Danai Gurira Teases “Dire” Season 5; Robert Kirkman Talks Negan With MTV

TWD-Episode-416-Michonne-2-325This week, Season 5 is called “dire” and “intense” by Danai Gurira, while MTV gets the scoop on The Walking Dead‘s Negan from Robert Kirkman. Plus, Steven Yeun can be seen in the trailer for I Origins. Read on for more:

Teasing Season 5 to Access Hollywood, Danai Gurira says, “I can tell you that it’s gonna be dire and it’s gonna be intense. It’s all the things you tune in to see. It’ll be that and then some.”

MTV learns from Robert Kirkman that it’s “a 99% lock” that Negan, a character from the graphic novel, will eventually be on the TV show — although it’s unlikely he’ll be played by Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm.

Catch Steven Yeun at mxdwn Movies to see him in the trailer for I Origins, a movie directed by Mike Cahill that won the Sundance Film Festival’s Alfred P. Sloane Prize earlier this year.

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Q&A – Christian Serratos (Rosita Espinosa)

TWD-S4-Christian-Serratos-Interview-325Christian Serratos, who plays Rosita on AMC’s The Walking Dead, talks about why she’s drawn to scary shows and a learning experience she had on set.

Q: You made it through your first season alive! How were you preparing for your role as Rosita before you showed up?

A: Of course I did my research on the show and the character and the history of the comic books. I got a sense of what fans liked about Rosita and what they wanted to see from her. I should have probably been preparing a little bit more physically, but I wasn’t, so I got thrown into the workouts during filming. Being thin is really deceiving. I managed to be thin with absolutely no muscle whatsoever!

Q: Is the physicality of the role something that you enjoy?

A: That is one of my favorite parts! I’m not a good worker-outer. I don’t have a gym membership. It’s an ongoing joke that I need help opening a water bottle. So it’s really good that I have this because it’s encouraging me to keep up with everyone and make sure that I’m fit.

Q: How similar are you to your character?

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TV Guide Touts Season 4 Finale; Andrew Lincoln Talks to THR About Biting Into Necks

TWD-Episode-416-Michonne-325This week, the Season 4 finale is deemed one of the week’s top moments by TV Guide, while The Hollywood Reporter gets Andrew Lincoln’s take on what it’s like biting into someone’s neck. Plus, Variety is enamored of The Walking Dead‘s opening credits sequence. Read on for more:

One of TV Guide‘s top moments of the week is the discovery that “all roads may lead to Terminus, but that proves to not be a good thing on The Walking Dead‘s season finale.”

The Hollywood Reporter asks Andrew Lincoln what it was like to take a bite out of Jeff Kober’s neck in the Season 4 finale. (He calls it “the gnarliest thing I’ve ever had to do.”)

Variety considers The Walking Dead‘s opening title sequence to be one of the best on TV because it “perfectly captures the sense of dread and urgency the show seeks to conjure.” Continue reading “TV Guide Touts Season 4 Finale; Andrew Lincoln Talks to THR About Biting Into Necks” »

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The Walking Dead Showrunner Scott Gimple Answers Fan Questions – Part II

TWD-S4-Scott-Gimple-325In Part II of amc.com’s two-part fan interview with Scott GimpleThe Walking Dead Showrunner, Executive Producer and Writer talks about diverging from his source material and the possibility of celebrity zombies. Click here to read Part I of the interview.

Q: What factors go into your decision-making on whether to follow the comic or diverge from it? – Jan P

A: There are a few things going on with that. There’s so much in our current timeline that doesn’t match up with the comic when they were at this stage of the story. Plus, there were characters that get on the show like Daryl that weren’t even in the comic. So right there there’s a basis for things to be different. That said, what’s cool is we can tell the comic stories sometimes kind of verbatim, sometimes in different ways, sometimes a sort of combination. It’s something we have to do now, and I think it’s something we can use to our advantage. I’d say one of the things I love doing on the show is taking things I love in the comic books and hitting them even harder. Robert Kirkman’s given us an incredible roadmap — an incredible piece of music that we can do a lot of stuff to remix. We have to be like Steve Aoki.

Q: Is there a certain character you see yourself in the show? — EMR

A: That’s too hard a question to answer. Because I have to write all of them, I have to see myself in all of them, and get into their heads. I’m very lucky to have a cool wife like Glenn.

Q: How would you describe Michonne and Carl’s relationship in one word? – walkingdeadbutters

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The Walking Dead Showrunner Scott Gimple Answers Fan Questions – Part I

TD-401-Scott-Gimple-325In Part I of amc.com’s two-part fan interview with Scott GimpleThe Walking Dead Showrunner, Executive Producer and Writer talks about survival odds in Season Finales and why hopefulness is like punk rock.  

