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New Comic Book Men Poster and Midseason Premiere Date Revealed


Today, AMC released the poster for the second half of Comic Book Men’s fourth season, which premieres Sunday, February 15 at Midnight / 11c. The poster features master fanboy Kevin Smith and the charismatic men of Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash being photographed by superhero-clad paparazzi.

In the fourth season of AMC’s unscripted series, Walt, Bryan, Michael and Ming geek out over rare pop culture memorabilia and also welcome new friends to the Red Bank, NJ comic store, including fandom icons Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars), Adam West (Batman), Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster), and Walt’s personal hero, Gene Simmons of KISS.

For a larger version of the poster, click here.

Comic Book Men will premiere Sunday, February 15 at Midnight/11c.

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Photos – The Stars of Better Call Saul, Halt and Catch Fire and Mad Men at TCA 2015


This past weekend, the stars and creators of Better Call Saul, Halt and Catch Fire and Mad Men gathered at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena, California for the AMC winter TCA panel. Check out this gallery of photos from the event, which features Better Call Saul‘s Bob Odenkirk, Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm (sporting a brand new beard) and January Jones, Halt and Catch Fire‘s Lee Pace and many more of the stars of your favorite AMC series.


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AMC Releases First-Look Photo From the New Drama Series Humans


This morning, AMC released a first look photo at the upcoming series Humans, featuring Gemma Chan as Anita, an android servant known as a Synth.

Humans is set in a parallel present, where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a Synth – a highly-developed robotic servant eerily similar to its live counterpart. In the hope of transforming the way they live, one strained suburban family purchases a refurbished Synth only to discover that sharing life with a machine has far-reaching and chilling consequences.

Humans stars William Hurt (A History of Violence, Damages), Katherine Parkinson (The IT Crowd, The Honourable Woman), Tom Goodman-Hill (The Devil’s Whore, Mr Selfridge), Colin Morgan (Merlin, The Fall), Rebecca Front (The Thick Of It, Just William), Neil Maskell (Utopia, The Mimic) and Gemma Chan (Dates, Fresh Meat).

Humans is produced by Kudos (Utopia, BroadchurchThe Hour) in association with Matador Films (Real Humans) and will premiere on Channel 4 in the UK and AMC in 2015.

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AMC Goes Gangster With New Docu-Drama Making of The Mob: New York


AMC announced today that the network will premiere the special event mini-series Making of The Mob: New York, which chronicles the historical roots of the original Five Families that led to the formation of the modern American Mafia. The docu-drama is being produced by Emmy Award-winning Stephen David Entertainment (The World Wars, The Men Who Built America).

Utilizing an immersive blend of dramatic scenes, archival footage and groundbreaking VFX, Making of The Mob: New York will begin in 1905 and span over 50 years to trace the rise of Charles “Lucky” Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and other notorious gangsters from their beginnings as a neighborhood gang of teenagers to murderous entrepreneurs and bootleggers who organized the criminal underworld and turned it into an American institution. The series will also feature interviews with historians, authors, actors, law enforcement personnel and family members, including: actors Joe Mantegna and Drea de Matteo; mob attorney and former Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman; author David Pierusza, who is an expert on Lucky Luciano’s criminal mentor Arnold Rothstein; and Meyer Lansky’s grandson, Meyer Lansky II, among others.

The network will extend the Mafia theme by partnering each episode of Making of The Mob: New York with a lead-in from their extensive library of iconic mobster films. Long the cornerstones of the popular annual “Mob Week” programming event, titles include The GodfatherThe Godfather Part IIGoodfellasAmerican GangsterDonnie BrascoScarfaceCasino and Carlito’s Way.

“Stephen David brought us a show that reminded us what an absolutely spectacular story the truth is with respect to the rise of organized crime in America and the formation of the legendary Five Families,” said Joel Stillerman, AMC’s executive vice president of original programming, production and digital content. ”Making of The Mob: New York features fantastic, larger-than-life characters and drama that is better than fiction in every way. This is definitely event television.”

Making of The Mob: New York is executive produced by Stephen David, with Eliot Goldberg and Marco Bresaz overseeing for the network. It will consist of eight, one-hour episodes premiering in second quarter 2015.

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Ho, Ho, Howdy Partner! Celebrate Christmas With John Wayne On-Air and Online


Get ready for a visit from the big guy this Christmas… No, not Santa. The Duke is coming to town! Starting Wednesday, December 24th at 7/6c and continuing all through Christmas Day, you can check out classic John Wayne westerns like Big JakeRio Bravo, The Horse SoldiersThe Quiet Man, The Cowboys, True Grit and The Sons of Katie Elder. Then, instead of arguing over who gets the last piece of Christmas pie, challenge your family to John Wayne trivia games, rank the best of John Wayne’s movies and more below…


John Wayne
Which of the Duke’s many roles was his personal favorite? Play the game!

True Grit
What John Wayne one-liner ends True GritPlay the game!

The Quiet Man
In The Quiet Man, John Wayne plays a former what? Play the game!


John Wayne’s Best Movies
The American icon has appeared in more than 170 films, so choosing a favorite is a daunting task. Which one ranks as your number one? Vote now!

John Wayne’s Finest Westerns
John Wayne’s roles defined the Western genre, but which Wayne Western is your favorite? Vote now!

The Late Westerns
The early westerns made him a star, but his later westerns made him a legend. Which of John Wayne’s last ten westerns is your favorite? Vote now!


John Wayne’s Toughest Character
Rooster Cogburn faces off against Sean Thornton, Sheriff John T. Chance and more of Wayne’s most iconic roles. Which character do you think is the toughest? Vote now!


