AMC Will Not Be Renewing The Killing for a Fourth Season

tk3-linden-holder-2-325 AMC will not be renewing The Killing for a fourth season. The third season of The Killing premiered on AMC on Jun. 2, 2013 and was produced by Fox Television Studios.

Following is a statement on behalf of the network:

“We have made the difficult decision not to move forward with a fourth season of The Killing. We want to thank our great partners at Fox Television Studios, creator Veena Sud, an extraordinary cast and the dedicated fans who watched.”


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Mireille Enos Film to Debut at Toronto Film Festival; Elias Koteas Books New TV Series

the-killing-holder-linden-ep311-325This week, a film starring Mireille Enos will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, while Elias Koteas books a TV role. Plus, Enos talks about working on The Killing shortly after giving birth. Read on for more:

Entertainment Weekly has first-look photos of Devil’s Knot, which co-stars Mireille Enos and premieres at this month’s Toronto International Film Festival.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Elias Koteas has been tapped to join NBC’s Chicago PD as a series regular.

Ahead of The Killing’s debut on India’s FX channel, Mireille Enos speaks to Business Standard about the challenges of shooting the show just after giving birth to her daughter.

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THR Names Bex Taylor-Klaus “Next Big Thing”; Peter Sarsgaard Film Heads to Venice

the-killing-ep10-holder-linden-325This week, The Hollywood Reporter names Bex Taylor-Klaus the “next big thing.” Plus, films starring Peter Sarsgaard and Amy Seimetz head to the Venice Film Festival. Read on for more:

The Hollywood Reporter anoints Bex Taylor-Klaus the “Next Big Thing” on the strength of the “widespread acclaim” she earned for playing Bullet. [No Link]

France 24 reports that Night Moves, a film starring Peter Sarsgaard, will also be screened at the Venice Film Festival this week.

• According to Entertainment Weekly, The Sacrament, featuring Amy Seimetz, will debut at the Venice Film Festival next week.

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The Killing Season 3 Interviews With the Cast


A great way to go deeper into The Killing‘s third season is to check out AMC’s online interviews with the cast. Below is a sampling of what the actors had to say about their characters. Click on their names to read the full interview.

“She’s willing to put the importance of the case above herself.” – Mireille Enos (Sarah Linden)

“If you’ve ever felt jealousy, envy, anger, hate, sadness, and self-loathing, maybe you could play Ray Seward.” – Peter Sarsgaard (Ray Seward)

“With someone like Danette, you’re digging up some dark stuff.” – Amy Seimetz (Danette Leeds)

“Bullet knows who she is and can accept herself for it, even if others can’t or won’t.” – Bex Taylor-Klaus (Bullet)
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Bex Taylor-Klaus Books TV Role; Gregg Henry Joins Guardians of the Galaxy

episode-5-stephen-bullet-sarah-325This week, Bex Taylor-Klaus books a TV role. Plus, Gregg Henry joins Guardians of the Galaxy. Read on for more:

The Hollywood Reporter says Bex Taylor-Klaus has been cast in Season 2 of the CW’s Arrow.

• According to /film, Gregg Henry is joining the cast of James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which will also feature The Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker.

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What’s Your Favorite Episode From Season 3 of The Killing?

tk-s3-linden-holder-560Week after week, you watched as Linden and Holder investigated the shocking murders of 17 teenage girls. But which Season 3 episode was your favorite? Was it the Season 3 premiere, “The Jungle,” in which Holder and Reddick discover the first body in an abandoned warehouse? Was it Episode 8, “Try,” in which Pastor Mike abducts Linden? Or perhaps it was the Season 3 finale, “The Road to Hamelin,” in which the identity of the killer is revealed? Check out The Killing Episode Guide if you need to refresh your memory, then vote for your favorite episode in our The Killing Season 3 Episode Poll.


Filed under: Games, Polls & Quizzes Applauds The Killing; Mireille Enos Impresses Toronto Sun

the-killing-linden-holder-car-325.jpgThis week, applauds The Killing, while Mireille Enos impresses the Toronto Sun. Plus, Seriable takes a closer look at Season 3. Read on for more:

According to, one of the “awesome” things about TV last week was The Killing, which “rebooted itself nicely in Season 3.”

