Friday the 13th or Halloween? The Final Face-off


Friday the 13th and Halloween are arguably the big screen’s two most legendary fright flick franchises. Both feature nearly unkillable serial killers: Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) and Michael Myers (Halloween). Both have spawned a double-digit number of movies: twelve (Friday the 13th) and ten (Halloween). Both air on AMC as part of AMC Fearfest. But which franchise do you think is the best?

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Comic Book Men

Celebrate Halloween With Comic Book Men Horror-Themed Videos, Photos, and Polls


The boys from the Secret Stash are definitely fans of Halloween: This year’s AMC Fearfest is being hosted by Kevin Smith, and Walt, Michael, Bryan, and Ming are zombie enthusiasts (as evidenced by the photo above). Celebrate the holiday by checking out the following horror-themed online content from Comic Book Men:

Video: Zombie Day at the Secret Stash

Video: The guys discuss their favorite horror movies

Photos: The Comic Book Men cast as zombies

Poll: What’s the greatest zombie movie?

Don’t miss a brand new episode of Comic Book Men this Sunday night at 11:30/10:30c on AMC.

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Kevin Bacon, Paul Rudd and 8 Other Stars to Appear in Friday the 13th or Halloween Movies


Psychopaths Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers aren’t the only ones killing it the Friday the 13th and Halloween franchises. The two iconic series have often served as stepping stones for many celebs on the paths to stardom. Like who? Take a look below.
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Online Tournaments Pit Zombie Hunters Against Zombie Hunters and Vampires Against Vampires


OK, horror fans, get ready for a virtual bloodbath… now has all of its killer tournaments in one place. Which vampire will survive when Dracula goes fang-to-fang with The Lost Boys‘ David? What happens when The Walking Dead‘s Rick Grimes quits whacking walkers long enough to fight Tallahassee from Zombieland? Can Jason Voorhees finally beat Michael Myers? It’s time to decide the fate of dozens of your favorite horror icons…


Don’t miss AMC Fearfest, now through Wed., Oct. 31. Click here for schedule.

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Comic Book Men

Comic Book Men Poll – Which Saturday Morning Cartoon Is Your Favorite?


In Season 2, Episode 3 of Comic Book Men, “Ghostbusting at the Stash,” the guys purchase — and then flip for a handsome profit — some Thundercats action figures, leading to a discussion of some of their favorite Saturday morning cartoons. Kevin Smith is a big fan of Super Friends, while Walt confesses his love for Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space. Which one do you like best?

Cast your vote now!

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Historic Zombie Flicks Starring Vincent Price and Bela Lugosi Now Available on AMC VOD


Ever wondered what preceded The Walking Dead besides the zombie flicks of George Romero? You can explore the genre’s roots with these five classic zombie movies, all available on AMC’s Video on Demand:

1. White Zombie (with Bela Lugosi)
2. The Last Man on Earth (with Vincent Price)
3. Revolt of the Zombies
4. Teenage Zombies
5. King of the Zombies

Check with your local cable provider for specific details on VOD in your area. AMC Fearfest runs through Wed., Oct 31. Click here for the full AMC Fearfest schedule.

Halloween, Prom Night, The Fog… What’s the Scariest Fright Flick Starring Jamie Lee Curtis?


Jamie Lee Curtis’ ear-piercing scream is as important to horror movie fans around this time of year as pumpkins and costumes are to Halloween celebrants. That’s because Hollywood’s favorite scream queen has exercised her lungs in plenty of truly great fright flicks, including Prom Night, The Fog and five pics in the Halloween franchise. Take a look at this list of Jamie Lee Curtis Horror Movies then vote for the ones you think are best:


Movies from the Halloween franchise will be airing all day on Halloween, Wed., Oct. 31. Head over to the AMC Fearfest page for showtimes.

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The Movies Say One Thing About Predator Vs. Alien But Who’d Really Win in a Deathmatch?


On their own, they’re unstoppable monsters terrorizing mankind yet what happens when the Alien and Predator face off against each other? Predator is the ultimate hunter who’s taken on Arnold Schwarzenegger and a band of commandos with relative ease in the jungle. Alien is a killing machine who literally salivates acid in outer space. Alien Vs. Predator took their battle with each other into movie theaters but only you can make the final determination of what happens when two legendary monsters go head-to-head…

Don’t miss Alien Vs. Predator on Sat., Oct. 27 at 8/7c. Click here for the full on-air schedule of AMC Fearfest which continues through Oct. 31.

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Comic Book Men

Explore the Comic Book Men Interactive Press Kit for a Look Ahead at Season 2


Looking to learn more about the second season of Comic Book Men and the guys from Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash? Then you’ll want to explore the Comic Book Men Season 2 interactive press kit. Set up like an online comic book, fans can flip through and check out embedded videos, animated versions of the guys’ comic book alter egos, photos from Season 2, comic book art inspired by the series, bios and more.

Explore the Comic Book Men Season 2 interactive press kit

Don’t miss a brand new episode of Comic Book Men, this Sunday night at 11:30/10:30c on AMC.

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Comic Book Men

Comic Book Men‘s Kevin Smith Visits Larry King, Talks AMC Fearfest


This week, Kevin Smith visits Larry King’s Larry King Now and talks about hosting AMC Fearfest. Plus, chats with the Comic Book Men cast about changes in the comic business. Read on for more:

Entertainment Weekly features a clip of Kevin Smith speaking to Larry King and notes that Smith has a lot on his plate, including Comic Book Men.

Kevin Smith sits down with to discuss his gig as AMC FearFest’s host. talks with the cast of Comic Book Men about changes in the comic business at New York Comic Con.

• Also at New York Comic Con, JustPressPlay attends the Comic Book Men panel, observing that Kevin Smith and “the entire panel of comic book men were hysterical.” reports Kevin Smith will be a spotlight guest at the 2013 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. reviews Season 2, Episode 2, “My Big Fat Geek Wedding.”

• For additional recaps and reviews of Season 2, Episode 1, “Stash Bashes,” check out Comic Booked and

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