Jon Hamm to Host Hurricane Sandy Benefit; Mad Men Nominated for Producers Guild Award


This week, Deadline Hollywood announces that Jon Hamm will serve as Master of Ceremonies at a comedy benefit, while Mad Men producers receive their fourth PGA nomination. Plus, check out Indiewire‘s exclusive clip of John Slattery’s new movie. Read on for more Mad Men news:

Deadline Hollywood reports that Jon Hamm will join stars like Sarah Silverman and Will Ferrell as he hosts “We Hate Hurricanes,” a Dec. 10 comedy benefit to aid those affected by superstorm Sandy.

E! reports on Mad Men‘s nomination for the Norman Felton Award for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Drama. The L.A. Times, Deadline, GoldDerby, The Wrap, and Variety also cover the news.

• Check out Entertainment Weekly‘s video of Jon Hamm offering a glimpse at the “darkly comic” situations in his upcoming miniseries, A Young Doctor’s Notebook. Indiewire calls Notebook “a fascinating looking project.”

The New York Times shares a photo of Elisabeth Moss wearing Louis Vuitton in their “Styled To a T” column.

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Mad Men Producers Receive Fourth PGA Nomimation


Today’s PGA nomination marks the fourth season for which Mad Men has been recognized by the Producers Guild of America. The series is again up for the Norman Felton Award for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Drama. Other series in the running for the prestigious award include Downton Abbey (PBS), Game of Thrones (HBO), Homeland (Showtime), and AMC’s own Breaking Bad.

The Producers Guild Awards will be held Sat., Jan. 26, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

Mad Men Season 2 Encores Return on AMC


Tune in this Sunday at 6AM/5c for encores of Mad Men Season 2, then come back for more as the season re-broadcasts every following Sunday with back-to-back episodes. Think of this as your chance to re-live Don’s rendezvous with Bobbie Barrett, the fallout after Betty’s “Around the World” dinner party, and Peggy’s impromptu haircut.

Click here to see a full schedule of Mad Men‘s encores on AMC.

Cyber Monday Shopping? Here are Five Popular Mad Men Products to Consider


Black Friday is now behind you. Still haven’t found the perfect gift for the Maddict in your life? Well, assuming he or she has DVDs or Blu-rays of every Mad Men season, what follows are the top five Mad Men items available for stocking stuffers.

1. Sterling’s Gold: Wit and Wisdom of an Ad Man
Roger’s memoir featured in Mad Men Season 4, Sterling’s Gold is an entertaining collection of the ad man’s best one-liners. These pithy comments and observations amount to a unique window into the advertising world, as well as a commentary on life in mid-century NYC.
Click here to purchase from Amazon

2. The Fashion File: Advice, Tips, and Inspiration from the Costume Designer of Mad Men
Emmy-Award winning costume designer Janie Bryant offers readers a peek into the dressing room of Mad Men, revealing the design process behind the various characters’ looks and showing every woman how to find her own leading lady style. Don’t overlook the section for men aspiring to be Don Draper-dashing.
Click here to purchase from Amazon

3. Mad Men: The Illustrated World
An engaging celebration of the life and times of the Mad Men of Madison Avenue in the early 1960s, Dyna Moe’s full-color book is a stand-alone salute to the time of slim suits, prosperity, cocktails, and the golden age of advertising.
Click here to purchase from Amazon

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Kiernan Shipka Kisses E.T. for Harpers Bazaar; Independent Reveals Jon Hamm’s Inner Nerd


This week, Kiernan Shipka takes part in a tribute to Steven Spielberg, while The Independent trumpets Jon Hamm’s upcoming project with Daniel Radcliffe. Plus, The Orlando Sentinel notes Jared Harris’ formidable presence in Spielberg’s Lincoln. Read on for more Mad Men news:

• A Harper’s Bazaar tribute to Steven Spielberg uses Kiernan Shipka to re-create the iconic moment where Gertie kisses E.T. in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

• In an article breaking down A Young Doctor’s Notebook, The Independent reveals that both Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe are “genuine nerds for Bulgakov,” and the four-part series was Hamm’s idea in the first place.

The Orlando Sentinel marvels at Jared Harris’ range in an article about the TV actors in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.

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Six Ways to Dine Like a Mad Man This Holiday Season


The arrival of Thanksgiving this week means there’s no better time to celebrate the joys of a full stomach. Whether you’re looking for the traditional feast or just a good meal with great friends, here are six ideas for dining Mad Men-style.

1. Invite some friends over for a casual meal. Request your guests bring brownies from William Greenberg Desserts in Manhattan (stick them in the freezer for a special treat). Then make sure your kitchen faucet is in good working order.

