Daniel Radcliffe on Dancing With Jon Hamm; Julia Ormond Calls Marie a “Flawed Floozy”

mad-men-507-marie-julia-ormand-325This week, Daniel Radcliffe is interviewed about dancing with Jon Hamm in A Young Doctor’s Notebook, while Julia Ormond discusses playing Megan’s mother, Marie. Plus, Screen Invasion chats about three Season 1 episodes. Read on for more:

Daniel Radcliffe talks about working with Jon Hamm in Ovation’s A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories — and what it was like to dance with him.

Talking to The Canadian Press, Julia Ormond recalls playing Megan’s mother, Marie, saying Marie’s “a very flawed floozy. I can see how Marie is sexy and elegant in other people’s eyes, but I would see Marie as kind of hilarious. She played such a lie.”

Screen Invasion discusses Season 1 episodes “Red in the Face,” “The Hobo Code” and “Shoot” and asks, “Don’t you just love Pete Campbell, that petulant scamp? No but sort of also yes?”

Bloody Disgusting reports that Annabelle, a movie featuring Eric Ladin, who plays Betty’s brother William Hofstadt, will be released in theaters on Oct. 3.

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