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the-dark-knight-560-1Batman fans, your time has come as AMC is giving you regular showings of your favorite Batman movies as part of Super Heroes Week, culminating with trivia-enhanced Story Notes versions of Batman Begins on Wed. at 8/7c and The Dark Knight on Thu. at 8/7c. Feeling batty for the Caped Crusader? Stop groaning and immerse yourself in all things Batman now.

Batman Ultimate Fan Game: Know which Batman pic received the most Oscar noms? Take the quiz!

Batman Begins Ultimate Fan Game: Which of the movie’s character isn’t in the Batman comics? Take the quiz!

Batman Movie List: Christopher Nolan fans… Which Batman flick is your favorite? Vote now!

Batmobile Poll: Which incarnation of the Batmobile is top of the line? Vote now!

Batman Villains Tournament: The Joker? The Riddler? Catwoman? Who is the Dark Knight’s fiercest foe? Vote now!

Batman Photo Quiz: Scored high on the Batman Ultimate Fan Game? Then you should ace this Batman quiz, too. Take the quiz!

The Babes of Batman Photo Gallery: A salute to the women who drive Bruce Wayne wild. View photos!

Q&A With A Real-Lie Batcave Owner: Comic Book Men guest star Chris Weir created his very own Batcave. Learn more.

Batcave Video Tour: An inside look at Chris Weir homemade Batcave. Watch video.

Story Notes for Batman Begins: Over 70 pieces of trivia related to the movie. Learn more.

Click here for a full schedule of Batman movies on AMC.

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