Halt and Catch Fire Dials Up Season 2 on Sunday, May 31 at 10/9c

halt-and-catch-fire-season-1-cameron-mckenzie-donna-bishe-560AMC announced today the Season 2 premiere of Halt and Catch Fire on Sunday, May 31 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. The series, which stars Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, Mackenzie Davis and Kerry Bishé, will pick up in early 1985 and center on the rise of Mutiny, Cameron (Davis) and Donna’s (Bishé) start-up company that is built upon the most disruptive idea of the modern era — the Internet. At the same time, Joe (Pace), Gordon (McNairy) and Bosworth (Toby Huss) will be caught up in their own “online” wave, remaking the tech landscape all around them, as they attempt to heal old wounds and deal with the fallout of Season 1. Halt and Catch Fire’s second season will explore themes that tap directly into the modern zeitgeist such as the thin line separating genius from self-delusion, the fragility of human connection, and everyone’s desire, especially in today’s tech-obsessed world, to leave a meaningful mark and do something that truly matters.

“To our passionate core audience and the critics who loved the show through Season One – we thank you sincerely for your support. Season Two won’t disappoint. We’re going to drill down even deeper into these characters we’ve created, to give you all the emotional and psychological depth you’ve come to expect from Halt and Catch Fire, while at the same time evolving the show to be brasher and even more addictive,” said Jonathan Lisco, showrunner and executive producer of the series.

AMC also released today a sneak peek clip from the season two premiere episode featuring a first look at Mutiny. The clip showcases Donna (Bishé) as she weaves through the bustling start-up office which is wired with creativity and invention. The sneak peek can be viewed here.
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Crave Debuts Season 1 DVD Clip; PC Tech Cites Halt For Digital Launch Lessons

halt-and-catch-fire-episode-105-joe-pace-325This week, CraveOnline debuts a Season 1 DVD clip, while PC Tech Magazine cites Halt and Catch Fire for lessons about launching a digital company. Plus, The Mindy Project‘s Mindy Kaling talks to Conan O’Brien about kissing Lee Pace. Read on for more:

• CraveOnline posts a video clip from the Season 1 DVD (due out May 5) where Mackenzie Davis and Kerry Bishé “explain some of the research that goes into recreating the ‘80s for this series.”

• PC Tech Magazine, talking about launching a digital company, cites lessons from Halt and Catch Fire ”one of my favorite series”, which is “about the first days of computing and how a halt in releasing your portable computer or breakthrough software would make you extinct.”

• Mindy Kaling talks to Conan about improvising a kiss with Lee Pace on The Mindy Project and how she then “pretended it didn’t happen.”

• TBI Vision reports that Halt and Catch Fire will premiere in Poland on Apr. 12.

• Atlanta notes the sheer number of movies and TV shows, including Halt and Catch Fire, currently shooting in the greater Atlanta area.

• Lee Pace tells Esquire about returning to Pushing Daisies, that “I would be totally up for it if it comes back around.”

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Mark O’Brien Talks About Joining Halt Cast; Season 1 DVD Available for Pre-Order

halt-and-catch-fire-episode-101-joe-pace-cameron-davis-325This week, Mark O’Brien talks to CBC News about joining the Season 2 cast, while the Season 1 DVD is now available for pre-order. Plus, viewers can check out full episodes of Season 1 at AMC’s website. Read on for more:

• Mark O’Brien tells CBC News that his Halt and Catch Fire character is “not really your typical technical guy. He’s very preppy, [a] very put-together guy, a clean-cut guy, which is what interested me.”

High-Def Digest reports that the Season 1 Blu-ray, which will be released on May 5, is now available for pre-order.

Game & Guide points out that all of Season 1 is now available to watch on AMC’s website.
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Halt Casts Season 2 Duo; CarterMatt Talks Emmy for Lee Pace

halt-and-catch-fire-episode-110-cameron-mackenzie-325This week, Halt and Catch Fire casts two in Season 2. Plus, CarterMatt considers Lee Pace an Emmy dark horse. Read on for more:

Variety reports that Aleksa Palladino and Mark O’Brien are joining Season 2 as a series regular and recurring character, respectively.

• Looking way ahead to the Emmy nominations, CarterMatt calls Lee Pace “our biggest darkhorse” because his “star is rising due to Guardians of the Galaxy.”

• CarterMatt reports that AMC has put the first season of Halt and Catch Fire, “a show that consistently brought great performances to the table, coupled with stellar writing and just an era that we feel is under-represented on TV these days,” online here.

• According to Broadway World, Season 1 will be available on on Blu-ray and DVD on May 5.

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James Cromwell Signs on to Halt; Gillian Jacobs Credits Halt for New Documentary

halt-and-catch-fire-episode-101-cameron-mackenzie-joe-pace-325This week, James Cromwell signs on to Halt and Catch Fire. Plus, Gillian Jacobs credits the show for inspiring her new documentary. Read on for more:

Deadline reports that James Cromwell has joined the cast of Halt and Catch Fire, where he’ll play a Texas millionaire and energy company CEO named Jacob Wheeler.

• Gillian Jacobs, interviewed by Mashable, credits a passing reference on Halt and Catch Fire for the inspiration behind The Queen of Code, her documentary on Grace Hopper, a computer science pioneer.

Hollywood.com checks in on Smallville‘s alums and notes that Annette O’Toole has appeared on Halt and Catch Fire as Susan Emerson.

