Celebrate Mad Men’s Final Seven Episodes in Style With Birchbox


You’ve selected your Mad Men premiere party menu and picked out the perfect vintage outfit for toasting the end of an era. Now, Birchbox has you covered with hand-picked essentials for all your premiere night styling touches.

For those new to Birchbox, it’s a way to discover and sample new beauty and grooming products for men and women, tailored to your personal preferences. And for the month of April, they’ve partnered with AMC to curate an assortment of products inspired by Mad Men’s iconic style.
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Jon Hamm Appears on GQ Cover; TV Guide Talks Up Mad Men‘s Return

mad-men-episode-610-don-hamm-325This week, Jon Hamm appears on GQ‘s cover, while TV Guide talks up Mad Men‘s Apr. 5 return. Plus, January Jones and Christina Hendricks go on the late night talk show circuit. Read on for more:

• Jon Hamm poses for GQ‘s cover and shares the advice that Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston gave him on ending a show: “It’s hard, man. It’s hard to let it go. It’ll hit you a couple of different ways at different times.” Also, GQ shares an exhaustive list of every outfit “the most dapper Mad Men gent has ever put on, from pinstripes to pj’s,” checks out Don’s 10 best looks and lionizes Jon Hamm’s “legendary style.” In addition, GQ gets Hamm’s memories of his first job ever (as a dishwasher).

• Anticipating April 5, TV Guide declares that the series “returns from hiatus with a sexy, soul-searching, altogether satisfying episode.” [No Link] And The Hollywood Reporter adds, “The acclaimed series heads into its final seven episodes as impressive as ever, with Don’s existential angst wafting in the air.”

• Meanwhile, MTV shares what it can about the first episode and asserts, “In short, it’s all pretty great.”
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Q&A – Doug Brod (Editor-in-Chief, TV Guide Magazine and TVInsider.com)

mad-men-season-7-tv-guide-cover-325x464Doug Brod, Editor in Chief of TV Guide Magazine and TVInsider.com, talks about Mad Men‘s impact on television history; working on a special cover for the publication; and how he’s similar to Roger Sterling.

Q: Do you remember watching the pilot episode? What were your predictions when you saw it? Did you think the show was going to become the phenomenon it’s become?

A: I actually caught up with the show after it had already become a phenomenon. People had told me about the show and knew that I really love that era and depictions of that era – Manhattan, Madison Avenue, advertising – I just love that milieu. I finally caught up with the first three seasons on DVD that I borrowed from a friend and then I began watching the show live with Season 4.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about the era?

A: Totally, superficially, I love the clothing. [Laughs] I love the way the guys dress, I love the cars. I was born in the ‘60s, so I remember a little bit from my very early life. I really like the way things looked back then.

Q: How do you think Mad Men has evolved over the years, and what do you think are some of the influences it’s had on television history?

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Matthew Weiner Reminisces With New Yorker; Kiernan Shipka Talks Finale With Glamour

mad-men-episode-705-sally-shipka-325This week, Matthew Weiner reminisces with The New Yorker, while Kiernan Shipka discusses the series finale with Glamour. Plus, there’s lots of buzz surrounding the Mad Men exhibit at New York’s Museum of the Moving Image. Read on for more:

• Matthew Weiner reminisces at New York’s P.J. Clarke’s with The New Yorker and says Mad Men was about “human privacy and loneliness and distance, and trying to overcome that with love?”

• Kiernan Shipka, interviewed by Glamour about the series finale, says, “Well, it’s definitely [a] great [finale], but obviously I can’t say anything about it. For me, it’s emotional because it’s the end of the show. All good things come to an end, but on a personal note, it’s so sad [that it's over].”

• The Los Angeles Times is enthralled by several elements of the Mad Men exhibit at New York’s Museum of the Moving Image and declares that “the most tantalizing items in the show may also be the least eye-catching.” Racked calls it “simply a fascinating exhibit.” USA Today shares what it learned at the exhibit, while the exhibition triggered 10 memories for The Wall Street Journal.
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Video: Mad Men‘s Latest Trailer Featuring Alabama Shakes

Mad Men fans, get ready: the premiere is just a few weeks away.

