EW Talks “Ozymandias” With Writer, Director; Bryan Cranston’s One-Man Baseball Show

breaking-bad-episode-514-walt-cranston-holly-325This week, Entertainment Weekly talks to Rian Johnson and Moira Walley-Beckett about the triumph of “Ozymandias,” while Bryan Cranston does a faux one-man show ahead of baseball’s post-season. Plus, Anna Gunn discusses the difference between Skyler and her Gracepoint character. Read on for more:

• Moira Walley-Beckett and Rian Johnson chat with Entertainment Weekly about Season 5, Episode 14, “Ozymandias,” an “hour of punishing and mesmerizing television.”

• “We could think of no finer use for Bryan Cranston’s talents, post-Breaking Bad, than a video that is almost six minutes where he performs a fake one-man show to promote MLB’s postseason,” Sporting News says of the TBS promotion.

• Talking to Access Hollywood about her character on FOX’s Gracepoint, Anna Gunn points out that “Skyler had to be kind of shut down a bit… but Ellie, she’s an open book and she’ll tell you what she thinks, good or bad, and she’s got vulnerability but she’s also really tough.” OnMilwaukee.com describes Gracepoint as “by far one of the most promising new shows this fall,” partly because of Gunn’s presence, while TV Overmind calls Gracepoint a must-watch because “the magnificent Anna Gunn” is one of the stars.
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Aaron Paul is Cosmo‘s Main Celebrity Crush; What RJ Mitte Took From Bad‘s Set

Episode-402-Jesse-Couch-325.jpgThis week, Aaron Paul has been deemed Cosmopolitan‘s main celebrity crush, while RJ Mitte tells the New York Post what he took from Breaking Bad‘s set. Plus, Anna Gunn’s recent Emmy win upped her Variety Vscore. Read on for more:

Cosmopolitan proclaims that Aaron Paul has “officially superseded Ryan Gosling as our Main Celeb Crush.”

• RJ Mitte reveals to the New York Post that his souvenir from the Breaking Bad set was Walt, Jr.’s crutches.

• Anna Gunn’s Vscore (a method of analyzing celebrity star power) was on the rise after her Emmy win, according to Variety.
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TV Guide Lauds Bryan Cranston’s Emmy Win; Washington Post Praises Skyler

breaking-bad-514-walt-cranston-skyler-gunn-325This week, TV Guide applauds Bryan Cranston’s Emmy triumph, while The Washington Post thinks Anna Gunn’s performance as Skyler changed television. Plus, Aaron Paul shows up on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Read on for more:

TV Guide mega-raves, “While his win was a bit of a shock, I couldn’t be happier that the TV Academy decided to honor Bryan Cranston one last time for his stunning work during Breaking Bad‘s homestretch.”

The Washington Post praises Anna Gunn’s Emmy win because her performance as Skyler marks the end of a time when shows “could get away with writing anti-heroes’ wives as flat, cartoonish characters, or when audiences could get away with worshiping difficult men without encountering strong opposition.”

TheWrap shares a video of Aaron Paul on Jimmy Kimmel Live talking about his pre-Emmys Breaking Bad scavenger hunt, while The Daily Caller features clips of Paul in the same interview discussing his birth on a bathroom floor and receiving a Run-D.M.C. outfit for his latest Emmy.
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Bad Triumphs at Emmys; Aaron Paul Talks with EW on Emmy Wins and Goodbyes

breaking-bad-aaron-paul-vince-gilligan-emmys-325This week, Breaking Bad triumphs at the Emmys, while Aaron Paul tells Entertainment Weekly that the Breaking Bad Emmys sweep is a “damn good” goodbye. Plus, The Hollywood Reporter gathers acclaimed TV creators, Vince Gilligan among them, to talk about their time in television.

The New York Times reports that Breaking Bad “scored big” at the Emmys, with its second consecutive best drama prize and wins for Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul and Moira Walley-Beckett (for writing Season 5, Episode 14,”Ozymandias”). Vince Gilligan tells the Los Angeles Times that “when Aaron won and then when Anna won and Bryan won I thought, ‘Well hell, we might have a real chance here tonight.’”

• Aaron Paul tells Entertainment Weekly that it’s “an embarrassment of riches, being involved in something as special as Breaking Bad. This is probably one of the longest goodbyes in television history—and it’s a damn good one.”

