Season 2 Predictions in the Blogosphere


Season 1 left viewers with plenty of questions: What will Peggy do with the baby? Is Roger’s health in danger? Can Don’s secret identity remain a secret?  Since there’s basically a two-year gap between the first season and the second, the answers to those questions are anyone’s guess. And that’s just what excites writers on the blogosphere.

Roberta and Deborah Lipp, the two sisters behind Mad Men fansite Basket of Kisses, have been meticulously combing through AMC’s promotions for clues. Deborah says she’s been agonizing over Peggy’s newborn since last year’s finale. She suspects that “Pete will never know” and she also predicts that Betty, tired of Don’s philandering, will have an extramarital affair of her own. (“I can’t believe the magnificent lingerie glimpsed in the Season 2 advertising is for Don,” she says).

Roberta disagrees. “Betty will not have an affair,” she
asserts, “but she will be tempted.” She also guesses that “Rachel
will be engaged or married” and “Midge will be back, but it will be

Tim McHale of the Madison Avenue Journal has made his predictions for Sterling Cooper’s future in the ad world. He speculates that Sterling Cooper will “become somewhat isolated. The saving grace will be Peggy Olson,” he guesses. “She will constantly be wooed by other agencies, but her sense of loyalty as well as love for Pete will keep her from leaving.”

Shawn Anderson of Thus Spake Drake. was particularly intrigued by the Bob Dylan music at the end of the finale. “There’s lots of subtext to be mined from having a Dylan song play in the background,” he says. TV Squad‘s Bob Sassone, for his part, thinks that the upcoming plot will be shaped around pop culture and landmark events. “James Bond and Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show both made their debuts in 1962,” he points out. “I think we can expect to have them factor in some way.” He also says, “I’d like to see if anyone on the show is sick yet from all that smoking.”

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