NY Post on ‘The Draper Effect’; NY Mag, THR and Variety Feature Jared Harris’ Emmy Nomination


This week, the New York Post coins a fashion term around Mad Men while Jared Harris’ Emmy nomination gets coverage (and high praise) from several major media outlets. Read on for more Mad Men news:

The New York Post examines “The Draper Effect,” or Mad Men‘s influence on fashion: “You dress for the job — or woman — you want, and not for the one you have.”

Jared Harris tells New York Magazine that his favorite Season 5 episode was “Signal 30″ because of Lane’s “too-brief moment of triumph” punching Pete.

Variety praises Jared Harris for his Emmy-nominated portrayal of Lane revealing “an undercurrent of ferocity that also spoke to something sad, broken and unable to cope.” The Hollywood Reporter opines, “If Emmy voters overlook [Jared] Harris’ subtle, startling performance, then shame on them.”

• In a roundup of supporting actress Emmy nominees, Variety compliments Christina Hendricks’ performance in Season 5′s “The Other Woman.”

Ben Feldman speaks to The Hollywood Reporter about his Emmy nomination and his favorite Mad Men moments, including Ginsberg’s “alien speech” in Season 5, Episode 6, “Far Away Places.”

Jared Harris tells Zap2it that he “kept having to resist the urge to break into a Monty Python song” while hanging from the door in his last episode.

Details speaks with Vincent Kartheiser about his character’s evolution — while Kartheiser gets his hair cut.

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