The Walking Dead Cast Part of EW‘s Entertainers of the Year; Daryl Dixon’s One of MTV‘s Top Characters

Twd-cast-bts-325.jpgThis week, the Washington Post and the Vancouver Sun include The Walking Dead on their year-end best lists, and FEARnet ranks Sophia’s death as one of 2011′s top TV kills. Read on for more.

Entertainment Weekly names The Walking Dead‘s cast as one of its “Entertainers of the Year,” with actor Patton Oswalt writing that Season 2 has been “stellar.” (No Link.)

Daryl Dixon is one of MTV‘s top 50 TV characters: “There are few men in this world who manage to look so good while killing the living dead.”

The Washington Post‘s list of 2011′s best TV shows ranks The Walking Dead at No. 6: “Gets my ‘most improved’ award for a gripping second season…”

The Vancouver Sun includes the show on its top 10 list, applauding “a taut, slow-boiling second season that burrowed deeper into its characters’ buried pasts”

Sophia’s death is one of FEARnet‘s top kills: “Rick steps up to the plate, takes aim, and with little hesitation, shoots her dead.”

Robert Kirkman teases the rest of Season 2 to FEARnet: “the first episode back has the best ending that I’ve thus seen. I was just super-thrilled…”

TV Fanatic chats with Norman Reedus, who discusses how Sophia represents Daryl’s “hope for a new new beginning.” Reedus also talks to MTV about his favorite zombie kills, including “slashing the zombie churchgoer across the face.”

Sarah Wayne Callies talks to the NY Times Syndicate about the source material: “It would be a disservice to the fans if they knew what’s coming in every frame of the show because they know what came in every frame of the comic.”

• Discussing the ubiquity of horror programming, the Plain Dealer credits The Walking Dead for setting the bar for gore “so horrifically high.”

IGN ranks The Walking Dead at No. 2 on its list of top comic book TV shows, remarking that the drama “hasn’t lost the delicious bleakness of those black and white pages.”

Ology reports that The Walking Dead was the second-most watched basic cable TV show of 2011, while TV by the Numbers breaks out the numbers in the 18-49 age demographic.

Apple’s iTunes Rewind says Season 1′s “What Lies Ahead” was the year’s top-selling single episode. The Hollywood Reporter has the complete list.

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