Q: For this Season Finale, how did you decide whom will survive and who wouldn’t? Which factors do you use to make this decision? – Ming Lee

A: We were fulfilling the overall stories that we had from the beginning of the season. And with those stories — though anybody could die at any time — it doesn’t mean that they have to. It seemed like somewhat of a stretch to do that. I don’t ever want to use it for just shock value. Deaths can be totally random, actually; there doesn’t have to be this giant, built story that leads to a death. In this case we had decided it really wasn’t a part of the stories we were doing. If in fact every finale had death, that would be pretty predictable. We don’t want people setting their watches by The Walking Dead deaths.

Q: Scott, are you sadistic and evil? WHERE’S BETH?!?!?! – DarylsPotato

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Robert Kirkman, Scott Gimple Tease Season 5; Andrew Lincoln Describes Rick’s Evolution

TWD-Episode-416-Rick-Alex-325This week, Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple deconstruct Season 4 and discuss what might happen in Season 5, while Andrew Lincoln charts Rick’s evolution. Plus, TV Guide asks some questions about Terminus. Read on for more:

The Hollywood Reporter gets Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple’s take on what to look forward to in Season 5, including “a more capable and prepared Rick Grimes coming out of what he’s experienced in this episode.”

Robert Kirkman gives Entertainment Weekly his take on the Season 4 finale: “We knew that Terminus was going to be a great place to leave things. We kind of wanted to leave this season with a little more punch than we’ve left it in past years.” TheWalkingDead.com asks Kirkman about Gareth, while TVLine gets his view on the cannibal question.

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The Walking Dead Season 4 DVD and Blu-Ray Now Available for Pre-Order


The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season is available for pre-order on DVD and Blu-Ray, with a release date of August 26. Die-hard fans can also pre-order the Limited Edition Blu-Ray set designed by McFarlane Toys and Greg Nicotero, featuring a replica of the iconic “Tree Walker” from Season 4. Check back at amc.com in the coming weeks to learn more about the set, including bonus feature content and technical specs.

Click here to pre-order your copy.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Breaks Finale Records With 15.7 Million Viewers

- The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCLast night’s Season 4 Finale of The Walking Dead set a new finale record, delivering 15.7 million viewers and 10.2 million adults 18-49. The dramatic episode anchored a record-breaking night on AMC, with the live Talking Dead after show delivering a series record 7.3 million viewers and 4.7 million adults 18-49. To cap the night, the Season 3 Finale of AMC’s Comic Book Men at Midnight was watched by 1.1 million viewers and 715,000 adults 18-49.

Season 4 set a new viewership record for The Walking Dead, averaging 13.3 million live/same day viewers per episode and 8.6 million adults 18-49, an increase of +24%/+22% over the Season 3 average.

“The linear television business is Dead and well,” said Charlie Collier, AMC president. “Thanks to Robert Kirkman, Scott Gimple, the other terrific executive producers and the entire cast, crew and network for working together to bring the fans (myself included) another unforgettable season of The Walking Dead. To see this show serve as the centerpiece of a truly historic night on AMC is truly gratifying. So many played a role in this success, across all three shows, in giving the fans a reason to continue to return in ever-greater numbers. And so we say, until next fall, ‘Welcome to Terminus.’”

Following the 9PM premiere of The Walking Dead, AMC presented Talking Dead at 10PM. Hosted by Chris Hardwick, the most-watched Talking Dead episode in series history featured Executive Producer and Show Runner Scott Gimple and, for the first time on the show, Andrew Lincoln. Continue reading “The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Breaks Finale Records With 15.7 Million Viewers” »

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Video – Check Out Talking Dead’s Season 4 Finale Bonus Scene and Exclusive Highlights


Want more Talking Dead? Watch these exclusive video highlights and a bonus segment from the Season 4 Finale — “A” — featuring Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Show Runner Scott Gimple…

Highlights: Episode 416: Talking Dead: Andrew Lincoln on His Throat Stunt
Andrew Lincoln talks about how the throat stunt from Episode 416 was created and his experience with enacting the scene.
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Talking Dead Poll for Season 4 Episode 16, “A”

TWD-416-Rick-325In The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale, the survivors reunite at Terminus after battling both the dead and living alike. But the promise of sanctuary soon proves to be a lie, and the group learns first-hand the horrible things people will do to each other in order to survive. Of all the lessons of Season 4, is that the most important? Think back and decide for yourself…

Watch Talking Dead Sundays at 10/9c, then check back during the week for additional video from the latest episode.

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