Hell on Wheels Season 1 Episode 3, “A New Birth of Freedom” – Online Extras


In Episode 3 of Hell on Wheels, Cullen makes a detour from his search for Sgt. Harper escorting Lily to Hell on Wheels, while Durant is inspired by Sean and Mickey’s stories of their homeland. Learn more about what happens by checking out the online extras below for Episode 3, “A New Birth of Freedom”:

Ten production stills of Episode 3, plus two sneak peek photos of next week’s show

An “Inside Hell on Wheels” video that takes you behind the scenes of Episode 3

A trivia game to test your memory of Episode 3

An open thread in the Talk Forum for this episode (Share your thoughts with fellow fans)

See what happens next with a sneak peek video from Episode 4, “Jamais Je Ne T’oublierai”

Also worth your attention:

Watch 5 Western movies online

A Hell on Wheels music video featuring The Straight Shot’s “Can’t Make Tears”

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