NY Times Cites Mad Men‘s Influence on Advertising; Jon Hamm’s Wildest Cameos


This week, The New York Times discusses the “rumblings of feminism” in Mad Men‘s fifth season, while The Daily Beast provides video documentation of its favorite Jon Hamm cameos. Plus, check out photos of Mad Men actresses — and Jon Hamm — on the Emmy red carpet. Read on for more Mad Men news:

The New York Times says it would be “nearly impossible” to write about the achievements of women in advertising without mentioning Mad Men‘s Peggy, Joan and Megan.

The Daily Beast checks out Jon Hamm’s eight “wildest” cameos, from Aimee Mann’s latest music video to Jimmy Fallon’s Emmy awards opening skit two years ago. Mann talks to Paper Magazine about Hamm’s involvement. Check out Mother Nature Network for another kind of cameo, of Jon Hamm singing “Hey Jude” to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The San Jose Mercury News chooses Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt (“impossibly cute”), Elisabeth Moss (“dynamite”) and Jessica Paré (“stunning, simple and gorgeous”) as some of the best-dressed at the Emmys. Popsugar pronounced Christina Hendricks “gorgeous” on the red carpet, while Shape deems January Jones one of the night’s fittest females. Also, In Style speaks with Jason Wu, the fashion designer who dressed Jessica Paré for the Emmys.

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Mad Men Season 5 Returns On-Air This Sunday


If you’re about to vote in the online poll deciding which Mad Men season ranks as the fan favorite but you need a brush-up on the most recent season, then tune-in to AMC this weekend. Starting this Sun., Sep. 30 at 7AM/6c, Season 5 will return on-air with its special two-hour season premiere episode: “A Little Kiss.” From then on, the season will re-broadcast weekly on Sundays at 6AM/5c with back-to-back episodes such as “The Other Woman” (in which Joan makes a controversial business decision) and “Commissions and Fees” (Lane Pryce’s final episode).

Click here to see Mad Men‘s complete on-air schedule on AMC.

Elisabeth Moss Talks Fashion With NY Mag; Vote for Jon Hamm as People‘s Sexiest


This week, New York Magazine marvels at how “tremendous” Elisabeth Moss looks at Fashion Week, while Jon Hamm is one of People’s five sexiest men on TV. Read on for more Mad Men news:

New York Magazine chats with Elisabeth Moss about Fashion Week and discovers which wardrobes on Mad Men the actress most covets — and what item she’ll be glad to get rid of.

• Fans have until Sunday to vote for Jon Hamm as People‘s sexiest male TV star.

• Meanwhile, Hamm will present an award at this weekend’s Emmy ceremony, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Mad Men producers donate a walk-on role for Season 6 to be auctioned off, with proceeds benefitting family of Scott Getzinger, brother of Mad Men director Jennifer Getzinger.

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Are You the Ultimate Fan of These Four Mad Men Emmy Nominees? Find Out!


The Primetime Emmy Awards’ big night is Sun., Sep. 23 and the cast of Mad Men is up for consideration in all four major acting categories. You know the back stories of Don Draper, Lane Pryce, Peggy Olson and Joan Harris but how well do you know the actors who bring these characters to life? For example, do you know which animated series Jon Hamm lent his voice to? Or which Mad Men co-star introduced Christina Hendricks to her husband? If you do (or you simply want to find out), play the four Ultimate Fan Games below. Afterward, challenge your friends on Facebook to see who the ultimate fan truly is.

- Jon Hamm Ultimate Fan Game

- Elisabeth Moss Ultimate Fan Game

- Jared Harris Ultimate Fan Game

- Christina Hendricks Ultimate Fan Game

Mad Men earned a total of 17 Emmy nominations this year.

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Q&A – Dan Bishop (Emmy-Nominated Production Designer)


Dan Bishop is the production designer for AMC’s Mad Men. In this exclusive interview with AMCtv.com, he talks about his Emmy nomination for Season 5′s “At the Codfish Ball” and setting up the band for Don’s surprise party.

Q: This is your fourth Art Direction Emmy nomination for Mad Men. What do you think distinguishes “At the Codfish Ball”?

A: Don’s new apartment was one of our new sets last year and I liked the way it was photographed in that episode, which is why I chose it. It was largely that, and there were certain shots I liked in the apartment and some location work that I thought looked nice.

Q: Don and Megan’s apartment has been showcased in numerous publications like the LA Times and The Boston Globe. How does it feel to know your work is appreciated outside of the television realm?

