Small Town Security

TheWrap Lauds “Original” Small Town Security; SF Appeal Deems Small Town Security “Quirky”

This week, Small Town Security is described as “original” by TheWrap and “quirky” by The San Francisco Appeal. Plus, a TV blog applauds the reality show as “legimately worth watching.” Read on for more:

• Ahead of this week’s Season 2 finale, TheWrap describes Small Town Security as “one of the most original takes on American life on TV.”

• The San Francisco Appeal calls Small Town Security ”a quirky This American Life segment that has come to life, become self-aware, and figured out how to replicate itself into twenty-two minute chunks.”

• A blog called Television in the Age of DVR describes Small Town Security as “a reality TV show legitimately worth watching.”

• The Mount Airy (N.C.) News reports that the Showville episode featuring the town will now air on July 11, instead of July 4.

• Zap2it previewed “San Marcos, Texas” from last week, observing that “belly dancing is harder than it looks.”

• Zap2it shared photos from last week’s Episode 7, “All Hands on Deck,” while Shockya shared an exclusive preview clip.

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