Last Chance to Check Out Breaking Bad Story Sync This Sunday 10/9c


There’s only one Breaking Bad episode left in 2012, which means this is your last chance to check out Breaking Bad Story Sync — a live two-screen experience that allows you to vote in snap polls, answer cool trivia questions, and re-live tense moments via video clips during the initial broadcast of the week’s episode. Were you shocked by Mike’s murder? Did you disagree with Walt’s decision to bring Todd on as a lab assistant? Story Sync lets you weigh in. Plus, it lets you know how many felonies have been committed in any given episode so you don’t have to keep tabs yourself.

What are you waiting for? The last Story Sync of 2012 begins this Sunday with Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 8, “Gliding Over All” at 10/9c and 10PT. Log on to via your tablet, mobile device, laptop or desktop then tune in to AMC for the broadcast. The rest will take care of itself.

Click here to participate in Breaking Bad Story Sync.

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• Javascript is enabled on your Internet browser
• Your Internet browser is up to date (Sync will not work in Internet Explorer 6 or 7)
• You have a strong Internet connection
• Your computer clock is set to the correct time zone

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