EW Charmed by Roger Sterling; Funny or Die Skit Features Christina Hendricks

mad-men-703-roger-slattery-325x200This week, Entertainment Weekly chooses Roger Sterling as one of TV’s best characters, while a Funny or Die skit features Christina Hendricks. Plus, Hendricks does an interview with TheWrap. Read on for more:

• John Slattery’s Roger Sterling is one of Entertainment Weeklys 25 best characters on TV right now because he “stood out this season as his runaway daughter and lost partner forced him to pivot from hippie hedonism to personal responsibility.”

• Christina Hendricks takes on workplace sexism in a Funny or Die skit that’s a parody of Mad Men.

TheWrap interviews Christina Hendricks, who says that TV is “in a much better place than it was. I like to think Matt Weiner helped raise the bar for it with the quality of his writing.”
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Jon Hamm Appears on British GQ Cover; Elisabeth Moss Talks Tears on Mad Men Set

mad-men-707-peggy-moss-325This week, British GQ puts Jon Hamm on its September cover, while Elisabeth Moss talks to The Huffington Post about the weepy last days on Mad Men‘s set. Plus, Christina Hendricks does a candid interview with The Guardian. Read on for more:

• Jon Hamm, appearing on the September cover of British GQ, muses about Mad Men‘s ending and how the show “changed our lives so profoundly. And of course the unspoken thing is: what are we going to do next? And no one wants to think about that.”

• Elisabeth Moss tells The Huffington Post about shooting the end of Mad Men, how the “last three days were kind of like a funeral. It was just everybody crying all day long — these big, giant men bursting into tears.”

• Christina Hendricks talks to The Guardian about viewer reaction to Joan, saying, “I watched what people responded to in Joan, and she’s so many things, but I think it’s her strength, resilience and confidence.”
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Jon Hamm Food Fights on Tonight Show; Janie Bryant Talks Costume Changes With THR

mad-men-407-peggy-moss-don-hamm-325This week, The Tonight Show saw Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon spit food at each other, while Janie Bryant discusses changing fashions on Mad Men with The Hollywood Reporter. Plus, Entertainment Weekly ranks “The Suitcase” as TV’s best bottle episode. Read on for more:

TheWrap has video of Jon Hamm’s appearance on The Tonight Show where he and Jimmy Fallon “spray one another with various foods and drinks while saying words that start with the letter ‘P.’”

Janie Bryant tells The Hollywood Reporter that she loved working on Mad Men because everything was “always changing. There wasn’t really the time to get tired of a period creatively.”

Entertainment Weekly considers Season 4′s “The Suitcase” to be TV’s best bottle episode, where “Don and Peggy deliver some of the show’s best lines as they tear each other apart.”
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Christina Hendricks on Wrap Party with Vulture; Gold Derby on Robert Morse’s Emmy Nom

mm406-joan-roger-325.jpgThis week, Christina Hendricks talks with Vulture about the Mad Men wrap party, while Gold Derby spotlights Robert Morse for his Emmy nomination. Plus, Breathe Cast has an interview with Kiernan Shipka. Read on for more:

• Vulture calls for a Jon Hamm/John Slattery duet of “Let It Go” after Christina Hendricks reveals that not only was the Mad Men wrap party filled with singing musical theater, including songs from Frozen, but also that John Slattery is actually a very good singer. Bustle has excerpts from Hendricks’ interview.

• Gold Derby reports on Robert Morse’s Emmy nomination for Best Guest Actor in a Drama, which is his fifth nomination in this category.

• Breathe Cast has excerpts from an interview with Kiernan Shipka, who says “It’s been such an amazing run and I’ve had such a fun time, but to have it end, it’s emotional.”
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How Well Do You Know 1969? Test Your Knowledge With This Ultimate Fan Game

In Mad Men Season 7, Roger and the rest of the gang from Sterling Cooper & Partners witness the televised launch of the Apollo 11. But what other noteworthy events occurred in 1969? Do you know what X-rated movie was released that year? Or have a guess as to which new technology was introduced in the United States? Test your knowledge in the 1969 Ultimate Fan Game, then tweet your results and challenge your friends on Facebook.


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Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks Talk Emmys; Robert Morse Discusses Cooper’s Death

mad-men-s7-joan-hendricks-roger-slattery-325x200This week, Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks talk about their Emmy nominations, while Robert Morse chats with Playbill about Cooper’s death. Plus, Teyonah Parris speaks with The Huffington Post about Dawn. Read on for more:

Jon Hamm speaks to The New York Times about his latest Emmy nod and characterizes Mad Men‘s last day as “a bunch of people saying goodbye to characters that they had originated and played for many, many years.”

Christina Hendricks speaks to both the Los Angeles Times and USA Today about hearing she was nominated for an Emmy award.

