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Comic Book Men Q&A – Michael Zapcic

comic-book-men-season-4-michael-zapcic-cast-gallery-325Michael Zapcic, star of AMC’s Comic Book Men talks about what being a comic book man really means and the most interest thing he’s learned about Ming.

Q: Ming chose you for who he’d want on his team during a zombie apocalypse. What kind of skills would you bring to the table?

A: I’ve got an arsenal in my house. It’s kind of funny. My children are into martial arts, so they’re dealing with nunchucks and swords. We’ve bought them actual swords. In my wife’s car, she’s got a complete set of emergency flares, road signs and everything she needs. I also put in a machete, just in case.

Q: Hey, you never know when you’ll need a machete, right?

A: Exactly! The one thing that’s most important is I have a plan. I’m the kind of guy who likes to think about stuff before it happens. I’d rather have a plan and not need it than need a plan and not have it. We were caught in Hurricane Sandy and we weren’t prepared for everything. Now I’ve got an emergency preparation plan that can pretty much be used for almost any situation. It’s not necessarily a zombie apocalypse plan, but it can be used for that. It’s fun to think about it.

Q: If you had to pick any superhero to back you during an apocalypse, who would it be and why?
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Comic Book Men

Eight Ways to Get Ready for the Comic Book Men Season 4 Premiere

comic-book-men-season-4-kevin-smith-ming-chen-cast-gallery-560-1This Sunday at Midnight/11c, Kevin Smith and the guys from Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash return to AMC. Looking for ways to geek out until then? Here are eight ways to get ready Comic Book Men‘s return.

1. Watch a trailer for the new season of Comic Book Men.

2. Catch up on (or relive) Season 3 with full episodes on

3. Read an interview with Kevin Smith who shares what fans can look forward to in the new season.
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Comic Book Men Q&A – Kevin Smith

comic-book-men-season-4-kevin-smith-cast-325Kevin Smith, star of AMC’s Comic Book Men, talks about a celebrity guest that fans can look forward to in Season 4 and which superheroes the guys from the Stash would play in a movie.

Q: What can fans expect during the upcoming season of Comic Book Men?

A: This year, we find our niche. We let our geek flag fly. In the past, we held back a little because we wondered if anyone would understand who or what we’re talking about, but this season, we went for it. There are a lot of guest stars including DMC from Run DMC, which was awesome for me. My jaw hit the ground. He had some amazing stories about selling comic books to buy his turntables. Stuff like that is heaven to me.

Q: Is there a moment from the first 3 seasons that made you laugh out loud?

A: The beauty of the show is you get to see me laugh out loud during the podcast sequences. There have definitely been moments, like the Trivia Chew-Off we did last year, I thought were really hysterical. Walt has some crazy one-liners and when the boys sit around the store, that’s the stuff that makes me laugh the hardest. To be fair, they’re all my friends. I’ve found them funny for years.

Q: Any plans to live-tweet this season? What do you enjoy most about interacting with fans in real time?
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Comic Book Men

Which Superhero Are You? Find Out With This Comic Book Men Game

comic-book-men-season-4-personality-game-560-2Every comic fan has asked themselves the question one time or another: Which superhero would I be? Now you can get a definitive answer with Comic Book Men‘s “Which Superhero Are You?” Quiz. Just answer seven questions and you’ll find out your true superhero identity. Then share your results with your friends (don’t worry, this identity doesn’t have to be secret!)



Comic Book Men returns Sun., Oct. 12 at midnight/11c on AMC.

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Comic Book Men

Photos – Comic Book Men Season 4 Cast Gallery

comic-book-men-season-4-kevin-smith-ming-chen-cast-gallery-560-1Longing for the return of Kevin Smith and the super-team from Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash? Have no fear: Ming, Bryan, Mike and Walt are mere weeks away from saving the day when Season 4 premieres on Oct 12. In the meantime, check out new shots of the guys posed and ready for action in this all-new Comic Book Men cast gallery.




Comic Book Men returns Sunday, October 12 at Midnight/11c.

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Comic Book Men

Comic Book Men Season 4 Poster Revealed

comic-book-men-season-4-poster-560x830Today AMC unveiled the official Season 4 poster for Comic Book Men, in glorious 3D. So break out your 3D glasses and enter the world of Kevin Smith and the gang from Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash.

Comic Book Men returns Sun., Oct. 12 at Midnight/11c on AMC.

Catch up on Comic Book Men Season 3 with full episodes on (Log-in required)

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Season 3 of Comic Book Men Available Online


Comic Book Men returns for Season 4 on Sunday, October 12th. Can’t wait that long to see your favorite fanboys again? You’re in luck: the first eight episodes of Season 3 are available on with your cable provider log-in. Ration yourself one episode at a time or binge your way through the batch until September 13th, when the second half of Season 3 will become available.



