Tim Guinee Upped to Series Regular; Hell Wins Western Heritage Award

hell-on-wheels-season-5-cullen-mount-325This week, Tim Guinee is promoted to a series regular. Plus, a Season 4 episode wins a Western Heritage Award. Read on for more:

Deadline reports that Tim Guinee has been promoted to a series regular for the fifth and final season.

• According to NewsOK, Season 4′s “Return to Hell” won the Western Heritage Award from Oklahoma City’s National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum for Outstanding Fictional Drama.

• The Columbia (Tenn.) Daily Herald writes about Rick Clark, the Hell on Wheels music supervisor, and his musical influences.

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Common Still Marveling at Oscar Win; Anson Mount, Colm Meaney in Movie Trailers

hell-on-wheels-episode-205-elam-common-325This week, Common says he still can’t believe he’s an Oscar winner. Plus, Anson Mount and Colm Meaney show up in movie trailers for The Forger and Where the Devil Hides, respectively. Read on for more:

• Common tells Variety he’s still marveling at his best song Oscar: “It’s the greatest achievement I’ve had as a professional in my life. Some days I walk by and I can’t believe this is here with my name on it. It’s such an amazing feeling and I really want to use the energy and the platform to do more.”

• Catch Anson Mount at MovieWeb in the trailer for The Forger, a movie starring John Travolta that will be available exclusively to DirecTV subscribers on March 26 before it opens in theaters and on VOD platforms on April 24.

• Check out Colm Meaney at Dread Central in an exclusive clip from Where the Devil Hides, a movie that was recently released on DVD in the U.K.
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Upcoming Hell on Wheels Cast Q&A; O.C. Register Spotlights Hell & Retro TV

hell-on-wheels-episode-409-cullen-mount-thomas-meaney-mickey-burke-325This week, the Orange County Register spotlights Hell on Wheels and other TV shows with retro settings. Plus, there’s an upcoming Hell on Wheels screening and Q&A. Read on for more:

• The Sheet reports that writers and cast members from Hell on Wheels will appear at a screening and Q&A at the Edison Theatre in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., where John Wirth has a home.

• The Orange County Register spotlights TV shows like Hell on Wheels that are set in the past.

CBC/Radio-Canada reports that MacKenzie Porter (Naomi Hatch) has been nominated for a Juno Award for Country Album of the Year.

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Common Talks Hell On Wheels With WSJ; Bustle Spotlights Christopher Heyerdahl

hell-on-wheels-episode-401-swede-heyerdahl-325x200This week, Common talks Hell on Wheels with The Wall Street Journal, while Bustle spotlights Christopher Heyerdahl. Plus, Colm Meaney is cast in a Syfy miniseries. Read on for more:

• Common tells The Wall Street Journal that Hell on Wheels was “a wonderful experience for me as an actor” and describes some of the challenging things on set.

Bustle features Christopher Heyerdahl who “can’t help but be evil on TV,” spotlighting his recent role on Fox’s Gotham and of course Hell on Wheels, where “he shows his evil side by murdering an entire family, taking on the patriarch’s identity, and becoming the head of a Mormon ward.”

Deadline reports that Colm Meaney has joined the cast of a Syfy miniseries titled Childhood’s End.
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TV.com Says Goodbye to Elam, Ruth; Christopher Heyerdahl to Appear on Gotham

hell-on-wheels-episode-406-elam-common-4-325This week, TV.com says goodbye to Elam and Ruth, while Christopher Heyerdahl will appear on Fox’s Gotham. Plus, Hell on Wheels will start shooting again in Calgary in April. Read on for more:

TV.com bids adieu to the major TV characters who died in 2014, including Elam and Ruth.

CarterMatt is eager for Christopher Heyerdahl’s upcoming appearance on Fox’s Gotham on Jan. 19 and suggests that viewers watch the first two episodes of Hell on Wheels Season 4 for “a master class performance” from him.

• The Calgary Sun reports that Hell on Wheels will return to Calgary in April to shoot 14 episodes for Seasons 5 and 6.
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Hell on Wheels Voted Most Underrated Show in CarterMatt Poll; TV Fanatic Revisits Season 4

hell-on-wheels-401-cullen-mount-325This week, Hell on Wheels is voted the year’s most underrated show by CarterMatt‘s readers, while TV Fanatic takes another look at Season 4. Plus, The Huffington Post has expectations for the last season. Read on for more:

CarterMatt‘s voters deem Hell on Wheels the year’s most underrated TV show, which had “a tremendous fourth season that included wonderful performances, beautiful sets, and several emotional moments that probably had you welling up.”

TV Fanatic looks back at Season 4 and declares, “The series may be headed towards its final season, but it’s not looking to go out with a whimper.”

