Rubicon Nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design


Rubicon has nabbed a 2011 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Main Title Design. The nomination is one of 29 total picked up by AMC this year, with Mad Men receiving 19 nods, The Killing receiving six, and The Walking Dead receiving three.

Click here for a full list of 2011 Emmy nominations.

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Time, TV Guide and The New York Times All Call Rubicon One of the Best Shows of 2010


It’s the time of year for top 10 lists, and Rubicon earned spots on many of those lists. The media also praised James Badge Dale for offering one of the year’s best television performances. Read on to see the many reasons Rubicon is being hailed.

Time magazine commends Rubicon for its “moody aesthetics and love of old-fashioned analysis,” and The Houston Chronicle ranks Rubicon the third-best TV show of 2010, calling it one of the “tensest and smartest television dramas this year (if not the smartest).”

On its top 10 list, The New York Times gives Rubicon an honorable mention for being “gratifyingly intelligent and not quite like anything else on TV.”

Time magazine praises James Badge Dale for offering up one of the year’s best performances, “pulling off the difficult job of creating an action hero, most of whose action takes place between his ears.” TV Guide singles out Dale as well, calling him one of the top breakout stars of 2010.

• Also including Rubicon on their best of the year lists are the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Times, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, HitFix, and the Vancouver Voice.

• In a roundup of AMC’s shows this year, TV Squad suggests Rubicon “continue in graphic-novel form,” with spinoffs for Truxton Spangler and Kale Ingram. Meanwhile, Crave Online includes Rubicon on its list of shows that deserve another chance.

• Both TV Squad and TV Overmind declared Truxton Spangler and Kale Ingram to be two of the greatest television characters in 2010, with TV Squad declaring that “Michael Cristofer made Spangler the most interesting character of the year.”

Poptimal reflects on the loss of Rubicon, calling it one of the best canceled shows of 2010. “That one hurt the most,” the website bemoans.

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AMC Will Not Be Renewing Original Series, Rubicon, for a Second Season


AMC will not be renewing original series, Rubicon, for a second season. Rubicon premiered on AMC on August 1, 2010 and was produced by Warner Horizon Television.

Following is a statement on behalf of the network:

Rubicon gave us an opportunity to tell a rich and compelling story, and we’re proud of the series. This was not an easy decision, but we are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a phenomenally talented and dedicated team.”

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Rubicon Hailed as "Definitive Spy Story"; Henry Bromell Talks to TV Guide

This week, Henry Bromell shares his ideas for Season 2 and The New Republic calls the show “a definitive spy story.” On a lighter note, a fan treks around New York City in search of Kale’s apartment and other Rubicon locations.

- Executive producer Henry Bromell opens up to TV Guide about what Season 2 holds in store if the show gets renewed. “Will’s going to go through a whole series of reactions,” he says. “He can’t even work at API if Truxton is doing these things and he thinks no one’s going to stop him.”

- The New Republic hails Rubicon as “a definitive spy story” for the current era, praising the series for showing “how the official intelligence community is actually made up of flawed, limited human beings, who always remain two steps behind the enemies they are trying to fight.”

- An avid Rubicon fan takes it upon himself to hunt down the real-world locations where Rubicon scenes were shot.

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How to Keep Up With the Latest Rubicon News


Now that Rubicon‘s first season has come to an end, how can fans stay up-to-date on all of the latest Rubicon news and information? Here are a number of suggestions:

- Bookmark the official Rubicon website

Become a fan of Rubicon on Facebook

- Follow Rubicon on Twitter

- Get Rubicon news on the go by downloading the AMC iPhone app

- Join the conversation in the Rubicon Talk forum and keep in touch with Rubicon fans and friends

What’s Your Favorite Episode From Season 1?


Over the last thirteen weeks you watched Season 1 unfold, one suspenseful episode after another. But which episode was your favorite? Was it the series premiere with the shocking deaths of Thomas Rhumor and David Hadas? Was it Episode 11, with the attempt on Will’s life? Or was it the season finale, during which Truxton received a four-leaf clover? Can’t decide? Check out the complete Rubicon episode guide for a refresher on what happened each week, and then vote for your favorite ones in our Season 1 Episode Poll.


