411 Mania Recommends Hell on Wheels; Common Slated to Speak at Penn State

how209-durant-cullen-325.jpgThis week, Hell on Wheels gets a thumbs-up from 411 Mania. Plus, Common will be speaking at Penn State next month. Read on for more:

• While hailing the creativity of the name “Cullen Bohannon,” 411 Mania declares, “More people should watch the show.”

Common will speak at Penn State next month as part of a distinguished speakers series, according to a campus news organization.

ScreenDaily reports that Colm Meaney will star in Sacrifice, a film to be directed by Peter Dowling.

Robin McLeavy talks to Australia’s Daily Life about her new role as a police officer in Backtrack, a film starring Adrien Brody and Sam Neill.

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