NY Post on ‘The Draper Effect’; NY Mag, THR and Variety Feature Jared Harris’ Emmy Nomination


This week, the New York Post coins a fashion term around Mad Men while Jared Harris’ Emmy nomination gets coverage (and high praise) from several major media outlets. Read on for more Mad Men news:

The New York Post examines “The Draper Effect,” or Mad Men‘s influence on fashion: “You dress for the job — or woman — you want, and not for the one you have.”

Jared Harris tells New York Magazine that his favorite Season 5 episode was “Signal 30″ because of Lane’s “too-brief moment of triumph” punching Pete.

Variety praises Jared Harris for his Emmy-nominated portrayal of Lane revealing “an undercurrent of ferocity that also spoke to something sad, broken and unable to cope.” The Hollywood Reporter opines, “If Emmy voters overlook [Jared] Harris’ subtle, startling performance, then shame on them.”

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Q&A – Christopher Gay (Emmy-Nominated Editor)


Christopher Gay is an editor for AMC’s Mad Men. In this exclusive interview with AMCtv.com, he talks about his Emmy nomination for Season 5′s “Far Away Places” and reveals the most difficult part of editing an episode.

Q: Congratulations on your recent Emmy nomination! How did you find out you were nominated?

A: Thank you very much! I have a two year old, and it was a rare morning where he decided to sleep in, so we slept in. I woke up, walked downstairs to make some coffee, and casually checked my phone. I had emails from people who work on Mad Men saying congratulations. I had a nice night’s sleep, slept in, and kind of forgot about it, which was great. It was a shock and a thrill.

Q: What do you think distinguishes the editing in “Far Away Places”?

A: Men Men, editorially, is very clean and classic. The reason I submitted “Far Away Places” is because in Mad Men standards, it’s about as flashy as you can get. There’s the LSD sequence and the three different story lines that all re-start at a certain moment. From an editing standpoint, I thought it was more of a standout episode. This one had a little more flair, and sometimes that’s what people recognize in editing because it’s kind of an unseen craft.

Q: What’s the trick to making each of those story lines have a different character’s perspective?

A: That was definitely one of the challenges — trying to be clear about things without spoon-feeding the audience. Narratively speaking, we wanted the stories of these three relations of Peggy, Roger, and Don to be their own story. We wanted to give you a little bit more each time you saw each of the three story lines so that when you got to the third one, everything totally made sense. I’ve talked to people and they’ve had to watch it a few times to fully digest.

Also, the score in the episode is pretty unique and more tonal and atmospheric than what we normally do. It’s a guide, too, that helps you feel when one story is ending and another is coming in and knowing that the shift is happening. I think the score and the sound design definitely helped guide the narrative.

Q: Is there any edit in “Far Away Places” that you’re particularly proud of?

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Jon Hamm Reveals Favorite Episode to NY Mag; Elisabeth Moss Talks Peggy’s Exit With THR


This week, Jon Hamm tells New York Magazine why “The Other Woman” was his Season 5 favorite, while Elisabeth Moss discusses Peggy’s resignation scene with The Hollywood Reporter. Read on for more Mad Men news:

Jon Hamm discusses his favorite Season 5 episode, “The Other Woman,” with New York Magazine and shares his opinion of Joan’s controversial decision.

Elisabeth Moss speaks with The Hollywood Reporter about Peggy’s resignation scene: “It would’ve been so easy to have it be tears and trauma and music, but it’s so simple, almost over before you know it.”

Variety examines each of the best drama Emmy nominees, including Mad Men. Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter assesses each nominated drama’s chances of winning, noting that Mad Men “offered a stirring, often-quirky and offbeat mix of stories.” [No Link]

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Mad Men Season 4 Returns On-Air This Sunday


If you’re about to vote in the online poll deciding which Mad Men season ranks as the fan favorite but you need a brush-up on Season 4 then tune-in to AMC this weekend. Starting this Sun., Aug. 26 at 6AM/5c, Season 4 will return on-air with its first episode: “Public Relations.” From then on, the Emmy-winning season will re-broadcast weekly on Sundays at 6AM/5c with back-to-back episodes such as “The Suitcase” (in which Don and Peggy bond overnight at the office) and “Hands and Knees” (in which Roger gets some bad news from Lucky Strike).

Click here to see Mad Men‘s complete on-air schedule on AMC.

What’s Your Favorite Season of Mad Men So Far?


You’ve been there for the end of Don’s marriage to Betty and the beginning of his life with Megan; the death of Anna Draper and the birth of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. So much has happened over the course of Mad Men‘s five seasons, choosing your favorite can be like choosing between Don’s Sno-Ball devil and Ginsberg’s “Hit me in the face” campaign.

Can’t remember what happened when? Here are some highlights from each season:

Season 1: Don Draper, a Sterling Cooper ad exec (living under a false identity) finds his life falling apart around the time his estranged brother Adam pays a visit. Agency up-and-comer Peggy Olson has an affair with co-worker Pete Campbell. Complications ensue.

Season 2: Don Draper’s affair with his client’s wife Bobbie Barrett has consequences. Secretary Joan Holloway breaks things off with boss Roger Sterling, then sees him leave his wife for the new secretary Jane. Don visits former wife Anna Draper in California. Sterling Cooper is sold to British conglomerate PPL, who install Lane Pryce to oversee their new acquisition.

