Poll – Who Should’ve Won in Immortalized Episode 3?


In Immortalized Episode 3, Immortalizer Takeshi Yamada goes up against challenger Mike “Mac” McCullough in a battle themed “The Odyssey.” Did judges Brian Posehn, Catherine Coan and Paul Rhymer make the right call? It’s your turn to decide: Whose mount is best?

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Comic Book Men

Comic Book Men Poll: What’s the Greatest Classic Arcade Game?


In Comic Book Men Season 2, Episode 11, “Stash-teroids,” a seller brings an original 1979 Atari Asteroids arcade cabinet into the Secret Stash, a game Walt and Bryan remember fondly from their youth. Though Walt doesn’t end up purchasing the machine, he agrees when the seller proclaims Asteroids “changed the way video games were made forever.” Asteroids is generally hailed as an all-time classic, but is it your favorite old-school arcade game? Or do you prefer another classic like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong or Space Invaders? Vote now!

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Freakshow Q&A – Phoenix Ray


17-year-old Phoenix Ray is the co-owner of the Venice Beach Freakshow. In an interview with, he discusses the best way to feed a two-headed lizard and how being on TV has affected his life.

Q: What was your first thought when your father Todd Ray asked you to become co-owner of the Freakshow?

A: My first thought was instantly, “Yes!” It meant I was going to be that much better than my sister. “You mean I’m going to get a better spot than her? Yes!”

Q: Does being co-owner mean that you’re your sister Asia Ray‘s boss when you’re at work?

A: No, we’re even. If she asks me to do something, I’ll do it. I don’t think of her as being more or less anything.

Q: You travel a lot with your father to find new wonders. What’s the coolest trip you’ve taken so far?

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The Rifleman Marathon Spotlights the Show’s Greatest Villains This Saturday


You could argue that any Western is only as good as its villains: Think Lee Van Cleef in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly or career-heavy Vic Morrow in Posse From Hell. Well, this Saturday morning starting at 6AM/5c, you can watch Cleef, Morrow and a whole lineup of actors with serious Western pedigree — Warren Oates (The Wild Bunch), R.G. Armstrong (El Dorado), and Claude Akins (Rio Bravo) — don the proverbial black hat as AMC airs a marathon of The Rifleman episodes showcasing the best villains of the series. Other guest stars include Michael Landon, Dennis Hopper and Martin Landau, an actor who went on to win the Oscar for his decidedly not evil role in Ed Wood.

Click here for the full schedule of The Rifleman on AMC.


Immortalized Q&A – Immortalizer Takeshi Yamada


Taxidermy expert and author Rachel Poliquin talks with Takeshi Yamada from AMC’s Immortalized about creating creatures from other universes and surviving Hurricane Sandy.

Q: You’ve been making art since you were a child. How did you get into taxidermy?

A: Where I grew up in Japan, it was near tropical temperatures, and you have a lot of bugs… When there are a lot of creatures living, that also means there are a lot of creatures dying. When I was in elementary school, I really loved collecting those animals. Mostly those beautiful colored, fascinating shaped insects…dried frogs, mummified lizards, snake skins, those kind of things… And I realized that some of the specimens that I collected were not really complete, meaning that sometimes the insects I found would be missing legs or arms or such and such. And I felt that it was a shame. And I think, they are talking to me: “Get me back my missing part” or “Give me a little more extra.” I hear this from them. So I started reassembling their bodies by using other creatures with missing parts so that they can become more complete or become what they wanted to become.

Q: How did you parents feel about you collecting dead insects?

A: In Japan, pet insect culture is already there for many centuries. You can go to the department store to buy insects as pets. People are not really scared or afraid or “Ewwww,”… you know, running away from the insect. So basically, it is in the culture. My parents never stopped me from playing with the insects or keeping them alive as pets or when they die, keeping their bodies… My father was at the time an elementary school teacher and my mother was also an elementary school teacher. So they understand the importance of science.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration for your creatures?

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Comic Book Men

Kevin Smith and Ming Chen to Live-Tweet During Comic Book Men This Thursday


Ready for another all-new episode of Comic Book Men this Thursday night? Good news, fanboys: Both Kevin Smith and Ming Chen will be providing behind-the-scenes insights as they live-tweet during the East Coast broadcast, which begins at 9/8c. To get Kevin and Ming’s thoughts on Comic Book Men Season 2 Episode 11, “Stash-teroids,” be sure to follow Kevin on Twitter at @ThatKevinSmith and Ming on Twitter at @MingChen37. Not on Twitter? Not a problem: You can follow their Twitter feeds by visiting Kevin Smith’s cast page and Ming Chen’s cast page.

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Asia Ray and Morgue to Live-Tweet During Freakshow This Thursday


Want an insider’s perspective on the latest episode of Freakshow? Cast members Asia Ray and Morgue will both be live-tweeting their thoughts during the West Coast premiere of Freakshow Season 1 Episode 3, “Two-Headed Baby,” which begins at 9:30PM PT. East Coasters can follow the live-tweet too, as it coincides with the encore presentation of this week’s episode which begins at 12:30AM ET. To read Asia and Morgue’s thoughts while “Two-Headed Baby” airs, be sure to follow them on Twitter at @asiarayfreak and @MorgueOfficial.

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Want to Keep on Top of the Latest Immortalized News? Sign Up for the AMC Weekly Newsletter


If you enjoyed the first two episodes of AMC’s new original series Immortalized,
you’re likely looking for the latest news, interviews, videos and more from the show. What’s the best way to make sure you get all that and more? Sign up for the AMC Newsletter right now. You’ll get everything you need to know about Immortalized delivered to your inbox every Friday, as well as content from other AMC series including Comic Book Men, Freakshow, and The Walking Dead.


Don’t miss a brand new episode of Immortalized this Thursday at 10/9c as part of AMC Real Original Thursdays.

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Immortalizer Beth Beverly and Host Zach Selwyn to Live-Tweet Immortalized This Thursday


Planning to watch the latest all-new episode of Immortalized this Thursday night? This week you can get an insider’s perspective from not one but two cast members as Immortalizer Beth Beverly joins host Zach Selwyn to live tweet the episode. Beth and Zach will be live-tweeting during the East Coast broadcast, which begins at 10/9c. To see their thoughts on Immortalized Episode, “The Odyssey,” be sure to follow Beth on Twitter at @bethbeverly, and Zach on Twitter at @ZachSelwyn. Not on Twitter? Not a problem: You can also read their tweets on individual cast pages.

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Love Freakshow? Like It on Facebook


Want to keep up with all the latest from the world of Freakshow? Then head over to the official Freakshow Facebook page and click the “Like” button so you can start getting the latest show news, videos, photos and more in your news feed. (And if you want to make sure your Facebook friends know how much you love the show, be sure to visit the Freakshow Downloads page and grab the Freakshow Facebook Timeline Cover.)

Already a Facebook fan of the series? You can also follow Freakshow on Twitter.

Don’t miss an all-new episode of Freakshow this Thursday night at 9:30/8:30c as part of AMC Real Original Thursdays.

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