• On the heels of the Season 4 finale, The Huffington Post writes, “As the producers and writers recalibrate Hell on Wheels for next season, to satisfy faithful viewers they must be in agreement on one thing. There has to be a final showdown” between Cullen and the Swede.
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Five Ways to Catch Up on Season 4 of Hell on Wheels


Gunfights. Explosions. Brawls. Murders. A struggle for power. The deaths of three major characters. Cullen’s stunning departure from the Union Pacific. The fourth season of Hell on Wheels had it all. Here are five ways to get caught up on everything that transpired this season:

1. Binge-watch the entire season with all 13 full episodes online, streaming on amc.com (authentication required). But don’t delay — they’re only available until Friday, December 19.

2. Watch the Wrapping Up Season 4 video, in which the Hell on Wheels cast talk about the journey their characters have taken over the course of the season.

3. Missed something? Read the Season 4 recap or peruse the Season 4 episode guide to catch up on all of this season’s twists and turns.

4. How closely were you paying attention? Test your knowledge with the Season 4 Ultimate Fan Game, as well as Ultimate Fan Games for every episode.

5. Which episodes did you enjoy the most? Vote for your favorites in the Season 4 Episode Poll.

Hell on Wheels returns to AMC for its fifth and final season in Summer 2015.

Hell on Wheels Q&A – Ken Wills and Justin Onofriechuk (Prop Masters)

HOW-Prop-Masters-Ken-Justin-325Ken Wills and Justin Onofriechuk, Prop Masters for AMC’s Hell on Wheels, talk about replicating authentic props and the gun Ruth used to shoot Sidney Snow in Episode 410.

Q: Season 4 includes a number of new sets, including the casino, the Palmer hotel, the railroad office, and the Cheyenne Leader office. Were there any sets that were especially challenging to provide props for?

KW: I think the printing press was the biggest challenge this year, and that was a matter of having to show the actors who were working in there how to run it. We had to teach Jennifer Ferrin (Louise), and she was brilliant. We taught her once, and that’s all it took.

JO: I personally got lucky because Ken had already established that set, so I ran away from it as far as I could. [Laughs] I walked in and everything was set up for me. My favorite set was the casino because it had all the liquor in it. I enjoy doing food scenes, and a lot of props guys don’t. I enjoy serving the food, having the food look good, and watching the people actually enjoy it.

Q: Talk a little about the press. Where did you find it?

KW: We were lucky enough to have some help. Pieces were found from museums and all over the U.S. It’s original stuff.

Q: Are there any other notable props on any of the sets that fans should be sure to notice?

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Hell on Wheels Q&A – Carol Case (Costume Designer)

HOW-Carol-Case-Costume-Designer-325Carol Case, Costume Designer for AMC’s Hell on Wheels, talks about designing costumes for newcomer John Campbell and what her own 19th century attire would look like.

Q: How much have the looks of series regulars needed to change over the course of four seasons?

A: Quite a bit, actually. A lot has happened to everybody. Everybody has gone through a certain evolution depending on their status in their community or what’s happened to them. I think The Swede would be the most obvious one. He’s gone, quite drastically, up and down and has had both good and bad fortune. That’s affected the costumes a lot. Eva is a fairly good example, too. She’s gone from being at the bottom of the bottom to being a wife, then a mother, then a widow; and she’s now moving into a more independent look for herself that is her own, as opposed to the look of a mother or prostitute.

Q: Talk a little bit about The Swede’s evolution.

A: The Swede’s look was so good at the beginning of the show that we wanted to keep him in that world, but he’s a man of many disguises. He’s like a coyote, like in the Native American lore, or a chameleon. We tried to make him blend into the environment that he’s in and still give us an edge and show that he isn’t all that he appears to be. Chris [Heyerdahl] is a great actor to work with because he’s willing to put in effort and make it a special thing. We’ve done a lot of fittings and talking and we try to keep him in dark colors. This last season, because he spent time as a Mormon, his costume didn’t evolve too much, but at the end, we do find him going back towards his original look.

Q: After multiple seasons, does it get easier or harder to design for the series regulars? Do they get any input into their attire?
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John Wirth Teases Season 5 to CarterMatt; Gotham News Praises Season 4

hell-on-wheels-episode-413-john-weber-druant-meaney-325This week, John Wirth teases Season 5 to CarterMatt. Plus, Gotham News was impressed with Season 4. Read on for more:

• John Wirth tells CarterMatt that Cullen’s search for his family is “one of the things that is going to be driving him early in the season next year.”

• Wirth also talks to CarterMatt about shifting the Hell on Wheels story in Season 5 to the Central Pacific section of the railroad from the Union Pacific.

• CarterMatt nominates Hell on Wheels as one of the year’s most underrated shows, declaring that it “brought us the strongest episodes that we’ve seen to date. Anson Mount raised his game, and the emotional conflicts of all of the characters became a little more present.”
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