Mireille Enos — who “thrives as sweater-wearing, chain-smoking Seattle detective Sarah Linden” — is one of the Toronto Sun’s top female performers this summer.

Seriable examines “how many plot relevant mysteries were solved along the way and how many unanswered questions were left to hang” in Season 3.
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The Killing Executive Producer Veena Sud Answers Fan Questions (Part II)

tk-s3-enos-kinnaman-sud-325In Part II of her interview with fans, The Killing Executive Producer Veena Sud talks about the biggest complement the show has ever received and whether Linden and Holder will ever kiss.

Q: Did aspects of the storyline for this season change based on the actors’ performances or input? – Alina

A: It’s inevitable that when you write a show, you write for the actor’s voice as they inhabit the character. All of us had worked with Joel and Mireille for two seasons, so we definitely have a feeling into how they speak and how they inhabit their characters. We really wanted to build on them as individuals and them as a team. We start out with characters like Bullet or Seward, and when the actors show up, they bring so much of his or her own spirit and cadence to a role. And that character evolves over time, and we write towards that.

Q: How do you go about picking the music and sounds of the show in order to build the dark ambiance it has? — Star

A: We have an incredible composer, Frans Bak. He’s Danish and he has this beautiful, haunting and unique sound. He was the composer for the original Danish series, and hands down without a doubt I always knew that I wanted him to do ours. His sound is so incredibly unique. Sound design is very important to me, and we don’t just rely on songs. We’ll purposely seek out sounds like foghorns or seagulls, or the noises from creatures that live in the rafters of abandoned buildings. My editors and my post–production team are very aware of how important that sound is. And we have an amazing post-production team.

Q: Are Linden and Holder ever going to kiss for real? — Nina D.

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Mireille Enos Chats With THR, EW; THR Notes Increase in Season 3 Finale Ratings

the-killing-holder-linden-ep311-325This week, Mireille Enos chats with The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly, while the Season 3 finale ratings were up from the Season 2 finale. Plus, makes the case for a Season 4. Read on for more:

The Hollywood Reporter speaks with Mireille Enos, who says, “It would be so wonderful, after everything, to find Sarah ultimately in a place of peace, but I don’t know what that road looks like.”

Mireille Enos talks to Entertainment Weekly about Linden and Holder possibly keeping her shooting of Skinner a secret: “If they cover it up together and have this shared secret, I imagine it would drive a major wedge in their friendship.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Killing’s ratings over the past two seasons have been “remarkably steady,” with the Season 3 finale notching 100,000 more viewers than the Season 2 finale. — which calls Season 3 “a great collection of quality episodes featuring quality guest stars” — lists four reasons to renew The Killing for a Season 4.
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The Killing Executive Producer Veena Sud Answers Fan Questions (Part I)

tk3-ep10-sud-sarsgaard-325In Part I of her interview with fans, The Killing Executive Producer Veena Sud discusses the inspirations for Season 3′s storylines and the experts who were consulted for the series.

Q: How did you come up with the storyline for Season 3? — Melissa H.

A: From the beginning of this show, I knew I wanted to tell a story related to a past case for Sarah Linden. That’s why in the Pilot we planted the drawing that Adrian drew of the trees and the lake. I wanted to tell the story about a past case of Sarah Linden, and I wanted to talk about a killer like the Green River killer, who killed upwards of 50-plus women who were prostitutes in the Seattle-Tacoma area. I’ve also been a lifelong fan of the photographer Mary Ellen Mark’s work, especially her photos of street kids in Seattle, and that is where the inspiration for the street kid story came from.

Q: What takeaways from the first two seasons did you have in mind when you were creating this insanely awesome third season? — Charles S.

A: Clearly the dynamic and the friendship between Linden and Holder was a such a key element of the show. It’s such a beautiful relationship with so many twists and turns. We knew that coming into Season 3, it would be really interesting to have separated these partners for over a year. They haven’t seen each other, they haven’t spoken to each other. In fact they had kind of switched positions; Holder had moved up the food chain and Sarah was living a life of escape. And since Holder has a new partner at the beginning of the season, the question for us was how to get them back together. We loved the idea of Holder’s partner being really competitive with Sarah and both of them at war over Holder’s soul.

Q: How do you approach writing such a deep, multilevel mystery? Do you write the outline of the story first and then work in the details and clues? – Star Unknown

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