A: It makes me feel like I’m onto something! [Laughs] It makes me feel that people see it as a realistic environment as well as a compelling one — but that it doesn’t fully take folks out of the drama and that it’s recognized not just as scenery.

Q: After five seasons, you must be an expert on finding era-appropriate set pieces. Where is your favorite place to look?

A: My favorite place to look is into the head and mind of Claudette Didul, who is the set decorator, and is actually the expert on tracking down all the great stuff, knowing that it’s good, and bringing it to the set.

Q: How do you set the stage for a Don Draper birthday party, and a 40th surprise party at that?

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Matthew Weiner, Christina Hendricks Present Emmys; Vanity Fair on Hendricks at TIFF


This week, The Hollywood Reporter headlines Matthew Weiner and Christina Hendricks’ presenting at the Creative Arts Emmys, and Vanity Fair attends a live reading of American Beauty featuring Hendricks. Read on for more Mad Men news:

• According to The Hollywood Reporter, Matthew Weiner and Christina Hendricks will team up to present an award at the Creative Arts Emmys ceremony this weekend.

Vanity Fair was there for TIFF’s live reading of American Beauty featuring Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks and Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston. Variety reports that the audience reactions to the Mad Men star were enthusiastic.

John Slattery is nominated for a best supporting actor Entertainment Weekly EWwy Award.

W Magazine catches up with Elisabeth Moss, who talks hair, make-up and anticipation for Mad Men‘s next season.

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Mad Men Season 5 Interviews With the Cast – The Women


Last week, AMCtv.com brought you a compilation of interviews with the actors from Mad Men‘s fifth season. This week, you can take a look back at Season 5 interviews with the women from the show. Below is a sampling of what the actresses had to say about everything from on-set hazing to Mad Men themes in everyday life. Click on their names to read the full text.

- “Remember that wonderful flashback sequence where Don is going after the job with Roger and he’s so young and eager and ballsy? He’s Peggy!” — Elisabeth Moss (Peggy Olson)

- “She’s finally trying to get out of that Stepford Wife persona, and I think people were more sympathetic to her when she wasn’t. I’m more defensive of her now because I have to be.” — January Jones (Betty Francis)

- “[Elisabeth Moss] and I watched the episode together and I got teary-eyed. It really was a long time coming.” — Christina Hendricks (Joan Harris)

- “It was embarrassing to have to get up and do the song and dance in front of all these people that I was really just meeting. It’s like a hazing!” — Jessica Pare (Megan Draper)

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Jimmy Kimmel as Don Draper on TV Guide Cover; John Slattery Is GQ‘s Man of the Year


This week, Jimmy Kimmel does his best “Don Draper” for TV Guide‘s Emmy feature, while John Slattery takes home one of GQ‘s highest honors. Plus, check out video and photos of Jon Hamm helping to raise money for his St. Louis high school. Read on for more Mad Men news:

Jimmy Kimmel channels his inner Don Draper to appear on the cover of TV Guide‘s Emmy preview issue.

CBS News reports that John Slattery has received GQ‘s International Man of the Year Award.

Jason Reitman casts Christina Hendricks (and Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston) in a live reading of American Beauty at the Toronto International Film Festival.

St. Louis’ KSDK has a video and photos of native son Jon Hamm returning home to kick off a fundraising campaign at his alma mater, John Burroughs School.

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Mad Men Season 5 Interviews With the Cast – The Men


One great way to go deeper into Mad Men‘s fifth season is to check out AMCtv.com’s exclusive interviews with the cast. This week, take a look back at Season 5 interviews with the men of Mad Men. Below is a sampling of what the actors had to say about everything from LSD to Lane’s death. Click on the actor’s name to read the full text.

- “People recognize human frailties and foibles and f***-ups and identify with it, honestly. Superman is a cartoon character. He’s not a real person. And no one is without sin, without mistakes.” — Jon Hamm (Don Draper)

- “I think that’s what’s good about the show. Just when you think you know these people and you think you can put them in a box, they act in a way that surprises you.” — John Slattery (Roger Sterling)

- “These characters are…written in a way that extracts that character out of your soul… The writing is so strong that it’s like your bulletproof vest as an actor.” — Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell)

- “Such a massive amount of detail is put into the authenticity of every single character line’s progression. And if you dig down into it, you’ll discover answers to why Matt [Weiner] has you say things… There are clues in the dialogue.” — Jared Harris (Lane Pryce)

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