The Mad Men Fashion File – Q&A With Lucia Mace and Lana Horochowski (Hair and Makeup)


Lucia Mace and Lana Horochowski are the two you should thank respectively for the hair and makeup on Mad Men. And now, these crew members are sharing how they styled Betty’s Roman look and how you can model your own look on the show.

Q: How did you first meet? Was it like a professional blind date?

LH: We both worked on the first season of Mad Men, even though we were department heads. We met on-set.

LM: But then we fell in love!

LH: It’s actually true. Now I can’t stand it if I’m working without her. We did become best friends.

Q: Does that make it easier or harder to work together?

LH: Oh, easier. We run everything by each other before we start working.

LM: We even do our schedules together. We even work out what time everything is happening in our studios.

Q: In this week’s episode, Betty’s hairstyle in Rome was amazing. That must have taken a lot of work.

LM: Yeah, it took a bit of time. I actually had to put a form inside
of her hair just to get it to stand up the right way. And it was
definitely all hands on deck for that one. I knew the only way it would
work is if I just built it right on January, so she sat in my chair and
we just constructed it before she walked on-set.

Q: Where did you get the visuals for it?

LM: I was looking at a lot of Italian Vogues — actually a
lot of Italian magazines! The research department went to Rome and
pulled magazines from 1963 from various archives. It was such a
privilege to have had all of them back in Los Angeles, but we had to be
very careful — they were so old and we had to give all of them back at
the end.

Q: Is a bigger challenge getting the men to shave correctly?

LM: Oh, the shaving! Yeah. We tell them exactly when to shave — Lana’s biggest nightmare was Jon Hamm’s beard!

LH: Oh god, don’t talk to me about it. And that’s an everyday issue
– as the day progresses, we’ll have day scenes and night scenes. Jon’s
beard grows really quickly — we’d do scene order based on when he’d
need a shadow, we’d tell him to shave at midnight so at 8AM, he would
have a shadow when they were filming…

Q: I imagine telling them when to tan and when to stay out of the sun is also an issue.

LM: Always. We do sunscreen them when they’re outside; we do our
best. And then the hell we go through with Michael Gladis’ beard — we
dye it, we trim it, gosh. It’s like a Chia pet. Constant grooming! We
needed a separate beard department on this show, with its own trailer.

Q: Any advice for how men can get the same kind of look as Don Draper?

LM: Obviously, if you use an electric shaver, you can get a very
precise and smooth shave. But back then they’d go to barbers and get
their shave, so if you can do that, it’s the best way. There are a lot
of stores popping up now, old fashioned barbers. It’s getting trendy.
I’d like to think we had something to do with that.

Q: And what about makeup? Can women who want to look like Joan buy it in drugstores?

LH: Actually, Revlon has their full matte lipstick line, and that
was popular back then as well. If you go to the Revlon counter at the
drug store, they still make Revlon Red, which is the truest color and
the best — it lasts forever and it’s perfect.

Q: What about for pink lips?

LH: I use Nars velvet lip pencils, and I use a lot of M.A.C because
they a really solid matte lipstick line, especially their nudes. That
was definitely the challenge because nowadays everything is gloss or
high satin finish. That’s exactly what you don’t want if you’re trying
to replicate a Mad Men look.

Q: Which everyone is.

LH: You think? Red lipstick’s coming back in, and I’m hoping it’s because of the show.


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