Bride of Chucky Reminds Us That Dolls Are People Too


While Bride of Chucky may score special points for portraying the… er, unique relationship that dolls form with human beings, talking puppets and dolls are a common staple in scary movies of all kinds. But before you dismiss them all as merely nightmare-fuel, keep in mind that these props have been used for good as well as evil. The following list of dolled-up movie memories should warm you up to the idea that puppets are people too. At the very least, it will give your mind all sorts of happier places to go during the movie’s worse moments…

Though this sweet fable has some genuinely scary moments involving
whales and threats of being chopped up for firewood, in the end,
Pinocchio’s innate humanity is recognized and rewarded. Let’s leave it at that not discuss Roberto Benigni’s maligned update on the story.

The Sound of Music: No creep factor here. The Von Trapp children’s puppet show
(organized by the irrepressible Maria) stands out in a film full of
memorable moments. When the family flees across the Alps, try not to
think about how the puppets have almost certainly been left behind.

Indian in the Cupboard: A young boy learns important lessons about responsibility and history when he accidentally animates a tiny Native American statuette. Who could handle the material better than director Frank Oz, who spent decades bringing the Muppets to life?

Toy Story: This film salutes childhood playthings
with both levity and reverence — even the grotesquely misshapen toys
cobbled together by the bully next door prove their hearts are in the
right place, however interchanged their heads may be. I think there’s
an important message here — and I hope Chucky is paying attention.

For a full schedule of Bride of Chucky on AMC, click here.

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