Comic Book Men returns Sunday, October 12 at midnight/11c.

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Comic Book Men

AMC Announces Premiere Date for The Walking Dead, Talking Dead and Comic Book Men


AMC announced today from Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA the premiere of The Walking Dead season five on Sunday, October 12 at 9pm ET/PT.  As in previous seasons, the series’ fifth season of 16 episodes will air in two-parts with the first eight hours kicking off October 12 and the final eight episodes returning February 2015.  Following The Walking Dead will be the season premieres of AMC’s unscripted series Talking Dead, hosted by Chris Hardwick (Nerdist), at 10pm ET/PT and Comic Book Men at midnight ET/PT.  Internationally, The Walking Dead will return to audiences in 125+ FOX International Channels (FIC) markets within 24 hours of the U.S. broadcast, as part of FIC continued commitment to broadcast the series near date-and-date globally.

“From the opening tease in the premiere onward, season 5 is without question the most ambitious and satisfying season this amazing team has ever crafted” said Charlie Collier, AMC president. “In the zombie apocalypse, event television is alive and well, and I am proud to acknowledge that this uniquely talented writing staff, production team and cast have once again raised the bar (and the crossbow).”

The season premieres of The Walking Dead, Talking Dead and Comic Book Men will coincide with AMC’s Zombie Apocalypse Week, from Monday, October 6 through Sunday, October 12, as well as the network’s annual blockbuster marathon of thriller and horror films, AMC Fearfest.  Celebrating its 18th year, AMC Fearfest will feature themed programming and more than 70 films, running from Friday, October 17 through Friday, October 31.

Today at 12:20pm PT is AMC’s The Walking Dead Comic-Con panel event, moderated by Hardwick, and season five trailer premiere in Hall H.  Following the event, the trailer can be viewed here.

At AMC’s The Walking Dead booth (#4237), fans can stop by to take photos of themselves within a recreation of Terminus, the infamous setting from the season four finale, in which Rick and his group are currently being held captive. Also at AMC’s booth, from 1:50 – 2:50pm PT, there will be an autograph signing with the cast and executive producers.

Also on Friday, July 25 from 6:35 – 8:10pm PT in Hall H Kevin Smith will reveal a new video and discuss the fourth season of his unscripted series Comic Book Men, during his annual Comic-Con panel.

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Comic Book Men

Haley Joel Osment Talks Up Kevin Smith’s Tusk; Nerd Reactor Checks Out Season 3 Finale

cbm-s2-kevin-smith-325-1.jpgThis week, Tusk‘s Haley Joel Osment talks about the movie and what Kevin Smith is like as a director, while Nerd Reactor takes a look at the Season 3 finale. Plus, Clerks is considered one of the best movies made for $1 million or less. Read on for more:

Haley Joel Osment, who stars in Kevin Smith’s Tusk, tells A.V. Club that the movie has the potential to be one of the director’s “most broadly appealing films” with “the perfect midnight monster movie kind of vibe.”

Nerd Reactor previewed the Season 3 finale with a clip of Kevin Smith, et al., talking about Stretch Armstrong.

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Comic Book Men Q&A – Jason Mewes

cbm-episode-316-jay-325Jason Mewes, a.k.a. Silent Bob’s partner in crime, Jay, talks about his relationship with Kevin Smith and how Jay and Silent Bob would fair on The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.

Q: How often do you hang out at the Stash?

A: Every time I go back [to New Jersey], I go to the Stash, at least a few times. I have a couple of nieces and nephews, and they like to go by and get comics and check out the store and stuff.  There’s a really cool arcade right down the street from the Stash, with a ton of old stand up video games, and they also have like five TVs with an Xbox and PS 3. I’ll bring my nieces and nephews to the Stash, and we’ll hang out, and check out comics and action figures and then we’ll walk down to the arcade.

Q: You’ve worked with Kevin for 20 years. How has your creative partnership changed? 

A: Now, it’s nice, Kevin comes up with ideas and will ask my opinion, or I’ll tell him my ideas and we’ll have a back and forth. I feel like the first ten years — I was younger in the beginning with Clerks and Mallrats, and for Dogma… I was a mess, so I would say in the first ten years, it was more about him being like, ‘Hey, you gotta be on the straight and narrow if you want to do this movie, and get your act together.’ Now, I feel he actually asks my opinion on stuff. For example, he gave me the Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie script and told me to go do something with it. It used to be more like a younger brother and an older brother, to where I feel like now it’s more of a partnership. It’s been really nice, and a big change.

Q: How do you think Jay and Silent Bob would fare on some other AMC shows like The Walking Dead?
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