The Breaking Bad Cast: Before and After


Are you eager to see more of the characters from Breaking Bad? Well, here’s your chance to at least catch up with the actors who portray them. 

Bryan Cranston: Most famous for his role as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle, the versatile character actor has a long resume stretching back to his first role his first small screen role in CHiPS in 1982. His career highlights include a recurring role as a dentist on Seinfeld, a one armed Colonel in Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan, and as Buzz Aldrin in HBO’s From the Earth to the Moon. Cranston is currently filming Love Ranch, Taylor Hackford’s drama about the couple that opened the first legal brothel in Nevada. Cranston will be playing a senator who gets entangled in the couple’s controversial affairs. Click here to read Bryan Cranston’s bio.

Aaron Paul: Breaking Bad‘s Jesse has been appearing in film and television roles since 1998; his most notable recent appearance prior to Breaking Bad was a recurring part in the second season of HBO’s Big Love. You can also catch Paul in two films set for release later this year: John Mallory Asher’s horror film Twisted and David VonAllmen’s comedy Say Goodnight. Click here to read Aaron Paul’s bio.

Anna Gunn: Prior to playing Skyler, Gunn built a distinguished acting career onstage and in cultishly revered shows like NYPD Blue and Deadwood. She has also appeared in the major motion pictures Without Evidence, Nobody’s Baby, and Enemy of the State. Click here to read Anna Gunn’s bio.

Dean Norris: Before appearing as Hank (the loud-mouthed DEA), Dean Norris had roles in a string of major movies including The Heartbreak Kid, Little Miss Sunshine, and Evan Almighty. Norris will be appearing in Linewatch, a drama from Kevin Bray that stars Cuba Gooding Jr. as a border patrol agent grappling with a violent past. Linewatch is slated for release this August. Click here to read Dean Norris’ bio.

Betsy Brandt: Brandt’s resume, like Gunn’s, features a lot of theater but she also starred in the Hallmark movie Back When We Were Grownups and appeared in guest-starring roles on many popular series such as Boston Legal, CSI, NCIS, ER and JAG. She was a recurring guest star in the CBS show Without a Trace. Click here to read Betsy Brandt’s bio.

RJ Mitte: RJ Mitte’s role as Walter, Jr. is the first major credit for the young actor who has previously appeared in episodes on the hit shows Grey’s Anatomy and Hannah Montana. While Mitte was born with cerebral palsy, the part of Walter, Jr. was still a considerable challenge. He had to relearn some of the physical demands of cerebral palsy that he had overcome thanks to years of therapy. Click here to read RJ Mitte’s bio.

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