Season 3: Don gets Conrad Hilton as a client while his wife Betty contemplates an affair with Henry Francis. Sal is fired after rebuffing sexual advances from client Lee Garner Jr. Don reveals his true identity to Betty, who requests a divorce. Roger, Cooper, Don and Lane are fired then start a new agency.

Season 4: Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce hits hard times after losing Lucky Strike. Joan becomes pregnant as Greg is deployed to Vietnam. Anna dies, leaving Don her engagement ring. Don proposes to his secretary Megan shortly after breaking up with agency consultant Faye.

Season 5: Don’s new wife Megan impresses her SCDP colleagues. Joan is promoted to partner at some personal cost, while Peggy leaves the company to pursue a career elsewhere. Lane’s embezzlement has tragic results.

Click after the jump to vote for your favorite Mad Men season.

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Variety Spotlights Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss Emmy Noms; THR Lauds Kiernan Shipka’s Style


This week, Variety takes a look at the Emmy nominations for Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss, while The Hollywood Reporter credits Kiernan Shipka with excellent fashion sense. Read on for more Mad Men news.

• Highlighting Elisabeth Moss in a look at the Best Actress Emmy category, Variety quotes Matthew Weiner: “[Peggy] may be a feminist, but it is unintentional (for her). She’s trying to follow what she thinks are the rules of fairness.”

Variety also credits Jon Hamm’s performance as having “set this season apart” in an article about Best Actor Emmy nominees.

The Hollywood Reporter applauds Kiernan Shipka for dressing well without a stylist: “It definitely is not every 12 year old who knows how to wear designer clothes – and still look 12.”

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1966 Trivia Game


Mad Men‘s fifth season opens in the year 1966, a time of great change at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. But are you hip to the times? Do you know which cult TV show made its debut? Or what landmark women’s rights organization was founded that year? Play the 1966 Trivia Game to test your knowledge of Season 5′s historical backdrop. Think your score is tough to beat? Challenge your friends on Facebook to win badges.


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Matthew Weiner, Christina Hendricks Talk ‘The Other Woman’; Jon Hamm on Sesame Street


This week, Matthew Weiner and Christina Hendricks break down five of the “most indelible sequences” in “The Other Woman” for The Daily Beast, while Jon Hamm is set for a visit to Sesame Street. Read on for more Mad Men news:

Matthew Weiner and Christina Hendricks talk to The Daily Beast in a two-part conversation about Season 5′s “heartbreaking” Emmy-nominated episode, “The Other Woman.”

USA Today reports that Jon Hamm will guest-star on Sesame Street‘s upcoming season, including a sneak peek photo of Hamm with Elmo.

Rolling Stone has video of Jessica Paré singing onstage with Jesus and Mary Chain at a stop on their North American tour.

• The Los Angeles Times profiles Christina Hendricks, pointing out her “casual, often mirthful grace and, underneath that, an unpretentious braininess.”

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Q&A – Teyonah Parris (Dawn)


Teyonah Parris, who plays Dawn on AMC’s Mad Men speaks to AMCtv.com about being the new girl on set and how Jon Hamm was her own personal Don Draper.

Q: Dawn is the “new girl” at SCDP, and you were the “new girl” on the Mad Men set. Were you as cool, calm and collected as your character?

A: I’d like to think I was pretty cool about it. I was freaking out on the inside [laughs], but I don’t think that came out.

Q: What did you know about the role when you first auditioned?

A: The only thing the breakdown said was, “African-American, mid-twenties, and co-star” — and that’s probably about it. My team actually called and told me about it, but I was supposed to be heading out of the country so I didn’t think I should go in for it. I thought the dates might conflict. I went in just thinking it was a very small part. I could have been opening a door for all I knew. I had no clue.

Q: What was it like to be SCDP’s first major black hire?

A: I’m excited that the office has started to integrate and explore what that is for those characters and what that means to them in their lives… There are just so many possibilities. The show is already amazing and touches on so many issues for that time period. I just think it’s great that they’re adding this whole other layer now.

Q: Jon Hamm was present during your callback, then directed you in your first episode. What was that like?

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Variety on Mad Men‘s Cultural Impact; Video of Jon Hamm’s Surprise Cameo on The Daily Show


This week, Variety spotlights Matthew Weiner and Mad Men‘s influence on social trends, while Jon Hamm makes a cameo to promote The Campaign on The Daily Show. Read on for more Mad Men news:

Variety includes Matthew Weiner in a showrunners round-up, highlighting Mad Men‘s cultural influence: “It’s inspired a cocktail renaissance, Banana Republic clothing line, limited-edition Barbies and the ‘draping’ craze. Even President Obama is a fan.” (No Link)

• Check out Entertainment Weekly to watch a video of Jon Stewart calling in Jon Hamm for comedy reinforcement on The Daily Show.

E! Online creates a photo gallery to examine each of Mad Men‘s 17 Emmy nominations. Meanwhile, viewers can cast their own votes for Mad Men at the Gold Derby TV Awards.

Matthew Weiner confirms to TVLine that Elisabeth Moss will definitely appear in Season 6 of Mad Men.

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