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Take a Look Back at Season 1


The exciting first season of Rubicon has come to an end with Will shedding some light on what the conspiracy is and who is involved — but still searching for more answers. Take a look back at everything that happened during Season 1 by checking out the following content:

- Watch a video recap that sums up the entire season in two minutes

- Watch video recaps of every episode

- Watch videos of the most talked-about scenes from every episode

- Check out production stills from every episode

- Take an online quiz on what happened in Season 1

- Join the conversation in the Rubicon Talk forum, which includes dedicated threads for every episode

Also worthy of your attention:

- Read a written recap of Season 1

- Read written recaps of every episode

- Watch videos that take you behind the scenes of every episode

- Read all of the entries in Maggie’s Blog

- See if you have what it takes to work in intelligence with the API Job Interview

EW Calls Rubicon a “Crackerjack Thriller;” Q&As with Henry Bromell and Michael Cristofer


This week, praise abounded for the Rubicon season finale and the entire first season. Plus, interviews with Michael Cristofer (“Truxton Spangler”) and Executive Producer Henry Bromell.

- TV Guide, the New York Daily News, TV OverMind, The Medium Is Not Enough and The Buffalo News are all singing the praises of Rubicon. Technorati calls it the “best show on television that you’re not watching,”, while Entertainment Weekly describes it as a “crackerjack thriller.”

- A.V. Club and NPR interviewed executive producer Henry Bromell, who reveals some interesting behind-the-scenes facts as well as influences behind the show. “A little bit John Le Carre, Graham Greene, a little bit of the BBC, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,” he tells A.V. Club.

- In an interview with TV OverMind, Michael Cristofer shares his thoughts on Truxton Spangler: “I think that he, to my mind, is a very contemporary version of a tragic figure. I truly believe that he thinks everything he does, he’s doing for the good of the country.”

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What You’re Saying About What Truxton Will Do Next


Last Sunday night was Rubicon‘s final Watch & Chat event of the season, during which fans were encouraged to go to the Episode 13 open thread in the Rubicon Talk forum to chat about the season finale with fans and friends while the episode was airing.

The night also included the latest Watch & Chat question, in which a query based on events in Episode 13 has users chatting. This week’s question is “What do you think Truxton Spangler will do next?” Here are some examples of what people are saying so far:

“What Truxton Spangler will do next, is this: He will double the guard on the island where his family lives, call in many of the favors he has accumulated over the years he’s been so well connected in Washington, insist (as we know from Kale Ingram) that the intelligence points to Iran, and through any company that knows him apart from the Fisher Island Group (FIG) he will commit market mayhem. He will also argue against U.S. dependence on foreign oil — for both national strategic and obscure personal interests. This man accept the four-leaf-clover invitation? Not on his life! ” – S Peterson

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Maggie’s Blog – Just the Truth


We were told today to focus on the truth as we went about our work. “Just the truth.”

Today the truth is that Katherine is dead and the downed tanker in Galveston Bay will block the harbor for months to come.

We all feel the weight of what happened yesterday. It bears down on us as if we were the ones to load the bombs and ignite the fuse. The world at large is turning its head towards Iran, but at work, the bull’s-eye is directly on our back.

It’s the end game of all bad deeds: we need someone or something to blame for it.

I have been blamed for Katherine’s disappearance, and while it hasn’t been said, I’m sure K.I. holds me accountable for her death as well.

I feel grief for the loss of this woman, but I also feel angry. Angry that Will gave me this impossible choice that caused me to abandon Katherine in the first place. Angry that K.I. blamed me for Katherine leaving. Angry that Katherine left after we begged her to stay. Angry that I had some part in the end of her life. And anger. Anger that I feel this way at all.

Katherine was a good woman. A woman who only wanted to know the truth. The truth of what caused her husband to take his life. I hope if she found her answer before she died.

The truth is also that I love Will. I love him despite knowing that he is damaged. More damaged now than he was before David’s death. Perhaps so damaged that he may never be whole again. But I love him still.

And while Will can trust me to hold his secrets close, the truth is he may have made a mistake by staying at work, but my fear of losing him told him he couldn’t quit now — he couldn’t quit now after all that’s happened to bring us this close.

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