People Profiles Anson Mount; Mount and Common Talk Relationships With Zap2it


This week, People chats with Anson Mount about his pre-stardom days, while Zap2it compares Cullen and Elam’s relationship to the rebuilding of post-Civil War America. Read on for more Hell on Wheels news:

People compliments Anson Mount’s “rugged charm” and asks about his female fans, prompting him to reveal that, “Growing up, I wasn’t popular; I was a nerd who had braces and glasses.” [No Link]

Zap2it explores the relationship between Hell on Wheels characters Cullen and Elam, and gets Anson Mount to challenge Common to a “rap-off.” calls Hell on Wheels “well-researched, artfully written and stunningly staged,” and “packed with gunfights, fisticuffs, Indian raiders, bounty hunters, hookers and the U.S. Cavalry.”

ReelzChannel speaks with Anson Mount and Common, who characterize Cullen and Elam’s connection not as a love-hate but a “love-and-misunderstanding kind of relationship.”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune writes about rappers, like Common, making the transition to acting.

The Province interviews Victoria, B.C. native Ryan Robbins, who credits his appearance on Hell on Wheels with making this “the best year for me as an actor.”

Joelle Kupin talks to the Calgary Herald about singing “Charlotte the Harlot” in Hell on Wheels.

Guns of the Old West checks out the various guns and gear used in Hell on Wheels. [No Link]

• Check out Cowboys & Indians and Screen Rant for recaps of Season 2, Episode 2, “Durant, Nebraska.”

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