, you fight off hordes of flesh-hungry, growling “walkers,” or zombies. No place is safe as you make your way through a post-apocalyptic wasteland with horror at every turn. Will you survive?

This fall, Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood are joining forces with AMC’s The Walking Dead for their Halloween Horror Nights events. Visitors to both theme parks will be able to experience the horror of AMC’s blockbuster original series, The Walking Dead, in elaborately themed, haunted mazes. It marks the first-time Universal Studios has featured a television series at Halloween Horror Nights on both coasts.

Check out the announcement video above for The Walking Dead at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights.

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The Walking Dead Invades Comic-Con With a Packed Panel and Signing


Last year’s San Diego Comic-Con was pretty much owned by The Walking Dead, and this year — if possible — was even bigger. A packed-to-capacity panel, screaming fans, and even child walkers on leashes meant that wherever you were, the Dead weren’t far behind.

The main events kicked off Friday morning at The Walking Dead booth with a signing by cast members Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, and newcomers Danai Gurira and David Morrissey, as well as Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd, Co-Executive Producer and Special FX Make-Up Designer Greg Nicotero, Executive Producer Glen Mazzara, and Executive Producer Robert Kirkman.

The aisles around the booth were packed to a stand-still with screaming fans snapping pictures. Fans passed around getting signatures and the cast was all too game to pose for photos — Norman Reedus in particular repeatedly hopped up to take shots with the people stuck behind him on the crowded floor.

Then it was time for the panel. After last year’s, 5,000-person-strong panel in Ballroom 20 (where fans purportedly waited all night for seats) Comic-Con staff wisely moved The Walking Dead panel this year to the largest venue, Hall H… which ended up packed to capacity again. The wait, however, was worth it, with the cast and crew dropping big news as well as a four-minute sneak peak at Season 3.

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