Wired is backing Christina Hendricks for the best drama supporting actress Emmy, saying, “Just give Red the damn Emmy already! Like, seriously. Make it fourth time’s the charm.”
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Mad Men Receives 8 Emmy Nominations Including Best Drama, Actor and Supporting Actress

Today the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced its nominees for the 66th Annual Emmy Awards, and Mad Men honored with eight nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor for Jon Hamm, Outstanding Supporting Actress for Christina Hendricks and Outstanding Guest Actor for Robert Morse.  The series also received multiple nominations for Outstanding Art Direction, Outstanding Costumes, Outstanding Hair Styling and Outstanding Makeup. Mad Men reigns as the only television series in cable history to win the Emmy® for Outstanding Drama Series four years in row (2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011), continues to be the most Emmy® nominated basic drama series on television with a total of 105 nominations. Mad Men is also the only cable series to ever receive seven consecutive nominations for Outstanding Drama.

This year’s nominations are part of 26 total awards AMC received this year, with 16 nominations going to Breaking Bad and 2 to The Walking DeadClick here to read more about AMC’s nominations.

Mad Men‘s challengers in the category for Outstanding Drama Series include HBO’s Game of Thrones, Netflix’s House of Cards, PBS’s Downton Abbey, HBO’s True Detective, and AMC’s very own Breaking Bad.

Jon Hamm was recognized in the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series category. His competition includes Kevin Spacey (Netflix’s House of Cards), Jeff Daniels (HBO’s The Newsroom), Woody Harrelson (HBO’s True Detective), Matthew McConaughey (HBO’s True Detective) and Bryan Cranston (AMC’s Breaking Bad).

Christina Hendricks will compete against Maggie Smith (PBS’s Downton Abbey), Joanne Froggatt (PBS’s Downton Abbey), Lena Headey (HBO’s Game of Thrones), Christine Baranski (CBS’s The Good Wife) and Anna Gunn (AMC’s Breaking Bad).

Robert Morse was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series. His competition includes Paul Giamatti (PBS’s Downton Abbey), Dylan Baker (CBS’s The Good Wife), Reg E. Cathey (Netflix’s House of Cards), Beau Bridges (Showtime’s Masters of Sex) and Joe Morton (ABC’s Scandal).

For a complete list of Mad Men’s Emmy nominations, check out the Television Academy’s press release here.

The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards will be broadcast live Sunday, August 25 at 8/7c on NBC.

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Daniel Radcliffe on Dancing With Jon Hamm; Julia Ormond Calls Marie a “Flawed Floozy”

mad-men-507-marie-julia-ormand-325This week, Daniel Radcliffe is interviewed about dancing with Jon Hamm in A Young Doctor’s Notebook, while Julia Ormond discusses playing Megan’s mother, Marie. Plus, Screen Invasion chats about three Season 1 episodes. Read on for more:

Daniel Radcliffe talks about working with Jon Hamm in Ovation’s A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories — and what it was like to dance with him.

Talking to The Canadian Press, Julia Ormond recalls playing Megan’s mother, Marie, saying Marie’s “a very flawed floozy. I can see how Marie is sexy and elegant in other people’s eyes, but I would see Marie as kind of hilarious. She played such a lie.”

Screen Invasion discusses Season 1 episodes “Red in the Face,” “The Hobo Code” and “Shoot” and asks, “Don’t you just love Pete Campbell, that petulant scamp? No but sort of also yes?”

Bloody Disgusting reports that Annabelle, a movie featuring Eric Ladin, who plays Betty’s brother William Hofstadt, will be released in theaters on Oct. 3.

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Rolling Stone Lists Mad Men Among Best TV of 2014; Mad Men Tops A.V. Club‘s Best Episodes

mad-men-s7-partners-joan-bert-cutler-pete-roger-don-325This week, Rolling Stone lists Mad Men among “The Best TV of 2014 So Far”, while Season 7, Episode 6, “The Strategy” makes the finals in A.V. Club’s “Tournament of Episodes.” Plus, The Wire thinks Ben Feldman and Harry Hamlin should be nominated for Emmy Awards. Read on for more:

Mad Men is included in Rolling Stone’s list of “The Best TV of 2014 So Far”, beating shows like Girls, Orange is the New Black and True Detective  for the number two spot.

A.V. Club includes Mad Men’s Season 7, Episode 6, “The Strategy” in the final round of its “Tournament of Episodes” to judge some of the best episodes in television this year, going head-to-head against an episode from The Good Wife.

The Wire thinks Ben Feldman and Harry Hamlin should be nominated for an Emmy Award as an Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama.

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Matthew Weiner Chats With TheWrap & Vince Gilligan; Christina Hendricks Goes to Washington

mm-s7-joanmoments-325This week, Matthew Weiner has a conversation with TheWrap and Vince Gilligan of Breaking Bad, while Christina Hendricks is part of a White House summit. Plus, Jon Hamm poses for a “hilarious” author photo. Read on for more:

Matthew Weiner, asked by TheWrap about why viewers still root for Don, responds, “I think that’s about casting. That’s Jon Hamm – I got nothing to do with that.”

Variety reports that Christina Hendricks, participating in a White House summit on working families, said that ““in the 21st Century, the only place for a story like Joan’s should be on TV.” The Los Angeles Times has more on Hendricks’ remarks at the summit.

USA Today notes that Jon Hamm posed for the “hilarious” author photo for Poking a Dead Frog: Conversations with Today’s Top Comedy Writers, by Mike Sacks.

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