2. Swing by one of the few remaining Howard Johnson’s for fried clams (Ginsberg’s favorite) and orange sherbet (Don’s recommendation). One tip: If you don’t love the sherbet, keep that to yourself.

3. Return to the roots of Thanksgiving — the Pilgrims’ safe escape from British tyranny — at an English pub with a plate full of “mushy peas” and “bangers and mash.” Wash it down with a pint of cold beer.

4. Dress up for a romantic dinner with your special someone. Although La Caravelle closed in 2004, Minetta Tavern is still going strong. (It’s also ideal for proposals.)

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People Names Jon Hamm, John Slattery Sexiest Men Alive; Jessica Paré Is THR Top Beauty


This week, Jon Hamm and John Slattery take home the honor of representing their home states as People‘s sexiest men alive, while The Hollywood Reporter proclaims Jessica Paré’s “Zou Bisou Bisou” look one of the year’s top beauty moments. Plus, check out video of Jon Hamm in a trailer for A Young Doctor’s Notebook with Daniel Radcliffe. Read on for more Mad Men news:

People dubs Jon Hamm the Sexiest Man Alive from Missouri, while John Slattery wins the same honor for Massachusetts.

The Hollywood Reporter lists Jessica Paré’s “’60s seductress” look as one of their Top 25 Beauty Moments of 2012, and includes tips on how to get the look for yourself. [No Link]

The Hollywood Reporter showcases a trailer for A Young Doctor’s Notebook that features Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe “in a variety of compromising positions.”

Vincent Kartheiser waxes philosophical to New York Magazine about getting punched in the face — and about his new film, Beach Pillows.

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Q&A – Michael Gladis (Paul Kinsey)


Michael Gladis (Paul Kinsey on AMC’s Mad Men) speaks to in this exclusive interview about returning to set after a year away and shaving his head for the role.

Q: Paul leaves the advertising world and joins the Hare Krishnas. How did you get into Paul’s head in his new place in life?

A: I had some conversations with Matt [Weiner] about it. I was kind of shocked that was how Paul was being brought back, and delighted because it was so far from anything I had ever imagined. The clues on how to approach it were in the text of the scenes… The way I approached it is he found the Krishnas in a place of desperation and he was really hanging on to what little stability he could find, and comfort in the world and acceptance.

Q: Did you really have to shave off all your hair for the “new” Paul?

A: I really did! That was the first question they asked me after they asked if I was free to possibly come back. They said, “Would you be willing to shave your head?” but they couldn’t tell me exactly why yet. So of course I was like, “Oh my God! Did he go to Vietnam or did he have cancer?” I ended up actually shaving it twice because they had me come back a couple months after we shot the episode to re-shoot a scene.

Q: Are you more like the Paul of old or the Hare Krishna Paul?

A: I think I’m more like the old Paul. Matt was very good at writing for us as he got to know us as people, so there are parts of me that are similar to Paul, but any character is going to be an amplification of our natural characteristics. Paul is just Michael amped up ten times.

Q: Paul and Harry are reunited in this episode. How did a season apart affect your camaraderie with Rich Sommer?

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THR Photo of Jon Hamm, Daniel Radcliffe Sharing a Bath; Buzzine Calls Mad Men King


This week, Mad Men meets Harry Potter in a bathtub photo, while Buzzine provides many reasons for naming Mad Men one of its Top 5 Period Dramas. Plus, The Sydney Morning Herald uses Joan Harris as an example of realistic female television characters. Read on for more Mad Men news:

The Hollywood Reporter has a photo from A Young Doctor’s Notebook of Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe together in a bathtub. Radcliffe says of the scene, “It was great, because you know you are the envy of every woman ever.”

Buzzine calls Mad Men the “king of period dramas” and credits the series with having “infectious style.”

The Sydney Morning Herald celebrates Mad Men‘s Joan Harris in an article about the advent of television’s female “fully realised dramatic characters.”

The Telegraph‘s review of the Season 5 DVD calls Mad Men “one of the finest things on television: a clever, wonderfully languorous exploration of the era’s social upheaval.”

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How Well Do You Know Robert Morse? Play the Ultimate Fan Game to Find Out


You may be an expert when it comes to Mad Men‘s eccentric Bert Cooper, but how much do you really know about the acting legend behind the bow ties and quirky charm? Do you know what quality Morse admires in Mad Men co-star Jon Hamm? Or which Harry Potter star reprised one of Morse’s signature roles? Play the Robert Morse Ultimate Fan Game to find out, then challenge your friends on Facebook to win badges!


Mad Men encores air Sunday mornings at 6am/5C.

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