New and Improved Mad Men Yourself Avatar for Season 4


Now available at, the new and improved “Mad Men Yourself” allows fans of AMC’s hit series a different way to create and customize ’60s-style digital avatars based on illustrator Dyna Moe‘s distinct style. With the latest edition of the site, you can meet Don Draper in an Italian cafe; play stewardess to Mad Men business travelers or try on 10 new ’60s-era outfits with an avatar created in your own likeness. Choose from the updated selection of ‘clothing’, ‘accessories’ and ‘backgrounds’ based on classic episodes from Mad Men seasons 1, 2 and 3. Make your Facebook, Twitter, or iPhone reflect the look of Mad Men‘s iconic characters – your avatar can have a smoke like Don (Jon Hamm), play the accordian like Joan (Christina Hendricks) or shoot a rifle like Betty (January Jones). “Mad Men Yourself” gives users brand new avatar options that are truly a visual representation of themselves as ‘Mad Men’.

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