Last Eight Episodes Arrive This Summer, Season 3 Deluxe Set Now Available on iTunes


Have some friends who need to binge-view Breaking Bad Season 3 in preparation for the final eight episodes this summer? Tell them they can catch up with the Season 3 Deluxe Set now discounted on iTunes. The season package includes 12 hours of special features, with uncensored episodes, extended scenes, commentaries, featurettes, and much more.

Click here to download the Breaking Bad Season 3 Deluxe Set on iTunes.

Bryan Cranston, Vince Gilligan Speak As Shooting Wraps; Wired Praises Jesse Pinkman


This week, Bryan Cranston and Vince Gilligan speak with a local Albuquerque publication as shooting for the show’s final episodes wraps, while Wired touts Jesse as one of TV’s best characters. Plus, Giancarlo Esposito talks about Gus with A.V. Club.. Read on for more:

Bryan Cranston is interviewed by Albuquerque’s Local iQ about his Breaking Bad role: “To have the emotional spectrum given to me that Walter White has been able to play, that’s just unheard of.”

Local iQ also speaks with Vince Gilligan, who talks about what Albuquerque brought to Breaking Bad: “I can’t imagine the show would be nearly as interesting as it is if it were set anywhere else. Just the cinematography and the look of the show.”

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Q&A – Melissa Bernstein (Co-Executive Producer)


Breaking Bad‘s Co-Executive Producer Melissa Bernstein talks about the logistics of finding the right train to rob in Season 5 and her new original series Rectify, premiering next month on the Sundance Channel.

Q: From a producer’s standpoint, what are some challenges that are unique to Breaking Bad?

A: One challenge is that Vince [Gilligan] spends most of his time in Los Angeles, because the writing and editing is based there, and we’re shooting the show in Albuquerque. The show is quintessentially Vince Gilligan; he has a say on everything from what color shoes Skyler is wearing to the make of the drill that Walt is holding. To be able to maintain that with him 800 miles away is definitely a challenge. And some of that requires us really understanding what he will respond to.

Q: What are some things you’ve learned that he likes?

A: Vince is really into wide shots, and very interested in seeing Breaking Bad as a modern Western. In casting, he likes real faces, and in the set design and locations he likes things you don’t ordinarily see on television. Callbacks are another thing: the color blue for Skyler, the color green for Walt — things that can go full circle in the series and speak to the thematics of the show.

Q: What are some of the riskier and more dangerous shots that you’ve green-lit for the show?

A: It’s something you take very seriously as a producer and it’s terrifying to put anybody’s life at risk. In the Season 3 Premiere, where the cousins blow up the truck, that sequence was really scary. In the “Fly” episode in Season 3, Walt falls from the top level of the superlab down and hits a piece of equipment, and that was a real stunt guy. That was quite a fall and he absolutely could have hurt himself. Things with cars are also really dangerous. At the end of the day, as much as we’re proud of it, it’s still a television show and you want everybody to live.

Q: You’re producing the original series Rectify for AMC’s sister network, Sundance Channel. Do you see any similarities between that show and Breaking Bad?

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Breaking Bad‘s Producers Helm New Original Series Rectify on Sundance Channel


Breaking Bad Executive Producers Melissa Bernstein and Mark Johnson are cooking up a brand new series for AMC’s sister network, Sundance Channel: Rectify, a six-episode hour-long series, created and written by Ray McKinnon (The Accountant, That Evening Sun, Mud) is set to debut on Mon., Apr. 22 at 10/9c.

The series follows Daniel Holden (Aden Young), who is released after nearly 20 years of complete isolation on Death Row and returns as an outsider to his family, to his community, and to the times. He survived the mental and emotional strain of his imprisonment, but now the walls have suddenly come crumbling down and Daniel is set free in a world he no longer understands.

Daniel’s unexpected presence not only throws his family into disarray, it ripples out to all the people connected to his case — the prosecutor who rode the notoriety to become a State Senator, the Sheriff who pushed the boundaries of the investigation, and the entire town of Paulie, GA, that blamed him for killing one of their own. Like a deadly spark, Daniel’s release reignites the mystery, the power plays, and the questionable justice that condemned him.

Also starring in Rectify alongside Aden Young (Killer Elite, The Tree) as Daniel Holden are Abigail Spencer (Cowboys and Aliens, Oz the Great and Powerful), who portrays Amantha Holden, Daniel Holden’s younger sister who believes completely in his innocence and has devoted her entire adult life to securing his release; J. Smith Cameron (True Blood, Margaret) who plays Janet Talbot, Daniel’s loving mother, who has been living with the impending death of her son for nineteen years, and who long ago had made peace with the loss of her son, giving up on any hope for his release; Luke Kirby (Take This Waltz, Slings and Arrows) tackles the role of Jon Stern, Daniel’s lawyer who works for an organization dedicated to exonerating the wrongfully convicted; Clayne Crawford (A Walk to Remember) portrays Ted Talbot, Jr., Daniel’s stepbrother whom he had never previously met; and Adelaide Clemens (Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, The Great Gatsby) plays Tawney Talbot, Ted’s kind-hearted wife; Bruce McKinnon (The Way Home) as Daniel’s step father Ted Sr.; Jake Austin Walker (The Chaperone) as Daniel’s half brother Jared; Michael O’Neill (Transformers) as Senator Roland Foulkes; and Hal Holbrook (Into the Wild) as Rutherford Gaines, Daniel’s former attorney.