• The Hollywood Reporter gathers 24 of TV’s most acclaimed creators, such as Vince Gilligan, who offers this advice: ”A good lesson I learned a while back was: pitch something you believe in. Even though it will be more heartbreaking when they say no, on the off chance they say yes, then you’re stuck doing it.”
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Breaking Bad Wins Five Primetime Emmy Awards, Including Outstanding Drama Series


Breaking Bad was honored with five wins at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards tonight, taking home the top prize for Outstanding Drama Series, as well as awards for Outstanding Lead Actor, Outstanding Supporting Actor, Outstanding Supporting Actress and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series.

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Eight Ways to Get Ready for Saul Goodman on the Breaking Bad Binge This Sunday at 5/4c


Lawyer up! Saul Goodman, Walt and Jesse’s shady lawyer extraordinaire, will make his first appearance on the Breaking Bad Binge this weekend, during Season 2, Episode 8, “Better Call Saul” on Sunday, August 24 at 5/4c. Can’t wait until then to catch up with Saul? Check out these quizzes, videos and more…

1. Saul is probably best known for his quips against even the most hardened criminals. Think you can remember them? Test your knowledge with this Saul Goodman Quotes Quiz.

2. What’s your favorite Saul line? Vote for your number one here and see where it ranks on the list.
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Get More Saul Goodman with the Breaking Bad Binge Companion


Saul Goodman makes his debut this Sunday during the third week of the Breaking Bad Binge marathon, which will feature seven episodes back-to-back starting at 5/4c: Season 2 Episode 8, “Better Call Saul” through Season 3 Episode 1, “No Mas”. During the binge, you can get even more Saul by exploring the Binge Companion, an immersive experience for mobile phones, tablets and desktops that lets you interact with the Breaking Bad saga via videos, polls and more. Want more infographics like the one above? Check out the Breaking Bad Binge Companion here.

The Breaking Bad Binge airs Sundays at 5/4c.

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Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul Reunite for Emmy Promo; Paul Tells Guardian About Playing Jesse

breaking-bad-511-jesse-paul-325This week, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunite for an Emmy promo video called Barely Legal Pawn, while Paul talks to The Guardian about his love for Jesse. Plus, the show’s editor wins an Emmy. Read on for more:

• Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunite — and are joined by Julia Louis-Dreyfus — for “a hilarious video,” according to E!, where the Emmy winners appear in “the crossover we never knew we wanted, but always needed.” The Huffington Post recommends watching until the end because “the last line is the best part.”

• Aaron Paul tells The Guardian, “I love Jesse. I loved playing him, I miss him. My favorite job hands down – and I think I can speak for everyone involved – was Breaking Bad.”

• According to The Hollywood Reporter, Breaking Bad‘s editor, Skip MacDonald, earned his first Emmy and said on stage, “This is the perfect way to end the run of the show.”
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Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Open the Barely Legal Pawn Shop Just in Time for the Emmys


The Emmys are coming up next Monday, August 25th, but it looks like Emmy nominees Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul might be getting their hands on a golden statuette a little early in this new video. Cranston and Paul star as Buzz and Randy Jackson, who deal in “the unique, the unusual and the barely legal” at the Barely Legal Pawn Shop. When Julia Louis-Dreyfus walks in to pawn off her Supporting Actress Emmy, she gets more than she bargained for trying to convince our favorite former meth cooks how valuable it is.



Tune in to the Breaking Bad Binge every Sunday at 5/4c.

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Breaking Bad Wins a Creative Arts Emmy Award for Best Single-Camera Editing


At Sunday night’s Creative Arts Emmy Awards, Breaking Bad won the award for Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For a Drama Series. Editor Skip MacDonald received the honor for his work on Season 5, Episode 16, “Felina.” MacDonald faced competition from True Detective and two other Breaking Bad episodes, Season 5, Episode 13, “To’hajiilee” and Season 5, Episode 15, “Granite Slate.”

This is the first Emmy win for MacDonald, who has been nominated for the award three times.

The Primetime Emmy Awards will be held this Sunday, August 25. Breaking Bad has been nominated for 16 awards, including Outstanding Drama, Outstanding Actor (Bryan Cranston), Outstanding Supporting Actor (Aaron Paul) and Outstanding Supporting Actress (Anna Gunn). AMC’s Mad Men and The Walking Dead are also in contention for multiple Emmy awards.

Relive the entire series during the Breaking Bad Binge with back-to-back episodes every Sunday at 5/4c.

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