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Filmoria Spotlights Scoot McNairy; OC Register Examines TV With Retro Settings

halt-and-catch-fire-episode-110-gordon-mcnairy-325This week, Filmoria spotlights Scoot McNairy. Plus, the Orange County Register examines the growth of TV shows, like Halt and Catch Fire, that have retro settings. Read on for more:

Filmoria spotlights Scoot McNairy, calling him “one of the most in demand American actors working today” and lists five of his movies that are “well-worth seeking out.”

• The Orange County Register examines the popularity of TV shows set in the past, citing Halt and Catch Fire as an example.

Atlanta magazine, reporting on upcoming filming in Atlanta, notes that Halt and Catch Fire will start shooting Season 2 in the next few months.
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USA Today Speaks With Scoot McNairy; Guardian on Streaming Halt

halt-and-catch-fire-episode-106-gordon-mcnairy-325This week, USA Today speaks with Scoot McNairy. Plus, The Guardian discusses how the advent of streaming has allowed viewers to watch shows like Halt and Catch Fire. Read on for more:

USA Today profiles Scoot McNairy, taking note that he had five movies released in 2014 “plus a starring role in AMC’s TV tech drama Halt and Catch Fire.”

The Guardian points out that streaming services have enabled viewers in the U.K. to watch Halt and Catch Fire.

Tom’s Guide notes that one of Amazon’s Spring 2015 pilots, Down Dog, features Will Greenberg.

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Jonathan Lisco Explains Halt and Catch Fire Title; Lee Pace Talks Halt at TCA Press Tour

halt-and-catch-fire-episode-106-joe-pace-3-325This week at the TCA press tour, Jonathan Lisco explains Halt and Catch Fire‘s title while Lee Pace discusses the characters’ reactions to the show’s milieu. Plus, Art of the Title is impressed by Halt and Catch Fire‘s title sequence. Read on for more:

• According to The Hollywood Reporter, at Halt and Catch Fire‘s TCA panel, Jonathan Lisco says of the show’s title that “we’re really hoping that once people know what the title means, they can invest in all the metaphorical significance of it.”

• At the TCA panel, Jonathan Lisco reveals that Season 2 will start in March 1985, Deadline reports, and speaks about plans for Kerry Bishé’s Donna and Mackenzie Davis’ Cameron, TheWrap reports. Also at the panel, Variety notes that Lee Pace said, “I think our characters would find this moment in time absolutely thrilling. The amount of human expression that happens through technology is very, very exciting.”

Art of the Title ranks Halt and Catch Fire‘s title sequence as the best of 2014′s best, noting that it starts out as “a spark blazes a trail through sheer red, scorching an idea into existence.”
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The Cast and Crew of Halt and Catch Fire Tease Season 2 at the 2015 TCA Winter Press Tour

halt-and-catch-fire-season-2-joe-pace-cameron-davis-tca-325This past weekend, Halt and Catch Fire stars Lee Pace (Joe MacMillan), Mackenzie Davis (Cameron Howe), Scoot McNairy (Gordon Clark) and Kerry Bishé (Donna Clark) gathered with Showrunner Jonathan Lisco at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena, California to participate in AMC’s panel at the 2015 Television Critics Association (TCA) Winter Press Tour. Lisco and the cast took a look back at Season 1, and also discussed what’s to come in Season 2, particularly when it comes to the show’s female leads, Cameron and Donna, and their new venture, Mutiny, where Cameron declared there will be no bosses. “Well, what happens when big decisions actually need to be made? When there’s a ticking clock on business decisions?” asked Lisco.  In the Season 1 Finale, Cameron declared “We’re the future and there’s nothing scarier than that,” and actress Mackenzie Davis has embraced her character’s philosophy, telling the panel that Cameron is “this prescient character that was seeing where things were going before anyone else could even catch their breath.”

Lisco also teased Donna’s relationship with her husband Gordon and assured the panel that she’s no mere “wet blanket wife.” “Last season… the Gordon and Donna relationship was about Donna… holding the string of Gordon’s kite, but Gordon was the kite. Well, this year we’re hoping that there will be two kites, and we’re hoping that you’re going to really tune in to see how that dynamic works.” Bishé agrees, noting “We kind of set her up in the pilot episode and at the beginning to seem a little bit like that.  And then there are some really good surprises, even just in the first episode, where you realize that maybe you’re dealing with something a little bit different.”

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Click here to view photos from AMC’s Winter TCA Tour featuring the casts of Halt and Catch Fire, Better Call Saul and Mad Men

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Under the Radar Ranks Halt One of TV’s Best; Junkee Calls Donna, Cameron “Fantastic”

halt-donna-bishe-season-1-325This week, Under the Radar ranks Halt and Catch Fire one of TV’s best shows, while Junkee advises catching up on Halt for its two “fantastic and different” female characters. Plus, Broadcast reports that Amazon has struck a deal to screen Halt on Amazon Prime. Read on for more:

Halt and Fire lands at No. 55 on Under the Radar‘s ranking of 2014′s best TV shows.

• Junkee advises catching up on Halt and Catch Fire and calls the show’s best characters “two fantastic and different female computer whizzes that continually keep the plot developing.”

• Broadcast reports that Amazon has struck a deal to show Halt and Catch Fire on its Prime Instant Video service.
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