Jon Hamm Chats Season 7 Opener; Neve Campbell, Joel Murray Appear in Premiere

mm513-don-325.jpgThis week, The Daily Beast gets Jon Hamm’s thoughts on “Time Zones,” while Neve Campbell and Joel Murray talk to Vulture about popping up in the Season 7 premiere. Plus, Elisabeth Moss likens Peggy to The Good Wife‘s Diane Lockhart. Read on for more:

Jon Hamm tells The Daily Beast that, in the season premiere’s last scene, he thinks Don is “trying to feel… Something. It’s an image that is arresting, but it’s also a moment when he is alone.”

Neve Campbell made a surprise appearance in the season premiere and talked to Vulture, The Daily Beast and Entertainment Weekly about taking a plane ride with Jon Hamm. The New York Times examines other familiar faces that have shown up on Mad Men over the years, while People checks out Campbell’s most memorable roles.

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Mad Men’s 1960s Handbook – Richard Nixon’s Inaugural Address

madmen-701-handbook-nixon-325Richard M. Nixon was sworn in as the 37th U.S. president on Jan. 20, 1969. Earl Warren, the Chief Justice of the United States, administered the oath of office in front of assembled dignitaries including outgoing president Lyndon B. Johnson and his vice president, Hubert H. Humphrey. Nixon had defeated Humphrey in the previous November’s presidential election, and Humphrey’s loss was widely interpreted as a repudiation of Johnson’s conduct with the Vietnam War.

As Nixon wrote in one of his memoirs, peace — both domestic and international — was the main theme of his 17-minute inaugural address, which referenced the ongoing Cold War against communism, the Vietnam conflict and racial turmoil. In one of the speech’s oft-quoted passages, Nixon sampled Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural address, suggesting that good things transpire when Americans listen to “the better angels of our nature.” Referencing antiwar and civil rights protests, like the acts of defiance that took place in the nation’s capital immediately before and after the inauguration, Nixon declared that Americans should “lower our voices.” Nixon promised that in response, the U.S. government under his administration would listen better.

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Mad Men Season 7 Premiere Full Episode Now Available on


Mad Men returned on Sunday night with a bang, as viewers caught up with Don, Megan and the rest of the gang. If you missed the excitement, is now streaming the full Season 7 Premiere, “Time Zones,” online. This is the ONLY episode being made available without a log-in requirement. Future episodes of Mad Men will be available on the day after broadcast and accessible via log-in for select cable providers.


 Don’t miss an all-new episode of Mad Men this Sunday at 10/9c on AMC.

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Q&A – Elisabeth Moss (Peggy Olson)


In this interview, Elisabeth Moss, who plays Peggy Olson on AMC’s Mad Men, talks about her pride in Peggy’s accomplishments and why she believes Peggy is a better boss than Don.

Q: Thinking back to Season 1, did you ever dream Peggy would be in the position she is now?

A: Definitely not. I thought maybe she would be a copywriter, which technically she still is. Only she’s the copy chief. I never really thought that the show would go for seven seasons. None of us were thinking that long-term.

Q: Do you ever feel a personal sense of pride for what Peggy has accomplished?

A: I’m extremely proud of her. I think she’s gotten super cool and a little bit badass, and I think she’s really strong and smart. And I think I’ve always been protective of her.

Q: What was it like filming the scene in the Season 6 Finale where Peggy sits at Don’s desk?

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MM_613_realtorpost-325x200Just in time for the premiere of the beginning of Mad Men‘s final season, is giving fans a look inside Mad Men-era homes. Ever wonder how much apartments cost during the 1960s compared to today’s prices? Or how much it would actually cost a SC&P employee to move cross-country? has curated a collection of articles to answer these questions and more, including a time-capsule gallery exploring Mad Men-style mid-century homes.

Click here to get started.

Mad Men’s final season begins this Sun., Apr. 13 10/9c on AMC.

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Season 7 Premiere Gets an “A” From EW; Diane Sawyer Interviews Matthew Weiner and Cast

mm613-don-bobby-gene-sally-325This week, Mad Men‘s Season 7 opener is awarded an “A” from Entertainment Weekly, while Diane Sawyer spotlights Matthew Weiner and some Mad Men cast members. Plus, Roddy Doyle’s story in The New Yorker features Mad Men. Read on for more:

Entertainment Weekly awards Mad Men‘s Season 7 premiere an “A,” calling it “as buoyant as it is deep, light as it is layered. It is many things at once, including absolutely fantastic.”

