The Prisoner Scores Emmy Nominations for Ian McKellen and Outstanding Cinematography


AMC’s miniseries The Prisoner was nominated for two Emmys this morning by the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences. Ian McKellen was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie and Florian Hoffmeister was nominated for Outstanding Cinematography.

McKellen, honored for his role as Two, is going up against Jeff Bridges (A Dog Year), Michael Sheen (The Special Relationship), Dennis Quaid (The Special Relationship), and Al Pacino (You Don’t Know Jack).

The Emmys will air on Sun., Aug. 29 @ 8PM | 7C. Click here to read more about AMC’s other Emmy nominations for Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

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The Prisoner Marathon Airs Friday, March 26, on AMC

ian-mckellen-ep4-325.jpgAll six episodes of The Prisoner (2009) are showing back-to-back, this Friday, March 26, starting at 9AM | 8C and continuing on until 3PM | 2C. Click here to watch sneak-peek videos of the AMC mini-series.

Afterward, dive deeper into the world of The Prisoner by exploring extended online content like the Village map and Love it and want to own it? Click here to purchase The Prisoner on DVD.

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AMC The Prisoner Now Available on DVD

PrisonerDVD.jpgYou can now own AMC’s The Prisoner miniseries on a three-disc DVD set filled with over three hours of extra video content including…

• Unaired Scenes
• Cast/Creator Commentaries
• Beautiful Prison Featurette: The World of The Prisoner
• A Six-Hour Film Shot in 92 Days: A Production Diary
The Prisoner Comic-Con Panel
• Jamie Campbell-Bower Interviews Sir Ian McKellen
• A Six-Part Look Inside The Prisoner

Click here for more info.

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The Best of the Best – The Prisoner‘s Extended Content and Behind-the-Scenes Exclusives



The Prisoner Online Graphic Novel: In the online story, Rebecca searches for her missing sister, an investigation that leads her to The Village.


The Village Interactive Map: Take a virtual tour of the hospital where 313 works, the bus terminal where 147 works and the bar where 11-12 drinks.


Summakor’s S.W.A.T: Would you make a good analyst? Take this video-based test that assesses your observational skills.

social-poll-100.jpgSummakor’s Social Engineering Survey: What are your attitudes towards social engineering? What would you do to live a happier life?

inside-video-100.jpgVideo: Explanations of the Episodes: Writer Bill Gallagher discusses some of the major themes at play in each episode.

sneakpeek-100.jpgVideo: The Making Of: The cast and crew reflect on all six episodes and how each one was brought to life.

sand-mckellen-100.jpgVideo: Interview With Ian McKellen in Namibia: McKellen gives a lesson in the creation of desert sand dunes and has a word or two to share about Two.

jim-sand-100.jpgVideo: Filming, Day 1 With Jim Caviezel: Sand is the last thing that Caviezel wants more of after an intense day of filming in the Namibian desert.

ian-mckellen-interview-2-100.jpgVideo: Jamie Campbell-Bower Interviews Ian McKellen, Pt. 2: Campell-Bower incites McKellen to discuss what ignited his passion for politics.

palais-100.jpgIan McKellen’s Blog: A Tour of The Village and Palais Two: McKellen describes set locations for The Village and their real-life uses and history.


Photos: Episodes 1- 6: Relive the story through these photos highlighting some of the most dramatic moments in the AMC miniseries.

mask-100.jpgPhotos: Behind the Scenes: These photos document the cast and crew weathering sandstorms, rehearsing their scenes, and more.

Still want more content on The Prisoner? Consider the following…

The Prisoner Ultimate Fan Quiz
Production Diary
Recent Interviews with Cast
Recent Interviews with Crew
Desktop Downloads
The Prisoner 1967 Series

The Prisoner Returns for Marathon Broadcast March 26 on AMC


AMC viewers will have another opportunity to catch all six episodes of The Prisoner (2009) back-to-back on Fri., Mar. 26 starting at 9AM | 8C then continuing until 3PM | 2C. (The series was recently nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Television Presentation.)

