Video – American Haunters Showcases America’s Scariest Haunted House for AMC FEARFEST

haunted-mansion-325-jpg.jpgAs part of this year’s AMC FEARFEST, AMC is taking you behind the scenes to one of the country’s scariest and richly conceived haunted houses. With American Haunters, a series of thirteen mini-documentaries, macabre mastermind Kevin McCurdy reveals the magic that has made his haunted mansion a legend.


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Ep 1 – The Haunted Mansion

Ep. 2 – The Haunted Collector

Ep. 3 – Designing the Nightmare

Ep 4 – High-tech Effects

Ep. 5 – Scare Tactics

Ep. 6 – The Gothic Arcade

Ep. 7 – The Doll Room

Ep. 8 – The Frozen Family Room

Ep. 9 – The Steam-Punk Lab

Ep. 10 – Casting the Haunters

Ep. 11 – Testing the Terror

Ep. 12 – Midnight Madness

Ep. 13 – Opening Night

Check out AMC FEARFEST 2011 now through Mon., Oct. 31, to see classic horror flicks hosted by zombie-movie master George A. Romero. Click here for the full AMC FEARFEST 2011 schedule.

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