Glen and Now

Betty didn’t recognize Glen on last night’s episode — did you? To see first-hand how much the “kids” of Mad Men have changed, slide the arrows to the left or right in the images below to reveal then, and now.





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The Mad Men Fashion File, Episode 709 – The Church of Don Draper


Fire and brimstone, cigarettes and stilettos — in this episode of Mad Men, they’re basically all the same. Biblical notions of justice and vengeance come raging through Don’s life. There’s often an eerie quality to the show that hints at ghosts or spirits—but this time around, it’s a lot of saints and Satans… in satin.
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Jessica Paré Talks Megan, Don & Million Bucks; Elizabeth Reaser Speaks to Diana’s Mystery

mad-men-episode-709-megan-pare-don-hamm-325This week, Jessica Paré talks about Megan, Don and the million-dollar check, while Elizabeth Reaser speaks to the mystery of Diana. Plus, Variety interviews Michael Uppendahl about directing this week’s episode, “New Business.” Read on for more:

The Hollywood Reporter interviews Jessica Paré, who calls Megan “a different kind of character. Certainly in the context of the show there’s a lot of cynicism, a lot of pessimism and narcissistic behavior in so many of the characters. She’s kind of a light in a darker landscape.”

• Jessica Paré shares with Vulture that the scene with Megan, Don and the check was “cathartic. Every scene in this final chunk of episodes consistently felt like we were saying good-bye. Megan said something people had been hoping she would say, or see, anyway, for a while.”

Yahoo TV learns from Jessica Paré that Megan and Don’s rift may have “started when Megan decides to go back to acting and give up copywriting [in Season 5’s "Lady Lazarus"]. They were like a dream team. And she gives it up because it’s not her passion.”
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Mad Men Q&A – Mimi Rogers (Pima Ryan)


Actress Mimi Rogers, who played Pima Ryan in Episode 709 of AMC’s Mad Men, talks about keeping her role on the show a secret and putting together a tailored wardrobe.

Q: How were you approached to play the part of Pima? What was your first reaction when you heard the news?

A: I went in and auditioned for Matthew Weiner and his gang. It was an interesting situation because I saw a number of other women there and – in terms of the wardrobe and look – all of the ladies seemed to have gone in one direction, which seemed a little bohemian. I had gone in a very graphic and bold direction. I thought, “Well I either got it really right or really wrong.” [Laughs] I got to see how top secret the whole Mad Men process is because I was given my scenes, but was not given the entire script. I knew who I was going to be and what I was going to be doing, but I didn’t know for sure who I would be doing it with in terms of the regular cast members.

Q: Were you a fan of the show?

A: Oh, yes! I’m a huge fan. I’ve been binge-watching and staying up way too late at night because I just had to see what would happen in the next episode. I was totally immersed.

Q: Was it hard keeping your role a secret? Who was the hardest person to keep it from? When could you finally tell someone?

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Mad Men Q&A – Jon Hamm (Don Draper)


 Jon Hamm has inhabited Don Draper for seven seasons. Now, he gives his take on the Final Episodes, including what has — and hasn’t — changed since he first took on the role.

Q: What do you think Don has learned about women and relationships over the course of the series?

A: That maybe he’s not very good at them. I hope he’s learned that, because that seems to be what everyone else has learned. Don is searching for something and has been for a long, long time. I don’t think he knows what he’s searching for, I just think he knows he’s searching for something… and I think people can resonate with that feeling of being dissatisfied and wondering what’s at the root of it. I think that’s why we have a billion-dollar-a-year psychotherapy business — figuring out what it is that’s getting them through the day.

Q: Do you enjoy playing a character who’s unraveling?
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Matthew Weiner, Maggie Siff Talk Rachel’s Return; Aaron Staton on Ken’s Big Move

mad-men-episode-708-don-hamm-325This week, Matthew Weiner and Maggie Siff are interviewed about Rachel Menken Katz’s return, while Aaron Staton discusses Ken’s firing and hiring. Plus, John Slattery’s take on Roger’s mustache and Elisabeth Moss on Peggy’s date. Read on for more:

• Matthew Weiner breaks down the midseason premiere for Vulture and says he loves “the cosmic coincidence of Rachel coming into Don’s life. I do believe that she’s been on his mind.”

