Mad Men Is Back on AMC This Sunday


If you’ve been missing Mad Men during AMC Fearfest, take heart. The team at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce returns to AMC this weekend. Starting this Sun., Nov. 4 at 6AM/5c, Season 5 will return on-air with Episode 4: “Mystery Date.” From then on, the season will re-broadcast weekly on Sundays with back-to-back episodes such as “The Other Woman” (in which Joan makes a controversial business decision) and “Commissions and Fees” (Lane Pryce’s final episode).

Click here to see Mad Men‘s complete on-air schedule on AMC.

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Megan Draper Inspires Banana Republic; L.A. Times Spotlights Jared Harris in Lincoln


This week, info about the new Banana Republic Mad Men collection is revealed, while the LA Times notes Jared Harris’ contribution to Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Lincoln. Read on for more Mad Men news:

Women’s Wear Daily quotes Janie Bryant on the inspiration behind Banana Republic’s newest Mad Men collection: Megan Draper, who represents “the young and modern.”

The Los Angeles Times highlights Jared Harris as one of the familiar TV faces in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.

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The Mad Men Fashion File’s Halloween Costume Guide


If you’ve always wished you could dress like a Mad Men character and have been searching for the perfect opportunity, Halloween is a timely option. Not only can you imitate one of the show’s iconic styles, you can really go all out: hair, makeup, candy cigarettes, maybe even a homemade SCDP business card. Here are three Halloween looks inspired by Mad Men — make sure you tweet @MadMen_AMC with a picture of your costume triumph!

The Youthquaker: Taking a cue from Megan’s miniskirts and Sally’s moon boots, this costume is fun, flirty, and perfect for the dance floor.

Dress: You need a really short hemline for this look. If it’s long enough to pass a school dress code, it probably won’t work here. Look for baby-doll dresses with fluted or bell sleeves. This Alice + Olivia dress combines the perfect ’60s silhouette with a psychedelic pattern, but it’s about $400. If you’re not shopping with Megan’s budget, try this ASOS version for $40 instead.

Accessories: Amazon sells $50 white shiny go-go boots, and Marc Jacobs has a high-fashion version for about $640. Pair them with giant plastic earrings and a candy-colored clutch. (Since it’s Halloween, you can add a Ring Pop, too!)

Makeup: Black liquid eyeliner, false black eyelashes, and nude lipstick are mandatory! Try this Mad Men eye makeup tutorial from The Wall Street Journal to get the look.

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Plan Your Own ’60s Halloween Party With the Mad Men Party Guide


Dressing up in Mad Men style for Halloween this year? If you’ve got the perfect ’60s costume lined up, why not take it one step further and plan a Halloween Party with a Mad Men theme? Consider mixing Zombie cocktails for your guests or arranging your living room just like Betty would. Craft an ideal music playlist to entertain everyone while they snack on era-appropriate treats. Whatever the scope of your soiree, the Mad Men Online Party Planner is just the trick to make it easy.


NY Mag Interviews Jon Hamm and Vincent Kartheiser; Jared Harris Chats With NBC & ET


This week, New York Magazine speaks with both Jon Hamm and Vincent Kartheiser, while Jared Harris discusses Lane’s Season 5 character arc with NBC and Entertainment Tonight. Read on for more Mad Men news:

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt talk baseball (and competition) with New York Magazine.

Vincent Kartheiser then tells New York Magazine about the time he beat Hamm at dominoes three times in a row.

NBC checks in with Jared Harris, who discusses what he’ll miss about Mad Men, including Turkish coffee at lunch. Harris also speaks with Entertainment Tonight about the price of Lane’s suicide.

Mad Men makes New York Magazine‘s list of TV’s most devoted fan bases, along with Star Wars and Oprah. A badge for Mad Men “fandom” is available for download.

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Which of Don’s Women Are You? Answer Just Seven Questions and Find Out!


