Hell on Wheels Season Finale Features Alternate Take of Bob Dylan’s “I Shall Be Released”

hell-on-wheels-bob-dylan-325Anticipation is rising for the Season 4 finale of Hell on Wheels this Saturday night. Here’s one more thing to look forward to: The finale will feature the song “I Shall Be Released (Take 2),” taken from the brand new album The Basement Tapes Complete, performed by Bob Dylan and The Band and written by Bob Dylan.

The origins of the song are legendary in the annals of rock ’n roll. In the summer of 1967, Bob Dylan ensconced himself in the basement of a small house in West Saugerties, New York along with Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, Garth Hudson and Levon Helm. Over the course of several months, the collective, which came to be known as Bob Dylan and The Band, recorded more than a hundred songs, including the future classic, “I Shall Be Released.”

Several of the songs soon surfaced as unofficially-released bootlegs, but the recordings remained commercially unavailable until 1975, when 16 of them appeared on an album named The Basement Tapes. Over the years, the remaining songs from The Basement Tapes sessions haunted and perplexed fans, with the original recordings themselves representing a holy grail for Dylan enthusiasts. On November 4, The Basement Tapes Complete was finally released, bringing together every salvageable recording from the tapes for the first time ever, including “I Shall Be Released (Take 2).”

Keep an ear out for “I Shall Be Released (Take 2)” during the Season 4 finale. Missed it, or want to hear it again? Click here to listen to the song in its entirety. The Basement Tapes Complete is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

The Season 4 finale of Hell on Wheels, “Further West,” airs this Saturday, November 22 at 9/8c on AMC.

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EW, Cowboys & Indians Interview Kasha Kropinski

hell-on-wheels-episode-412-ruth-kropinski-2-325This week, Entertainment Weekly and Cowboys & Indians interview Kasha Kropinski. Plus, Anson Mount talks about Westerns. Read on for more:

Entertainment Weekly, speaking with Kasha Kropinski about her pivotal scenes in “Thirteen Steps,” calls Ruth and Cullen’s jailhouse conversations “beautifully written, lit, staged, and acted” and thinks they’re “some of the best scenes of the series.”

• Kasha Kropinski, talking to Cowboys & Indians about Ruth and Cullen’s jailhouse scenes says, “To be engulfed in that darkness is liberating, and I think gives Ruth the courage and freedom to speak her heart and her mind.”

• Anson Mount, interviewed by Key West (Fla.) Citizen, calls Westerns, like Hell on Wheels, “America’s martial arts films.”
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Hell Announces Season 5 Renewal; John Wirth Speaks With Calgary Herald

hell-on-wheels-episode-411-ruth-kropinski-cullen-mount-psalms-norwood-325This week, Hell on Wheels wins a Season 5 renewal, while John Wirth speaks with the Calgary Herald about the good news. Plus, Basket of Kisses praises Anson Mount’s acting. Read on for more:

Hell on Wheels will return for a final Season 5, with seven episodes airing next summer and the final seven in summer 2016, according to The Hollywood ReporterCrave Online, Deadline, Den of Geek, The New York Times,, TV Guide, TV Overmind, Variety and TheWrap also report on the renewal.

• John Wirth tells the Calgary Herald that it’s “really nice to be able to know that we’re working toward the end and take the time to consciously approach that.”

Basket of Kisses applauds Anson Mount’s acting because “he is conveying so much with such sparse elegance.”
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AMC Renews Hell on Wheels for a Fifth and Final Season


AMC has announced that Hell on Wheels will be returning for a fifth and final season of 14 episodes. Seven new episodes will air next summer, with the final seven episodes of the series following in the summer of 2016. The Western period drama opened up a new night of original programming for AMC on Saturday, and in its current season, is delivering an average of 3.4 million viewers on the most challenging night of the week for television.
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Zap2it Previews Next Episode; Design & Trend Spotlights Jake Weber

hell-on-wheels-episode-410-john-weber-louise-ferrin-325This week, Zap2it previews the next episode, which airs on Saturday. Plus, Design & Trend spotlights Jake Weber and his portrayal of John Campbell. Read on for more:

Zap2it has an exclusive promo from the next episode, Season 4, Episode 11, “Bleeding Kansas,” that “teases what fans can expect as the season comes to a close.”

