Breaking Bad Named Best of 2012 by The Hollywood Reporter, EW, Salon, Wired and More


This week, Breaking Bad is named the best TV show of 2012 by The Hollywood Reporter and is considered one of the best by several other publications, including Entertainment Weekly, Salon, Wired and more. Plus, Slate cites the boy on the motorbike in Episode 5 as a pivotal moment for the drama. Read on for more:

Breaking Bad is The Hollywood Reporter‘s top show of the year: “It is by far the most consistently great drama, episode-to-episode, season-to-season, of any show on television.”

Entertainment Weekly rates Breaking Bad the year’s No. 2 show, describing it as “a series that winds its tension ever tighter and tighter.”

Salon‘s Blue Glow Awards ranks Breaking Bad at No. 3, noting, “No series has ever snatched a character away from an audience that loved him and then made that character so irredeemable. None.”

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What’s Got Your Attention in the DEA Interactive Evidence Board for Breaking Bad


In Season 5, Hank has been piecing together Gustavo Fring’s criminal empire with an intricate display of photos, evidence and other clues. The question at hand: Who is Heisenberg? Of course, Breaking Bad fans already know what Hank is beginning to realize — that his man is much closer to home. Below is a list of the most-viewed items from the Interactive Evidence Board on as well as some of Hank’s case notes on each.

1. Gustavo Fring
- Chilean National
- Co-Owner of Los Pollos Hermanos
- Deceased (Casa Tranquila explosion)

2. Ron Forenall
- Foreman at Madrigal’s chemical shipping hub, Houston
- Arranged shipments to Duane Chow’s chemical depot
- In custody

3. Mike Ehrmantraut
- Head of Corporate Security for Los Pollos Hermanos
- Private Investigator and former Philadelphia P.D. officer
- Offshore account for 2 million dollars held in his granddaughter’s name, set up by Gustavo Fring. No activity in the account

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Stephen King and Time Call Breaking Bad One of Year’s Best; Aaron Paul Chats With GQ


This week, Stephen King and Time call Breaking Bad one of the year’s best shows, while Aaron Paul chats with GQ about savoring the drama’s scripts. Plus, Stephen Colbert engineers a Breaking Bad/Downton Abbey crossover. Read on for more:

• In Entertainment Weekly, Stephen King rates Breaking Bad the No. 2 TV show in 2012. (No link)

One of Time‘s best shows of the year is Breaking Bad, which “proved that a series could make a character wholly despicable yet utterly fascinating.”

Aaron Paul tells GQ how he savors each new Breaking Bad script because “the faster I rush through it, the faster it ends — and I want to make it last as long as possible.”

HitFix highlights Breaking Abbey, Stephen Colbert’s homage to Breaking Bad and Downton Abbey: “It’s a fun spoof, and what makes it work is how much it follows what we know about both shows.” TVLine speculates, “Either the Albuquerque drug scene has gotten really civilized, or Downton Abbey is in worse shape than we thought.”

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How Well Do You Know Aaron Paul? Play This Ultimate Fan Game to Find Out


You’ve seen him high, sober and relapsed. You’re aware of his fondness for Funyuns and his soft spot for kids. You repeat his catchphrases. You know Jesse Pinkman. But how well do you know Aaron Paul, the guy who plays him? Do you recall which TV show gave him his big break? Or which season of Breaking Bad earned him his first Emmy? Play the Aaron Paul Ultimate Fan Game to find out.

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Bryan Cranston Talks to Deadline; Breaking Bad One of The Associated Press‘s Top TV Moments


This week, Bryan Cranston talks to Deadline about Breaking Bad and Argo, while Breaking Bad is included in The Associated Press‘s top TV moments this year. Plus, The Washington Post ranks the drama as the top TV show of 2012. Read on for more:

Bryan Cranston speaks with Deadline about Argo and how Breaking Bad “has opened up the level of opportunity for me, and I couldn’t be more appreciative.”

Breaking Bad is included in The Associated Press‘ top 10 TV moments of the year: “It’s notable not only for how twisted, funny and shocking it is, but also for how it keeps on upping the ante.”

The Washington Post names Breaking Bad the best TV show of 2012 (followed by Mad Men at No. 2 and The Walking Dead at No. 3). The Huffington Post also ranks Breaking Bad (“dark, restrained and impeccably made”) among the year’s 10 best TV shows. (Mad Men made the list too.)

