Banana Republic Mad Men Collection and Mad Men Mod Weekend Sweepstakes


Banana Republic is back with a new Mad Men Collection for Spring 2013 plus a sweepstakes to win a Mad Men Mod Weekend in NYC.

Designed by Banana Republic in collaboration with Mad Men‘s Emmy Award-winning Costume Designer Janie Bryant, the new collection (available in Banana Republic stores and at takes its inspiration from costumes featured in the latest seasons of the series and reflects the mod vibe of the late ’60s. Simon Kneen, Banana Republic’s Creative Director and Executive Vice President, says, “We took Janie’s mod inspiration for the costumes on-screen and translated it in a way that today’s Don or Megan will aspire to wear.” Bryant herself says, “The spirit and fashion-forward thinking we see on-screen in Megan was really inspirational for the capsule.” Other key influences include Joan’s form-fitting silhouette, Megan’s shift dresses in psychedelic prints, Peggy’s matching accessories, and Megan’s youthful effect on Don’s classic wardrobe.

The menswear collection includes bold plaids and stripes, the emergence of the sport coat, and the sophisticated suit for the boardroom. The women’s collection celebrates color, print and pattern in iconic items like the era’s popular shift dress with shorter hemlines, keyhole details, and checked capris. Accessories include a mirrored heel shoe, graphic scarves, and geometric jewelry for women, along with fedoras and skinny ties for men.

The Mad Men Mod Weekend sweepstakes will give one lucky fan and a guest the chance to experience the Mod life Mad Men-style with three nights at a five-star hotel in NYC, a $1000 gift card and personal stylist courtesy of Banana Republic, and $1000 to indulge in UrbanDaddy‘s recommendations for the Mad Men Mod experience including food, shopping and nightlife.

Click here to enter the Mad Men Mod Weekend sweepstakes.

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Mad Men Season 5 Begins Encores This Sunday


Beginning this Sun., Mar. 3 at 6AM/5c, Mad Men Season 5 will return on-air with its special two-hour season premiere episode: “A Little Kiss.” (That’s the episode featuring Megan’s catchy rendition of “Zou Bisou Bisou“) From then on, the season will re-air on Sundays with back-to-back episodes including “The Other Woman” (which won a Writers Guild Award earlier this year for Best Drama Episodic). Click here for a full schedule of Mad Men on AMC.

Mad Men returns with Season 6 on Sun., Apr. 7.

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Q&A – Peyton List (Jane Sterling)


In this interview, Peyton List, who plays Jane Sterling on AMC’s Mad Men, describes acting as if on she were on a psychedelic and her new-found obsession with girdles.

Q: Your clothing was very glamorous this season, particularly the “Goddess Pantsuit” you wore to the LSD party. Do you have a favorite Jane costume?

A: I don’t have a favorite outfit because I feel like Janie Bryant outdoes herself every episode. When I saw the “Goddess Pantsuit” it was in a fitting, and I knew we were getting out of one period of history into another. I was just kind of floored. I said, “Let me put that on, please!”

Q: What was your reaction when you first read the script with the LSD scene?

A: It was so different than any other episode of Mad Men. It was almost like its own little stand-alone movie. Going into it, I didn’t know how we were going to shoot it with Roger’s hallucinations, but it turned out so amazing.

Q: What’s the trick to acting like you’re on a psychedelic drug?

A: You just kind of have to guess. They have on paper what you’re experiencing, so you’re just giving yourself over to actually experiencing it and believing that you’re seeing things that aren’t there. We had a really good time with it. And lots and lots of laughs for sure.

Q: Jane and Roger had their troubles in Season 5. How do you get in the right mindset to play a couple in their position?

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NY Times Talks to Matthew Weiner About Lane Pryce; Jessica Pare Is Elle‘s March Cover Girl


This week, The New York Times explains why Lane Pryce’s demise was difficult for both fans and series creator Matthew Weiner, while Jessica Paré lands on the cover of Elle Canada‘s March edition. Plus, The Hollywood Reporter talks about costume designers like Janie Bryant coming into their own. Read on for more Mad Men news:

The New York Times calls Lane’s death on Mad Men “traumatic,” and quotes Matthew Weiner on losing “one of the best actors I have ever worked with” in Jared Harris.

Jessica Paré graces the cover of Elle Canada and speaks to the magazine about auditioning for her role on Mad Men.

The Hollywood Reporter cites Mad Men‘s Janie Bryant as a prime example of costume designers who are emerging from behind the camera to become brand ambassadors.

Digital Spy, Los Angeles Times and TVLine report on Mad Men‘s Writers Guild Award win for best episodic drama.

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Mad Men Wins Writers Guild Award for Best Episodic Drama

mm511-don-peggy-325.jpgOn Sun., Feb. 17, the Writers Guild of America honored Mad Men with a Writers Guild Award for Best Episodic Drama. Written by Semi Chellas and series creator Matthew Weiner,  Season 5′s Episode 11 “The Other Woman” beat out four Breaking Bad episodes — “Fifty-One” written by Sam Catlin, “Dead Freight” written by George Mastras, “Buyout” written by Gennifer Hutchison, and “Say My Name” written by Thomas Schnauz — as well as Homeland‘s “New Car Smell” written by Meredith Stiehm.

