Hamm Is One of People‘s "Sexiest " While Slattery on 30 Rock Gets Praise From TV Guide


Jon Hamm was anointed one of “sexiest men alive” for 2010 from a magazine that should know! Meanwhile, John Slattery has also had a high profile week, thanks to the publication of Sterling’s Gold and a guest spot on 30 Rock.

People magazine has published this year’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue, and Jon Hamm landed a spot on the list.

• If you ever wanted to hear John Slattery speak with a New England accent while wearing diapers, 30 Rock has answered your prayers. TV Guide “cheered” Slattery for “his sidesplitting turn as a true madman,” and HitFix.com called the Mad Men actor “hilarious.

• Roger Sterling’s autobiography, Sterling’s Gold, hit bookstores this week, and Entertainment Weekly and Vanity Fair agree that “nobody does bons mots like Roger does ‘em.”

John Slattery talks to NPR’s All Things Considered about Sterling’s Gold, quoting some of his favorite lines from the book.

Jon Hamm guest-stars on the inaugural episode of the web series Backwash. Sporting a full beard and glasses, he introduces a “Masterpiece Theater” spoof.

• In a segment about eco-friendly living, Vincent Kartheiser tells MSNBC that he plans to have no kids. “I’ve been a vegetarian for four years and I have chosen not to have children, which are both green choices in my life,” he says.

• In an interview with Southern California Public Radio, John Slattery says he plans to adapt “Squirrel Cop,” a story from radio show This American Life, into a short film.

Fans at NYmag.com competed to coin the best Roger Sterling-ism. Sharing the winning spot is the following: “There are three things every little boy dreams of getting to say when he grows up: ‘stop the presses,’ ‘follow that cab,’ and ‘your money’s on the dresser.’”

Jon Hamm continues his comedy spree on the Adult Swim web series Children’s Hospital, in which he makes a cameo appearance.

Janie Bryant talks to the Associates Press about her new book, The Fashion File. One piece of advice? “Check the back view in the mirror.”

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