EW Hails Jon Hamm on SNL; John Slattery Talks to NYmag.com


This week, Entertainment Weekly applauded Jon Hamm’s comedy chops on Saturday Night Live. Also, see what’s been keeping co-star John Slattery busy during the off-season.

Entertainment Weekly praised Jon Hamm’s recent performance as the host of Saturday Night Live: “Hamm is more than just a handsome star willing to make fun of himself — he’s got real comic timing, and a knack for knowing how broadly to
play a sketch.”

NYmag.com interviews John Slattery about his new beard and a couple of upcoming projects, one of which he’ll be directing.

• Slattery is also keeping busy on stage during the Mad Men off-season. Playbill.com announces that he’ll co-star with Cynthia Nixon in a one-night benefit reading of the comedy Hate Mail.

According to an article in Ad Age, a marketing research group claims to have sized up Mad Men viewers’ personalities. “Creative people are 41% more likely to watch Mad Men than less creative people,” the study says. Do you fit the bill?

A Mad Men fan compiled a montage of Don Draper uttering one of his favorite words: “What?”

The Huffington Post tracks January Jones’ style choices over the past six years, from “cut-outs, fishnet gloves and belly-baring shirts to wearing Versace’s latest, futuristic frocks.”

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