The win is one of three garnered by AMC as Breaking Bad picked up the award for Best Dramatic Series and The Walking Dead: Cold Storage webisodes won for Outstanding Achievement in Writing Derivative New Media.

Click here for a full list of 2013 WGA nominees and winners.

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Whose Line Was That? Play the Season 4 Quotes Game to Find Out


Maddicts: If you’ve already proven you’re an expert about who said what in the Mad Men Season 5 Quotes Game, you’re now ready for the Season 4 version. See if you know which character declared, “I’m not a solution to your problems. I’m another problem,” and which quipped, “Have a drink. It’ll make me look younger.” Play the Mad Men Season 4 Quotes Game to find out. Afterward, challenge your friends on Facebook to win additional badges.


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THR Lauds Mad Men as “Brilliant” Drama; New York Mag “Counting the Days” Until Season 6


This week, The Hollywood Reporter considers Mad Men part of a “surge of brilliant dramas,” while New York Magazine plans out a schedule to catch up on the series ahead of the Season 6 premiere. Read on for more Mad Men news:

The Hollywood Reporter cites Mad Men (and The Walking Dead) as an example of the “surge of brilliant dramas on television.”

New York Magazine provides a schedule to catch up on Mad Men before the Season 6 premiere on Apr. 7.

Indiewire‘s review of Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake calls Elisabeth Moss‘ performance a “thing of wonder.”

OK! checks out Estée Lauder’s second Mad Men-themed collection.

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Q&A – Charlie Hofheimer (Abe Drexler)


In this interview for, Charlie Hofheimer, who plays Abe Drexler on AMC’s Mad Men, discusses daydreaming about Abe and Peggy’s future and getting recognized by Gary Oldman.

Q: When Abe was first introduced as a love interest for Peggy, what did you know about where their story was going?

A: Nothing! In the audition for the part, the character names had all been changed to deliberately obscure what scene this was, where it took place, and who was involved… So I knew very little.

Q: When did you start to realize you were going to be around for longer?

A: When I read the script for when Abe [proposes the] move-in with Peggy, maybe that was the first moment when I started to daydream about what might be or what could be between Peggy and Abe. I think I probably giggled like a girl and maybe ran around in place.

Q: Did you research the ’60s counterculture in preparation for your role?

A: Quite a bit. And it just so happens that my best friend in the world from pre-school, his father is Wayne Barrett, who was the head political writer for The Village Voice for thirty years…so I grew up with a surrogate father who was a bull-nosed investigative journalist — somebody like Abe. I think I’ve had a good model.

Q: If you lived in the ’60s, which Mad Men character would you have been?

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GQ Previews Banana Republic Mad Men Collection; NYTimes on Binge-Viewing Mad Men


This week, GQ reveals a sneak peek of designs for Banana Republic’s new Mad Men collection, while The New York Times explores the phenomenon of “binge-viewing” shows like Mad Men. Read on for more Mad Men news:

GQ takes a sneak peek at Banana Republic’s new collection, designed in collaboration with Mad Men‘s Janie Bryant. AGBeat has some more details about the collection.

The New York Times uses Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead as examples of shows where viewers “binge”-view entire seasons in one sitting.

Iconic Interview interviews Patrick Fischler, who reveals what he loved most about his Mad Men character, Jimmy Barrett. imagines what Super Bowl ads each member of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce might pitch.

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Q&A – Ronald Guttman (Emile Calvet)


In this interview for, Ronald Guttman, who plays Emile Calvet on AMC’s Mad Men, discusses his unique audition process and what advice he’d give to his character.

Q: What was it like to step into the Mad Men world for the first time?

A: I thought Emile was a very well thought-out character. Mad Men sets the bar so high that even Hollywood productions…don’t seem to be functioning as well as they do on Mad Men. The gold standard that Mad Men sets for an actor: That’s one thing that will always stay with me.

Q: What was it like auditioning for the show?

A: The thing that Matthew Weiner insisted on in my auditions, which we did by Skype, by the way, is to be very attentive to the scene with my daughter [Megan] at the Codfish Ball…where I convey to her the importance of reconnecting with her family values. I think that one of the things about Mad Men is the values are new: American, consumerism, advertising. It’s wonderful to create a contrast with the other values of the sixties, which…is the belief that another type of society could be achieved.

Q: Did auditioning via Skype instead of in person make you less nervous?

A: For me, it’s kind of nice to be in your own environment. You don’t have to deal with the parking and waiting for the secretary to get you in and all the stressful stages of auditioning: “Here I am, behind my desk in my home, and I couldn’t be more relaxed.”

Q: You’re a natural-born French speaker. Did you help Julia Ormond with her accent?

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