Hurd Talks Season 2 With ScreenJunkies; The Walking Dead Is a Guardian Favorite


This week Gale Anne Hurd gives some Season 2 scoops to ScreenJunkies while the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper chooses The Walking Dead as one of its favorite Stateside shows.

Gale Anne Hurd shares Season 2 tidbits with ScreenJunkies, saying, “I think there’s still a lot more that we can learn from Daryl, the Norman Reedus character.” She also mentions the Rick/Lori/Shane love triangle.

The Guardian picks The Walking Dead as one of its favorite U.S. TV dramas, noting, “The wait for the 13-episode second season is now officially unbearable.”

The Detroit Free Press highlights character actors, including Jeffrey DeMunn, calling him “the go-to guy for smart weariness, which he has conveyed in abundance as a calm, caring widower” on The Walking Dead.

Jeffrey DeMunn’s turn as Willy Loman is well-reviewed by the Los Angeles Times (“a convincing portrait of a blustering phony”), the San Diego Union-Tribune (“a portrayal that starkly captures the character’s creeping desperation”) and (making Willy “credible in every phase from domineering to pathetic”).

The Times-Picayune covers The Walking Dead‘s panel at New Orleans Comic-Con — featuring Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes), Keisha Tillis (Morgan’s wife) and Adrian Turner (Morgan’s son Duane) — and posts photos of the event.

The Comic Book Bin reports that Jon Bernthal and Laurie Holden will participate in the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, an annual pop culture convention next month.

The Hollywood Reporter points to Andrew Lincoln in its discussion of British actors getting cast as the leads in American movies and TV shows.

• The CW has greenlit a pilot of a zombie drama called The Awakening; Deadline Hollywood describes it as “The Walking Dead for young females.”

The Walking Dead was a hit overseas, setting channel ratings records on Spain’s La Sexta, according to Variety. (No Link)

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