Click here to learn more about Sundance Channel’s original series Rectify

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AP on Albuquerque’s Breaking Bad Tourism Jump; Jesse’s Toyota for Sale


This week, The Associated Press discusses Albuquerque’s Breaking Bad-driven tourism jump, while Jesse’s Toyota is now for sale. Plus, Indiewire features a Season 3 video essay. Read on for more:

The Associated Press says Breaking Bad is responsible for Albuquerque seeing an “unexpected jump in tourists visiting popular sites from the show.”

TMZ reports that Jesse’s 1984 Toyota Tercel is for sale at an Albuquerque car dealership.

Indiewire spotlights a Breaking Bad Season 3 video essay, noting that the TV show is “filmed so as to be as suggestive–as potentially rich with meaning–as possible.”

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Q&A – Michael Slovis (Director of Photography)


Breaking Bad‘s longtime cinematographer and episode director Michael Slovis talks about directing the cast for the last time and his favorite shot ever in the show’s history.

Q: Now that you’re shooting the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad, are you starting to feel pressure?

A: Well there’s a lot of pressure from many directions that we actually haven’t felt before on the set. This set is a very congenial easy-going place to work for the most part. The last eight episodes, however, are bigger-conceived, bigger stories — there’s a lot more action. There is also a wistfulness running through the cast and the crew right now, that indeed we are in the last episodes and that after this we’re going to go our separate ways.

Q: As a cinematographer, are you approaching these last eight episodes in any different visual way than you have the previous four seasons?

A: Vince and I have always talked about a descent into darkness. And in terms of an overall palette it’s really dark. It doesn’t mean you don’t see stuff. It means that there are a lot of blacks in the frame; it’s contrast. One of the advantages of shooting a show for five or six years is that we know who these characters are. So I don’t need to light their faces up all the time. If a bald head that’s around six foot walks into a room, you know it’s Walt. We all know who these people are, so it gives me a lot more freedom than I may otherwise have.

Q: Over the years Breaking Bad has become known for its signature shots — its desert vistas, its POV shots. Do you have a checklist for what you need to pay tribute to before the series ends?

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Gold Derby on Aaron Paul’s Emmy Odds; THR on the Camera Operator of the Year Award Win


This week, Gold Derby assesses Aaron Paul’s chances of nabbing a third Emmy, while The Hollywood Reporter covers Andrew Voegeli’s win as camera operator of the year. Plus: asks 10 questions about the rest of the series. Read on for more:

Gold Derby asks whether Aaron Paul can win Emmy No. 3 this year and puts his odds of repeating at 19 to 10. eagerly anticipates Breaking Bad‘s return and poses 10 “key questions that are probably on all of our minds” — such as “How will the vial of ricin come into play?”

The Hollywood Reporter covers Andrew Voegeli‘s camera operator of the year in television win for his work on Breaking Bad.

The Albuquerque Journal reports that Albuquerque Studios and Youth Development Inc. are partnering for a fundraiser where the grand prize is a visit to the Breaking Bad set.

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MediaPost Touts Vince Gilligan as Showrunner; Mercury News on Binge-Watching Breaking Bad


This week, MediaPost touts Vince Gilligan as one of TV’s best showrunners, and the San Jose Mercury News advises binge-watching Breaking Bad. Plus, Gold Derby wonders if Bryan Cranston will get a fourth Emmy this year. Read on for more:

MediaPost says the rise of cable has helped usher in a second golden age of TV and notes that it’s “no coincidence that the greatest shows have the best showrunners,” citing Vince Gilligan as an example.

The San Jose Mercury News suggests binge-watching Breaking Bad, calling it a show that “many consider to be the best show going.”

Gold Derby speculates whether Bryan Cranston will win his fourth best drama actor Emmy this year.

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Video – First Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Final 8 Episodes of Breaking Bad


Here’s a first look video from the Breaking Bad set in Albuquerque, where Bryan Cranston  promises “a roller-coaster ride to hell” for the final eight episodes. Costars Aaron Paul and Dean Norris meanwhile hint at upcoming showdowns. “You better like it!” Paul declares. Check it out.

Breaking Bad returns with the final episodes Summer 2013 on AMC.

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Whose Line Was That Anyway? Play the Breaking Bad Quotes Game to Find Out


Think you’re a pro when it comes to who said what throughout all five seasons of Breaking Bad? Know which character told Walt, “If you’re going to buy me off, buy me off,” or who delivered the one-liner: “Chick’s got an ass like an onion…makes me want to cry”? Play the Breaking Bad Quotes Ultimate Fan Game to find out how sharp your recall is. Afterward, challenge your friends on Facebook to win badges.


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