Design & Trend highlights AMC‘s video interview with Jake Weber and notes that the actor calls his character, John Campbell, “colorful,” “fun” and “a nasty piece of work.” shares the synopsis for Saturday’s all-new episode, “Bleeding Kansas,” and remarks that the show’s “fans have been waiting a long time to get some more information” on the installment.

To stay up-to-date with all the latest Hell on Wheels news, sign up for the weekly Hell on Wheels Telegraph.

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Design & Trend Spotlights Colm Meaney; John Wirth on Season 4′s Final Episodes

hell-on-wheels-episode-409-cullen-mount-thomas-meaney-mickey-burke-325This week, Design & Trend spotlights Colm Meaney and the challenges of playing Durant, while John Wirth tweets that viewers should not miss Season 4′s final episodes. Plus, International Business Times notes that Saturdays are working for Hell on Wheels. Read on for more:

Design & Trend showcases Colm Meaney, who discusses the challenges of playing a historical figure in Thomas Durant and remarks, “I’ve never had the ego this guy had. He was driven.”

• According to CarterMatt, John Wirth tweets that Season 4′s final three episodes are “not to be missed & life changing for our characters!”

International Business Times points out that some networks have had success with weekend time slots, such as AMC shifting Hell on Wheels to Saturday nights.
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Deadline on Anson Mount’s New Movie Role; HuffPost Talks Villains of Hell on Wheels

hell-on-wheels-episode-410-ruth-kropinski-325This week, Deadline highlights Anson Mount’s new movie role, while The Huffington Post discusses the nature of villainy on TV vis-à-vis Hell on Wheels. Plus, CarterMatt believes Ruth will be the key to the show’s story going forward. Read on for more:

Deadline reports that Anson Mount has been cast in Mr. Right, a hitman action romance that also stars Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell.

• After watching “Return to Hell,” The Huffington Post reflects on “villains in story entertainment, and why they capture our interest.”

CarterMatt anticipates the show’s Nov. 8 return, speculating that Ruth will be “at the center of the story now” after shooting Sidney Snow.
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CarterMatt Looks Ahead to Nov. 8 Episode; Den of Geek Applauds Midseason Finale

hell-on-wheels-episode-410-cullen-mount-325This week, CarterMatt looks ahead to the next episode, which will premiere on Nov. 8, while Den of Geek applauds the midseason finale as one of the season’s best. Plus, check out the Hell on Wheels live action role-playing game in the Czech Republic. Read on for more:

CarterMatt reports that the show’s next episode will air on Nov. 8 and notes there are “plenty of stories left to be told for Anson Mount, Colm Meaney, and the rest of the cast.”

Den of Geek, reviewing the midseason finale, calls it one of the “best” of the season.

The Escapist details a Hell on Wheels live action role-playing game held in the Czech Republic, describing it as “an intense Western LARP.”
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Anson Mount Voices Hero of Evil Within Video Game; CarterMatt Looks Ahead to Next Episode

hell-on-wheels-episode-409-cullen-mount-325This week, Anson Mount lends his voice to the hero of The Evil Within video game, while CarterMatt looks ahead to the next episode. Plus, AMC has a video of Anson Mount describing Episode 9, “Two Trains.” Read on for more:

Game Rant showcases a trailer for The Evil Within, a video game whose protagonist is voiced by Anson Mount. previews Episode 10, “Return to Hell,” noting that with only a few episodes left, “what we do know is that there is going to be plenty more ahead that will have your jaw on the ground.”

• Looking back at Episode 9, “Two Trains,” CarterMatt features AMC’s video of Anson Mount deconstructing the episode and comments that “there was quite a bit we saw unfold…and most of it falls within the category of ‘very violent.’”
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Chicago Interviews Common; Reports on Latest Episode

hell-on-wheels-episode-408-cullen-mount-325This week, Chicago magazine interviews Common, while covers the virtues of the latest episode. Plus, CarterMatt previews “Two Trains.” Read on for more:

• Common tells Chicago magazine, “I have the enthusiasm again for making music. For some years, I don’t think I had it.” says that “Under Color of Law,” the most recent episode, “wasted no time in drawing the strings of conflict in Hell on Wheels‘ new Elam-less direction, and promised the return of that troubled gunslinging workman we’ve known as Cullen ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’ Bohannon.”

• Previewing the next episode, “Two Trains,” CarterMatt predicts the episode will be “one heck of a showdown between Cullen and Syd for control of Cheyenne.”
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