Wall Street Journal Talks to Common; Colm Meaney Praises Hell on Wheels‘ Writing


This week, Colm Meaney talks about why Hell on Wheels appealed to him, while a spontaneous rap from Common saved the day at a Hollywood event. Plus, Meaney discusses travel with the U.K.’s Independent. Read on for more Hell on Wheels news:

Common tells The Wall Street Journal that he was so inspired by the honorees at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood luncheon, he broke into spontaneous rap when a clip reel failed to play at the event.

Colm Meaney tells Female First that Hell on Wheels‘ genre and “articulate” writing, especially its dialogue, initially attracted him to the project.

The Independent speaks with Colm Meaney about his travel experiences. One thing he’s learned: “All over the world, the desires, the hopes and the issues are the same.”

The New Straits Times previews Season 2 of Hell on Wheels, which is currently airing in Malaysia.

IAMROGUE.com presents a clip from Stand Off, a film starring Colm Meaney that opened in theaters last week.

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