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TheWrap Lauds “Original” Small Town Security; SF Appeal Deems Small Town Security “Quirky”

This week, Small Town Security is described as “original” by TheWrap and “quirky” by The San Francisco Appeal. Plus, a TV blog applauds the reality show as “legimately worth watching.” Read on for more:

• Ahead of this week’s Season 2 finale, TheWrap describes Small Town Security as “one of the most original takes on American life on TV.”

• The San Francisco Appeal calls Small Town Security ”a quirky This American Life segment that has come to life, become self-aware, and figured out how to replicate itself into twenty-two minute chunks.”

• A blog called Television in the Age of DVR describes Small Town Security as “a reality TV show legitimately worth watching.”

• The Mount Airy (N.C.) News reports that the Showville episode featuring the town will now air on July 11, instead of July 4.

• Zap2it previewed “San Marcos, Texas” from last week, observing that “belly dancing is harder than it looks.”

• Zap2it shared photos from last week’s Episode 7, “All Hands on Deck,” while Shockya shared an exclusive preview clip.

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The Rifleman or Rawhide? Which TV Western Is the Best?



Buckle your holsters and prepare for the ultimate TV Western showdown — a face-off between the father-son saga The Rifleman and the rambling tale Rawhide. Which one beats the other in four different categories (and then overall)?

Round 1: Star Power 
While The Rifleman stars Chuck Connors and features household-name guest-stars as varied as Sammy Davis Jr., Lon Chaney Jr., Agnes Moorehead, and James Coburn, Rawhide paved the way for Clint Eastwood (easily, Hollywood’s most revered cowboy since John Wayne). Because of that alone…
Winner: Rawhide

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Showville‘s Lisette Bustamante and Alec Mapa Pick Personal Favorites From Fairfield, IA


On this week’s Showville, the audience of Fairfield, Iowa selected pop singer Adrien Daller as the winner, but who were the favorite acts for coaches Lisette and Alec? Read on to find out…

Lisette’s Pick: Adrien Daller (Pop Singer)

sv-episode-106-adrien-125By the time Alec and Lisette had reached Iowa, they felt like they had seen it all but then they met “The Lady Gaga of Fairfield” as Lisette put it. The pop vocalist Adrien “finally brought the edge that we were missing,” Lisette went on. “She rocked it out in her tight pleather pants and her stilettos and was dropping it like it’s hot. We were like, ‘Oh, wow! There’s a real, legit pop act in Fairfield Iowa. Who knew?’ She’s beautiful, she’s talented. I love everything about her.”

Alec’s Pick: Brian Heisel (Comedian)
sv-episode-106-brian-125“This guy was the genuine article — a good ol’ Iowa Farm boy who wanted to do stand up,” declares Alec. His fellow comedian charmed Alec with his effusive personality and wit. “He was so genuine and hilarious,” Alec noted. And it would seem Alec wasn’t alone in his appreciation of Brian: “Everyone wanted him to succeed.”

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Showville Q&A – Adrien Daller

sv-episode-106-interview-325In Episode 6 of AMC’s Showville, the people of Fairfield, Iowa chose Adrien Daller as the winning act. In this interview, the pop singer discusses competing against a former boss and what she learned from talent coaches Alec and Lisette.

Q: Alec called you the Lady Gaga of Fairfield? How true is that?

A: I wouldn’t compare myself to Lady Gaga because I think she’s incomparable. What I really like best about her is that she’s experimental with her costumes and the visual presentation of her work… Now that is something I would love to emulate, but hopefully in my own unique way.

Q: What would you say is the most unique thing about you as a performer?

A: I have a different look, I’m a little older than a lot of up and comers. And I want to use all that, I don’t want to fight against it. I want to use my strengths to be different from everyone else. I may make pop music, but I want it to have more of a punk aesthetic, with a lot of attitude behind it.

Q: What was the best thing you learned from Lisette?

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Poll – Who’s Your Favorite Act in Showville Episode 6?


In Episode 6 of Showville, the residents of Fairfield, Iowa must choose between four finalists. What’s the right decision? It’s your turn to choose.

Cast your vote now!

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Small Town Security

Brian Taylor Shares the Inside Scoop on Small Town Security Season 2



Hey gang it’s me Brian Taylor, aka “The Island of Consistency,” to fill you in on what’s been going on with JJK Security & Investigations.

Another season of Small Town Security has come to a close and it’s been one hell of a fun ride, kids. We’ve gotten love from all over the place from fans and well-wishers — it’s been unbelievable.