Entertainment Weekly ranks Walt vs. Mike in its list of 2012′s best TV feuds, noting it will only be consoled by Mike’s death if Jonathan Banks “gets an Emmy to match Cranston’s three statuettes.”

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Breaking Bad Lands Two Golden Globe Nominations


Today the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced its nominees for the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards, and Breaking Bad was honored with two nominations in the Best Drama, and Best Actor categories.

In the Best Drama category, Breaking Bad faces formidable competition: HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and The Newsroom, PBS’s Downton Abbey and Showtime’s Homeland are also nominated for the award.

In his third nomination in this category, Bryan Cranston’s competition for Best Actor in a Drama Series is no less fierce: Boardwalk Empire‘s Steve Buscemi, The Newsroom‘s Jeff Daniels, Homeland‘s Damian Lewis and Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm are also nominated. (Click here to read more about Mad Men‘s nomination.)

The awards will be announced at a ceremony broadcast live from the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles on Sun., Jan. 13 on NBC at 8/7c.

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Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston Land Screen Actors Guild Nominatons


Today the Screen Actors Guild announced their nominees for the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild awards, and Breaking Bad was honored with two nominations: one for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series and a another for Bryan Cranston in the male actor category.

In its second nomination in the ensemble category, the cast of Breaking Bad faces formidable competition for the award: the casts of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, the PBS’s Downton Abbey, Showtime’s Homeland and AMC’s own Mad Men are also nominated.

Bryan Cranston, in his third SAG nomination for Breaking Bad, faces Boardwalk Empire‘s Steve Buscemi, The Newsroom‘s Jeff Daniels, Homeland‘s Damien Lewis and Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm for the award.

Click here to read more about Mad Men’s SAG award nominations.

The SAG Awards will simulcast on Sun. Jan. 27 on TNT and TBS at 8/7c.

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AFI Honors Breaking Bad as Outstanding TV Show for 2012


AFI lauded Breaking Bad as one of its Television Programs of the Year for 2012, marking the fourth time that the AMC drama has appeared in the American Film Institute’s almanac. The awards were created as a way to preserve and honor America’s cultural legacy in the moving image arts. Also recognized in the Television Programs of the Year category were two other shows from AMC — Mad Men and The Walking Dead — as well as American Horror Story (FX), Game Change (HBO), Game of Thrones (HBO), Girls (HBO), Homeland (Showtime), Louie (FX) and Modern Family (ABC). AFI’s Movies of the Year for 2012 were Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild, The Dark Knight Rises, Django Unchained, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Moonrise Kingdom, Silver Linings Playbook, and Zero Dark Thirty.

The AFI will celebrate the honorees at a luncheon on Fri., Jan. 11.

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Photos – Behind the Scenes of Breaking Bad Season 5 (So Far)


Curious to see what went into the making of the first eight episodes of Breaking Bad Season 5? These ten behind-the-scenes photos show what happens between takes. How does Aaron Paul stay cool while shooting in the desert? How did Anna Gunn stay underwater so long? Consider this your virtual backstage pass.


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Breaking Bad Nabs Five Writers Guild Award Nominations


The Writers Guild of America has announced its nominees for the 2013 Writers Guild Awards and Breaking Bad was honored with a total of five nominations for Best Drama Series as well as four individual episode nominations.

The nominations are part of 7 garnered by AMC this year, with Mad Men earning nods for Best Drama series and Best Episodic Drama. (Click here to read more about Mad Men‘s nominations.)

For the Best Drama award, Breaking Bad and Mad Men face formidable competition: HBO’s Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire, and Showtime’s Homeland are also nominated.

Breaking Bad earned four of the six Episodic Drama nominations for the Season 5 episodes  “Fifty-One”, written by Sam Catlin; “Dead Freight,” written by George Mastras; “Buyout,” written by Gennifer Hutchison; and “Say My Name,” written by Thomas Schnauz. Also nominated in the category are Mad Men‘s Season 5 episode “The Other Woman,” written by Semi Chellas and Matthew Weiner; and Homeland‘s “New Car Smell,” written by Meredith Stiehm.

The awards will be presented during simultaneous ceremonies in Los Angeles and New York on Sun., Feb. 17.

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