• Talking to The Huffington Post about returning to the show, Maggie Siff says there’s “something very satisfying about having your character addressed and included instead of never appearing again and floating off into the Mad Men ether.”

• In Variety, Scott Hornbacher, who directed the midseason return, compliments Maggie Siff as Rachel, who was “beautiful and compelling and magnetic in the way she needed to be to get Don hooked in his dream state. The whole episode has somewhat of a dreamlike quality to it.” Interviewed by Vanity Fair, Matthew Weiner admits to “a little Twilight Zone-ness” in the episode.
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The Mad Men Fashion File, Episode 708 – Mirror, Mirror


It’s Season 7 and Don Draper is still selling fur, smoking Lucky Strikes, and having anonymous sex. He’s still the office’s creative overlord. And he’s still kept awake by Rachel Menken.  Is that all there is? Hardly. Because here’s the thing: Although situations seem familiar, they’re actually kind of … the opposite. It’s as if we’re looking into a magic mirror, and seeing almost what we expect, but things have been flipped — they’re stranger and scarier — and that’s largely thanks to the costumes.

Let’s start with Don’s TWA stewardess, who arrives in an aqua dress—a similar shade to Diana’s old-school waitress uniform—and strips down to matching underwear. She spills wine, which looks like blood, on the carpet, then tries to clean up the mess while undressed. Megan did a similar thing last year in her black bra and underwear. Now it’s happening again… but with a blonde in blue panties, instead. (The lingering chandelier earring on the floor was a nice touch. Usually, men try to hide their mistresses’ jewelry from their wives. This time, it was the other way around.) Continue reading “The Mad Men Fashion File, Episode 708 – Mirror, Mirror” »

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Mad Men Q&A – Series Advertising Consultant and Co-Producer Josh Weltman


What would Mad Men be without advertising? Josh Weltman, Mad Men‘s ad consultant and Co-Producer, talks about the ad-making process, those memorable campaigns and how Mad Men has changed the ad industry.

Q: You have been Mad Men‘s ad consultant for all seven seasons and have worked in the ad industry for 25 years. How did you get involved with the show? 

A: I met [Matthew Weiner] when he was working on The Sopranos… When he found out I worked in advertising, he gave me the pilot to read and I was amazed. It was spot-on. I began to talk about my experiences working in an advertising agency and why I felt that people who had tried to portray what advertising is about in movies and television never really quite got it.

Q: What was the biggest misconception portrayed on movies and TV before the show?
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Mad Men Q&A – Maggie Siff (Rachel Menken)


Maggie Siff, who plays Rachel Menken on AMC’s Mad Men, talks about Rachel and Don‘s compatibility and returning to the show in little more than a chinchilla coat for Episode 708.

Q: It’s been a while since Rachel uttered the words to Don: “This was a dalliance, a cheap affair. You don’t want to run away with me; you just want to run away.” Were you surprised she didn’t go with Don back in Episode 112?

A: I think Matt [Weiner] really honored her integrity when he wrote that scene. I wasn’t exactly surprised because I knew that the arc of the character was one season. I think she really sees something about Don that she didn’t see before and she can’t live with it. If she was a little bit weaker within herself, she might have stayed, but [Matt] really honored her strength of character in that moment.

Q: You’ve talked about keeping up with the show after you left. Have you had any revelations about Don and Rachel’s relationship since appearing on the show — things that you may not have realized at the time?

A: At the time, I knew — in terms of the arc of the series — Don Draper would have a lot of women to burn through, so I was curious to see what his trajectory would be in terms of his extramarital relationships and how things would transpire with Betty. I actually have found myself to be very surprised at all the twists and turns and people he’s turned to. Looking back on it, I feel like Rachel was really a match for him in terms of strength. I felt that then as well, but it still feels true.

Q: Don has certainly had his share of love interests over the years. What makes Rachel different?

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The Complete Mad Men Fan Companion Is Here


Impeccable style, lavish sets and remarkable characters: The Complete  Mad Men Fan Companion takes you back through it all. Relive some of the most memorable costumes, landmark sets, props and more. Learn how your favorite moments were made from the creators themselves, as Matthew Weiner, Janie Bryant and more share concept art, blueprints and the inside scoop – all in one place. Discover the real story behind some of the most memorable ad campaigns and relive characters’ most defining moments with imagery and quotes.

The Final Episodes premiere this Sunday, April 5 at 10/9c.

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