If you need something to tide you over, start your weekend right and check out the latest trailer.

You can expect classic series moments, all wrapped up with some of Don’s best-loved lines and “I Found You” by Alabama Shakes. The song is from their last album, Boys & Girls, and if you need something other than Mad Men to get excited about this Spring, their new album Sound & Color debuts 4/21. For more on the band, visit Twitter and Facebook.

For more Mad Men video, go here.

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It’s Your Final Chance to Claim a Scene and Join Fans in Remaking the Mad Men Pilot


Have you ever wanted to share your Pete impression with a wider audience? Dress your dog as Don Draper? Make a puppet version of Joan? Well, here’s a great excuse to make it happen: Join the legions of Mad Men fans who are making television history with the Mad Men: The Fan Cut. The project is simple: the pilot episode has been divided into short clips (8-38 seconds). Claim one to recreate, and follow the steps to submit it for consideration in the final re-cut of the episode. So act now! The deadline to claim a scene is this Monday, March 16.

THR Tells Mad Men‘s “Epic” Origin Story; Elisabeth Moss on Missing Peggy

mad-men-season-7-gallery-don-hamm-megan-pare-betty-jones-sally-shipka-peggy-moss-joan-hendricks-325This week, The Hollywood Reporter tells the whole story of how Mad Men came to be, while Elisabeth Moss tells USA Today she misses Peggy. Plus, The Hollywood Reporter marks Jon Hamm’s 44th birthday with a series of GIFs. Read on for more:

The Hollywood Reporter tells what it calls “the uncensored, epic, never-told story behind Mad Men,” quoting Matthew Weiner, the show’s cast and crew and several AMC and Lionsgate TV executives. The Hollywood Reporter also features exclusive portraits of the cast.

• Talking to USA Today, Elisabeth Moss says, “I was feeling bad about not getting to play Peggy anymore. Because I really, really liked her a lot — she was a good friend of mine. As sad as that sounds.”

The Hollywood Reporter marks Jon Hamm’s birthday this week by exhibiting a “few well-chosen GIFs that showcase his innumerable virtues.”
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Mad Men Dining Week Will Feature Over 30 Top Restaurants in New York City


It’s the end of an era, but the party’s just getting started. In celebration of the final seven episodes of Mad Men, AMC and NYC & Company have partnered to present Mad Men Dining Week. Famed restaurants, including 1960s mainstays ’21′ Club, Barbetta, Brasserie, Delmonico’s, El Parador Café, Le Cirque and P.J. Clarke’s will offer guests a rare and week-long glimpse into New York City’s culinary world as it was almost a half-century ago.
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Deadline Extended: Join the Fans Remaking the Pilot Episode


The deadline to sign up for Mad Men: The Fan Cut has been extended to March 16th. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of television history.

Participating is simple: First, choose your scene. You’ll have 30 days to film your own version. Then, upload it to YouTube to submit. Up to five versions can be submitted for each scene, and yours could be chosen as part of the final Fan Cut this spring.

An exclusive tip just for the blog: If you want to maximize your chances to be featured in the final cut, choose a scene that doesn’t have a lot of other claims. The fewer the claims, the less competition you’ll have!

Jon Hamm Chats With Marie Claire; Ellie Kemper Discusses Hamm as Drama Teacher

mad-men-episode-707-don-hamm-peggy-moss-325This week, Jon Hamm chats with Marie Claire about Don, among other topics, while Ellie Kemper talks to Seth Meyers about having Hamm as an eighth-grade drama teacher. Plus, Gold Derby discusses Mad Men‘s chances at this year’s Emmys. Read on for more:

Marie Claire interviews Jon Hamm, who talks about first starting out as an actor with friends Paul Rudd and Adam Scott, and how he doesn’t understand why women like Don.

• Ellie Kemper, on Late Night with Seth Meyers, calls Jon Hamm, her eighth-grade drama teacher, “the prince of St. Louis.”

Gold Derby predicts a best drama series Emmy nomination for Mad Men, “which has also been nominated every year it’s been on the air.”
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