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Zap2it Features Owner’s Manual’s Final Episodes; The Pitch Firm to Do Rap Video

pitch-owners-manual-325This week, Owner’s Manual’s finale is previewed by Zap2it, while a rap video is being shot for an episode of The Pitch, according to Chicago Business Journal. Plus, Channel Guide Magazine checks out photos from Owner’s Manual’s final episodes. Read on for more:

Owner’s Manual’s last two episodes are highlighted by Zap2it, which says Marcus and Ed are “going out with a bang” in the season finale, “Rock Quarry.”

Chicago Business Journal reports that Monogram Group/Chicago is planning to shoot a rap video tied to their upcoming appearance on The Pitch.

Channel Guide Magazine showcased photos from the final two episodes of Owner’s Manual, observing that Ed and Marcus “couldn’t repress their affinity for fun” even when they were about to blast a mountain.

Patch speaks with Bee-line Communications’ Chief Executive Stacey McClenathan about losing last week’s The Pitch, although she says, “You can’t pay for this level of publicity and exposure.”

Shaw Media spotlights a local who will appear in an episode of The Pitch next month.

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