New to the miniseries? Check out these sneak peek videos and trailers. Still curious? Explore our extended online content starting with The Village Map and

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The Prisoner Gets Nominated for a Saturn Award


The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films has announced the nominations for the 36th Annual Saturn Awards with AMC’s The Prisoner receiving one in the category of Best Television Presentation. The Prisoner is up against Alice (SyFy), Doctor Who: The End of Time (BBC America), Torchwood: Children of Earth (BBC America), The Tudors (Showtime), and V (ABC). Winners will be announced on Thu., Jun. 24.

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror began in 1972 as a non-profit organization honoring films in genre categories, which were often overlooked by the Academy and other mainstream organizations. The Saturn Awards have expanded over the years to include TV as well as categories such as action, adventure, and thriller.

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The Final Chapter of The Prisoner Graphic Novel Is Now Online


Previously in Chapter Nine of The Prisoner graphic novel, Rebecca realizes that The Village is all in her mind and that Summakor is responsible for creating the pill that takes you there. She is told by a dissenting underground faction that there is a “dreamer” who is dreaming The Village and that she must kill her in order to set her sister and herself free. In Chapter Ten, Dr. Caleb shatters some of these theories with one simple truth, which he reveals about the twin sisters. Read the final chapter now to find out how it all ends. 

Click here to see The Prisoner Online Graphic Novel.

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The Prisoner Production Designer Michael Pickwoad Gets Art Directors Guild Nomination


The Art Directors Guild today announced their nominations for the 14th Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards, and The Prisoner’s Michael Pickwoad was honored as a nominee in the Television Movie or Mini-Series category. (AMC’s Mad Men also received a nod this year in the Single Camera Television Series category. Click here to learn more.)

Pickwoad will face two competitors for this year’s award: Kalina Ivanov (HBO’s Grey Gardens) and Yuda Acco (Cartoon Network’s Ben 10: Alien Swarm). The awards will be presented during a ceremony at the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA on Sat., Feb. 13.

Click here to see a video interview with Michael Pickwoad.

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Chapter Nine of The Prisoner Graphic Novel Is Now Online


Previously in Chapter Eight of The Prisoner graphic novel, a group of men kidnapped Rebecca and told her to kill “the dreamer.” In Chapter Nine, she breaks into Summakor once again to look for her sister, Vera. But this time around you may be wondering: Is Rebecca there to rescue her sibling or something else? Read the chapter to find out. This online extension of The Prisoner miniseries spans ten chapters. Check back next Tue., Jan 12 for the final installment of As the Air, Invulnerable: Chapter Ten.

Click here to see The Prisoner Online Graphic Novel.

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Share Your Favorite Quotes for More Citizens of The Village


The Village wouldn’t be The Village without M2 (literally). But she’s hardly the only character with something memorable to say. Some of you have already posted your favorite quotes from Two, Six, 147, 415, 313, and 11-12. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper and share your favorite bon mots for eight more characters:

M2 – Two’s wife is infrequently awake but when she is she wants to what’s up with her son, 11-12.

93 - This old man (a.k.a. The Village drunk) has an important message for Six and waitress 554.

554- The Solar Caf

é waitress is afraid of what might happen if she tells Six about the dreamers.

16 - Is he Six’s brother? This bus driver sure makes a convincing argument that they’re related.

909 -  As an undercover, this tow truck driver is committed to finding out other people’s secrets.

37927 – The Village Shop Keeper sells maps and black market items like cigarettes and knives.

1955 - Nothing the school teacher says is that strange yet 909 insists he’s guilty of something.

70 / Shadow 70- Therapist 70 questions his clients; Shadow 70 sits back and reflects.

Winking Woman - This Villager shares info with Six that confirms an ocean is nearby.

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