ABC News shares a clip of Diane Sawyer’s peek behind the scenes of Mad Men with Matthew Weiner and members of the cast.

Mad Men (and Breaking Bad) make appearances in the opening paragraphs of Roddy Doyle’s short story, “Box Sets,” in The New Yorker. Continue reading “Season 7 Premiere Gets an “A” From EW; Diane Sawyer Interviews Matthew Weiner and Cast” »

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Q&A – Jon Hamm (Don Draper)

madmen-701-don-325In this interview, Jon Hamm, who plays Don Draper on AMC’s Mad Men, discusses Don’s “impetuous” side and his character’s most shocking moment of the entire series.

Q: Did you do anything different to prepare for filming the final season?

A: No, but obviously we are all different people because ten years has happened since we started this show. I was 35 when I started this thing, and I just turned 43. It’s been a chunk of our lives, a quarter of our lives. It’s a part of us. And I’ve made some incredibly close friends that I hope to have for the rest of my life, and it’s given me a career. And I can only look back on it with a respect and awe and pleasure.

Q: How are you documenting the end of the process?

A: I think what people are doing is marking things they’re going to steal. I think there is a lot of nostalgia happening. I’m not a big believer in that, though. My memories are good enough for me, and I have some very, very good memories of the show. Hopefully we’ll have some more from this final chunk [of episodes].

Q: Matthew Weiner says one theme for the upcoming season is the material vs. immaterial life, like ambition vs. spirituality and happiness. How do you compare your approach to Don?
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Count Down to the Mad Men Season 7 Premiere With a 200-Gallon Cocktail


Tomorrow, fans in New York City and Los Angeles will have the opportunity to stand next to the largest Mad Men cocktail ever created. Visit the giant highball glass at the intersection of 7th Ave. and 31st St. in New York City, and on the corner of Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles. The oversized drink counts down to the Mad Men Season 7 Premiere airing this Sunday at 10/9c on AMC. The glass drains each day as the premiere approaches. When it’s empty, it’s time to tune in! Tweet photos of yourself standing next to the cocktail to #MadMenCountdown @MadMen_AMC.

The final season of Mad Men begins this Sunday, April 13 10/9c on AMC.

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Ten Ways to Get Ready for the Premiere of Mad Men‘s New Season This Sunday 10/9c


Anticipation is mounting for Mad Men‘s return this Sunday at 10/9c on AMC. Looking for ways to keep yourself occupied until then? Here are ten ways to get ready for the Season 7 Premiere, “Time Zones.”

1. Watch trailers for the new season, including “Then and Now” videos of Betty, Joan, Peggy, and Roger narrated by the actors behind the characters.

2. Check out four sneak peek photos from Mad Men‘s final season.

3. Catch up with full episodes of Mad Men Season 6 on using your cable provider log-in.

4. Read an interview with Series Creator Matthew Weiner, who talks about watching the cast’s audition tapes and reveals his process for writing the series ending.

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Q&A – Matthew Weiner (Series Creator and Executive Producer)

Matt Weiner - Mad Men _ Season 7, Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMCIn this interview with, Matthew Weiner, the Series Creator and Executive Producer of AMC’s Mad Men, talks about watching the cast’s audition tapes and reveals his process for writing the series ending.

Q: A lot of fans are re-watching the entire series to get ready for Season 7. What did you do to prepare?

A: I planned to watch the entire show before I started writing Episode 7 [the finale of Season 7: The Beginning] and did not make it. It is a lot of hours.

Q: How far did you get? And how did it strike you watching it back again?

A: I made it through the end of Season 4, and my children are watching the whole thing right now, which is interesting because Martin, who’s in it, and Charlie’s been in it too (two of my boys), they hadn’t really seen it because it wasn’t really appropriate for them. I’m really proud of it… I’m proud of the commitment to change on the show… There’s a respect for the audience. If Sal gets fired, Sal is fired. Don is starting a new agency, we’re going to build a new set. If Betty has a new life, her husband is going to be a character.

Q: What’s your favorite obscure character or character who was only on the show for a short time?

A: There are some clients we’ve had that are just in one or two episodes. Obviously, Conrad Hilton. That was really a pleasure to watch Chelcie [Ross] again. I loved Ho Ho, who’s the jai alai client. In the first season, there’s Walter, the guy from Bethlehem Steel. It’s interesting to me to look at these actors who are not necessarily famous and even though I cast them and wrote it and even directed some of them, they feel like those real guys to me.

Q: Do you have any coping strategies to deal with stress when you’re writing?

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