A lot of you have been laughing, crying, and having a great time watching us be… US. There have been SO MANY of you telling us through social media, email, AND by picking up the good ‘ol fashioned telephone to tell us how great we are and that you can’t get enough of the show. Well let me be the first to tell all you STS watchers that WE can’t thank you all enough for watching us!

We at JJK can’t swing a cat without running into someone telling us how great Season 2 is, so I thought I’d recap this swell season by adding some additional insight from each episode you probably didn’t know existed.

Episode 1: “The Wicked Witch of Georgia”
The title of this episode actually came from a caller who left us a 3+ minute voice mail ranting about us — well, mostly to Joan. He really did call her “The Wicked Witch of Georgia” as well as a bunch of other crazy stuff. Yet he wished us all good health, even to Joan (it was so weird). I couldn’t tell you how many times we played that entire voice mail, we laughed so hard every time we played it. Continue reading “Brian Taylor Shares the Inside Scoop on Small Town Security Season 2″ »

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Small Town Security

Ten Ways to Get Ready for the Small Town Security Season 2 Finale This Thursday



Small Town Security‘s Season 2 Finale airs this Thursday night at 11/10c. Looking for ways to distract yourself until then? Here are ten ways to get ready for Episode 8, “The Man Makes the Suit”:

1. Watch a sneak peek video for the Season 2 Finale.

2. Check out sneak peek photos from Episode 8.

3. Listen to NSFW audio clips of the cast’s best one-liners with the Small Town Security Sound Board.

4. Flip through the Small Town Security Family Photo Album.

5. Read Season 2 interviews with Joan KoplanDennis StarrIrwin KoplanChrista Stephens, and Brian Taylor.

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KTLA Chats Showville With Alec Mapa; Charmed by Showville

sv-episode-105-alec-destination-325This week Alec Mapa talks Showville on KTLA, while talks up Showville‘s charms. Plus, the San Antonio Express-News checks out this week’s Episode 5. Read on for more:

• applauds Showville as “one of the more charming reality shows you’ll see on TV this summer.”

• Alec Mapa tells Los Angeles’s KTLA that viewers respond to Showville because “we’re not making fun of people… We’re really kind of celebrating small-town America.”

• The San Antonio Express-News spotlights this week’s episode, “San Marcos, Texas,” and quotes a local tourism official who says “this may be the most extensive TV coverage the town has seen.”

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Showville‘s Lisette Bustamante and Alec Mapa Pick Personal Favorites From San Marcos, TX


On this week’s Showville, the audience of San Marcos, TX selected singing trio Destination as the winner, but who were the favorite acts for coaches Lisette and Alec? Read on to find out…

Lisette’s Pick: Rick Bowen (Singer)

sv-episode-105-rick-bowen-125“Hands down, Rick Bowen!” declares Lisette. “He’s this ginormous gay man with the lowest baritone voice on the planet, and he performed ‘Hello Dolly’ with song and dance. How brilliant is that?” His voice wasn’t the only thing Lisette appreciated who had this to say about Rick’s unique fashion sense: “He went to the local thrift shop to put his outfit together. It was like every pattern under the sky with suspenders and high-waist pants and he was owning it. I loved it.”

sv-episode-105-jamie-125Alec’s Pick: Jamie Shelton (Bellydancer)
This Texas bellydancer jingled and jangled her way into Alec’s heart. “Jamie was so much fun!” By the end of their time rehearsing together, Alec had a newly found appreciation for the art of midsection gyration, noting that Jamie “loved bellydancing, and her energy and sense of humor were infectious!”

Check out AMC’s Showville Thursdays at 10/9c.


Showville Q&A – Destination

In Episode 5 of AMC’s Showville, the folk in San Marcos, Texas chose Andrews Sisters tribute group Destination as the winning act. In this interview, Juli Dearrington, and Linda and Michelle Sriro discuss the arts of juggling and promotion.

Q: What made you decide to start an Andrews Sisters tribute group?

Linda: After Juli and I wanted to get together… we were wondering what we could do that included harmonies but was more exciting. Someone suggested the Andrew Sisters. We thought that was a great idea. We just fell in love with their music. It wasn’t just three-part harmony. They were jazz singers and comics. There was a lot of comedy with the Andrew Sisters. We love that.

Q: How did juggling become a part of your act?

Juli: At the first audition, we decided to take these juggling balls because the flyer said “Looking for singers, dancers, jugglers, etc.”

Q: So juggling isn’t something that you usually have in your act?

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