Ten Ways to Get Ready for Part 2 of The Killing Finale This Sunday


The second part of The Killing‘s two-part finale premieres this Sunday at 9/8c on AMC. Looking for ways to keep yourself occupied until then? Here are ten things you can do to get ready:

1. Watch a sneak peek video of Part 2 of The Killing finale.

2. Check out sneak peek photos of Part 2 of The Killing finale.

3. Watch Part 1 of The Killing Season 2 finale on-air, online or via On Demand. Visit The Killing Where to Watch page to learn of all the ways to do so.

4. Visit WhoKilledRosieLarsen.com to find out who the top suspects are according to the fans.

5. Go to The Killing Suspect Tracker to vote for your prime suspect. It’s also your chance to enter to win $10,000!

6. Explore Rosie Larsen’s Interactive Case File to get a closer look at case evidence, official documents, crime scene photos and the players involved.

7. Test your recall of show details with The Killing Season 2 Ultimate Fan Games.

8. Talk about the series with friends and fellow fans on The Killing Talk forum.

9. Become a fan of The Killing on Facebook and The Killing on Twitter.

10. Sign up for The Killing Crime Sheet, a weekly newsletter that keeps you up-to-speed on the latest news about the series.

The Killing‘s two-part finale concludes on Sun., Jun. 17 at 9/8c on AMC.

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