John Wayne’s Western Road Trip
Not traveling for the holidays this year? No problem. Take a tour of the wild west from the comfort of your own home with this photo gallery. View photos now!

The Christmas With the Duke marathon airs Wednesday, December 24 at 7/6c through Thursday, December 25. See the full schedule here.

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AMC Casts International Film Star Daniel Wu As Lead of Martial Arts Drama Badlands

badlands-daniel-wu--560Good news for martial arts fans: AMC has cast Hong Kong film star Daniel Wu as the lead of the network’s new drama Badlands. Wu also serves as an executive producer on Badlands, a genre-bending martial arts series loosely based on the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West. In a land controlled by feudal barons, Badlands tells the story of a ruthless, well-trained warrior named Sunny (Wu) and a young boy who embark on a journey across a dangerous land to find enlightenment.

 “After working together with such a talented team of executive producers, writers and executives at AMC, I am excited for the opportunity to bring this character to life‎,” said Wu.

Wu is a Hong Kong-based Chinese-American actor, director and producer.  Born in Berkeley, California, Wu was raised in Orinda in a family whose parents were Shanghai natives who were both educated in the States. Continue reading “AMC Casts International Film Star Daniel Wu As Lead of Martial Arts Drama Badlands” »

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AMC Orders Pilot for Comic Book Franchise Preacher, Co-Produced by Seth Rogen

preacher-press-seth-rogen-325It’s a go! AMC has ordered a pilot for a series based on the popular comic book franchise Preacher. The Sony Pictures Television and AMC Studios co-production was developed for TV by Sam Catlin (Breaking Bad) and Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (This Is The End, Superbad, Neighbors). Rogen and Goldberg will produce through their Point Grey banner, along with Neal Moritz’s Original Film. The pilot was written by Sam Catlin. Rogen and Goldberg are attached to direct.

Based on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s twisted ‘90s comic book series, Preacher is about Jesse Custer, a conflicted Preacher in a small Texas town who merges with a creature that has escaped from heaven and develops the ability to make anyone do anything he says. Along with his ex-girlfriend, Tulip, and an Irish vampire named Cassidy, the three embark on a journey to literally find God.
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Comic Book Men

Comic Book Men – Q&A With Ernie Hudson

comic-book-men-episode-408-ernie-hudson-325Comic Book Men guest star Ernie Hudson talks about Ghostbusters’ appeal, his experience in Comic-Car 1 and how he would fare in a zombie apocalypse.

Q: What were your first thoughts when Walt said you all were going to dress in a uniform and get into the ice cream truck?

A: I have this habit where people will approach me with something that’s a little weird or a little different and I’ll go with it. They’re passionate about it. People will come up to me on the street and say, “Oh, my mother is a big fan of yours. She’s in the hospital but she always wanted to meet you. Can you come with me?” And I’ll say “Oh, okay.” My curiosity will sort of run that way.

So [for the show], I’m driving the truck and I kind of get that Winston Zeddemore aspect from Ghostbusters. I didn’t realize comics were that popular. I know they’re popular, but I didn’t think they were going to be selling-them-off-an-ice-cream-truck popular.

Q: What was it like delivering comics from an ice cream truck?
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Six Things You Didn’t Know About Jurassic Park


As we sit down for Thanksgiving dinner to share what we’re grateful for, movie lovers everywhere should give a thanks to Jurassic Park and Steven Spielberg for revolutionizing not only computer animated graphics, but the film industry itself. And also for the dinosaurs, because who doesn’t love dinosaurs? If you’re already a long-time fan, you probably know Universal bought the story from Michael Crichton before the author had even finished writing the novel. You’re also probably well aware that the terrifying roar of the T-Rex is actually made up of penguin-mating sounds, as well as dog, tiger, alligator and elephant noises mixed together. But there might be some details about the landmark film you may not have heard. Here are six lesser known facts about Jurassic Park

1. The T-Rex animatron caused screams in real life too

The twelve-ton T-Rex animatronic puppet terrified audiences onscreen, but it also scared crew members during filming. The animatronic occasionally malfunctioned when wet, and the film’s producer, Kathleen Kennedy, recalls that, “The T-Rex went into the heebie-jeebies sometimes. Scared the crap out of us. We’d be, like, eating lunch, and all of a sudden a T-rex would come alive. At first we didn’t know what was happening, and then we realized it was the rain. You’d hear people start screaming.”
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Director David Dobkin (The Judge, Shanghai Nights) to Helm Martial Arts Drama Badlands


It’s official: David Dobkin, who directed The Judge, Wedding Crashers, The Change-Up, and Shanghai Knights, has joined AMC’s upcoming martial arts drama Badlands (working title) as series director and an executive producer. Badlands is set to be a genre-bending martial arts series very loosely based on the classic Chinese tale “Journey to the West,” in which a great warrior and a young boy embark on a journey across a dangerous land to find enlightenment.

The project was created by writers/show runners Al Gough and Miles Millar, of Shanghai Noon and Smallville fame. They’ll serve as exec producers along with Oscar-Nominated producers Stacy Sher and Michael Shamberg (Pulp FictionContagion) and master martial arts filmmakers Daniel Wu (Tai Chi Zero) and Stephen Fung.

“I am thrilled to be directing Badlands,” Dobkin said. “Aside from the amazing group of people I get to work with – everyone at AMC, plus Stacy and Michael, and Al and Miles for the second time – it’s a brilliant, visionary project that finally gives the fan-boy in me something to dig my teeth into.”

Emily Beecham (28 Weeks Later, The Village), Sarah Bolger (The Tudors, In America) and Oliver Stark (The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box, My Hero) have also joined the cast as series regulars.

AMC has ordered six, one-hour episodes. Eager fans can look forward to the premiere in late 2015 or early 2016.

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