You already know whether you’re a Jackie or a Marilyn. That’s easy. You’ve probably also decided if you’re a Joan or a Peggy. But have you ever wondered which of Don’s women you are? That’s a lot tougher. Luckily, seven questions is all it takes to find out. You could be Betty. You could be Megan. You could even be Bobbie. Once you learn the truth, share your results with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


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Mad Men Season 5 DVD and Blu-ray Sets on Sale Tomorrow


Lust is back. Adultery is back. Deception is back. Mad Men is back. From creator Matthew Weiner (The Sopranos) and featuring a stellar cast including Jon Hamm (Friends with Kids), Elisabeth Moss (The West Wing), Christina Hendricks (I Don’t Know How She Does It) and January Jones (X-Men: First Class), Mad Men: Season Five arrives on Blu-ray Disc, DVD and Digital Download tomorrow, Oct. 16. The AMC premiere of Season Five was the most watched Mad Men episode ever, up over 21% from the previous season premiere. Mad Men continues to establish itself as one of the most honored series in television history, winning its fourth consecutive Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series last year, a milestone achieved by only three other shows in history (Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law, The West Wing).

The hit series also stars Vincent Kartheiser (In Time), John Slattery (The Adjustment Bureau), Jessica Paré (Lost and Delirious), Robert Morse (City of Angels), Kiernan Shipka (Carriers), Aaron Staton (August Rush), Rich Sommer (The Devil Wears Prada) and Jared Harris (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows). The 3-disc Blu-ray and 4-disc DVD sets are packed with special features, including extensive commentaries and innovative featurettes examining the time period and culture of the Mad Men era. Mad Men: Season Five, which contains all 13 episodes, will be available for the suggested retail price of $49.99 on Blu-ray and $49.98 on DVD.

Click here to purchase your Mad Men Season 5 DVD or Blu-ray set today.

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‘Hot Pic’ of Jon Hamm in Glamour; Christina Hendricks Joins Ron Howard Project


This week, Jon Hamm will star in The Greatest Event in Television History, while Christina Hendricks is set to lend her voice to a popular Japanese anime film. Read on for more Mad Men news:

Jon Hamm is a main player in Adult Swim’s “entertainment experience” titled The Greatest Event in Television History, according to Entertainment Weekly. Check out Glamour‘s “hot pic” of Hamm and Adam Scott from the 15-minute comedy special.

Variety reports that Christina Hendricks has joined Gillian Anderson, Beau Bridges, Jamie Lee Curtis and Ron Howard to dub Japan’s From Up on Poppy Hill.

The Guardian examines TV’s portrayal of office culture, spotlighting Mad Men‘s look at the ’60′s.

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The Mad Men Fashion File – Season 5′s Greatest Hits


Thanks to encores on AMC, we can re-experience Mad Men‘s Season 5 storylines — and its brilliant array of period costumes. But honestly, some of the characters’ outfits never left our minds. (Can’t you just squeeze your eyes shut and still see Megan’s peeping hemlines and Sally’s after-school sweatshirts?) To honor this season’s most iconic moments, I’ve selected one costume MVP for each episode. Click through to see the picks, including a scandalous cocktail dress, a retro fur stole, and (of course) the dinner jacket visible from space.


Episode 501-502, “A Little Kiss”: Megan’s Zou Bisou Bisou Dress
If anything reflects the generation gap prying Don and Megan apart, it’s her jaw-dropping performance at his birthday party. First, Megan invites everyone to the new apartment — a move that completely breaches Don’s intense need for privacy. Then she reveals her many talents with a sex-kitten performance that was sweet, sultry, and completely inappropriate in a room full of co-workers. Megan’s oblivion — and utter glee — shine through her costume, a diaphanous black dress that’s so short it nearly doesn’t qualify as a dress. Black fishnets, low-heeled pumps, and incredible Cleopatra eye makeup complete the look. (If you’d rather sing the song than wear the dress, that’s okay, too.)

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Matthew Weiner Named THR Top Showrunner of 2012; Christina Hendricks on Glamour UK Cover


This week, Matthew Weiner is featured on The Hollywood Reporter‘s list of TV’s top 50 showrunners, and Christina Hendricks graces the cover of next month’s Glamour UK. Read on for more Mad Men news:

Matthew Weiner, featured in The Hollywood Reporter‘s list of the top 50 showrunners, reveals which Don Draper trait came directly from his own life.

My Fashion Life showcases Christina Hendricks — “rocking an orange, printed dress” — on the cover of Glamour UK. Glamour also goes behind the scenes of the Hendricks cover shoot.

• Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Daniel Radcliffe calls Jon Hamm “really funny and incredibly personable,” but “also one of the best technical actors.” Radcliffe also tells The Sun he’d like to play a young Don Draper on Mad Men.

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