Survive the School Year With The Walking Dead‘s Dorm of the Dead Sale

TWD Store - Dorm of The Dead Sale (FB Promo Image) v2Psychology 101 got you brain-dead? While you can’t major in Zombie Apocalypse Survival, you can still kick the upcoming school year into gear with deadly dorm items from The Walking Dead official store. Survive the next school year by picking up dorm decor like an Illustrated Walkers Fathead, The Walking Dead 2015 Mini Calendar, and a limited-edition The Walking Dead Comic-Con poster autographed by Tim Bradstreet. Be sure to use discount code DTD20 to slash 20% off select items.

Click here to visit The Walking Dead Official Store.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 12 9/8c on AMC.

The Walking Dead Season 4 DVD, Blu-Ray and Limited Edition Blu-Ray Now Available

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Today AMC and Anchor Bay Entertainment announce that The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season is now available for purchase at all major retailers. Each format contains five loaded discs, presenting each episode exactly as it was originally broadcast. The Blu-ray™ + Digital HD with Ultraviolet™ presents the episodes in pristine 1080p high-definition and lossless Dolby TrueHD 7.1 audio. As with previous season releases, The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season rewards fans with hours of bonus features, including never-before-seen production footage, deleted scenes and audio commentaries. Ultra-exclusive content will be available on the Blu-ray™ release, including additional audio commentaries and several extended episodes. The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season will also be available in a Blu-ray™ limited edition “Tree Walker” collector’s package.

Click here to purchase The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD and Blu-Ray.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 12 9/8c on AMC.

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Hell on Wheels Q&A – Dohn Norwood (Psalms)

HOW-Cast-S4-Psalms-325Dohn Norwood, who plays Psalms on AMC’s Hell on Wheels, compares himself with his character and shares his techniques for staying focused while on set.

Q: What were you most looking forward to when you started filming Season 4?

A: Revisiting the character of Psalms, and further development of the character. When he was introduced, he was a Freedman, and you didn’t think that there would be anything new or different from the other guys. Now, he’s starting to see things differently as he becomes head of labor on the railroad. To see him go from being property to being in charge is a huge leap. It’s a major arc: He went from being this angry, bitter guy who looked out for himself to looking out for others.

Q: You’ve been playing Psalms for four seasons now. In what ways are you most similar to Psalms? In what ways are you the most different?

A: We’re similar in that he’s a good storyteller and he looks out for others and his fellow man. Taking the time period into consideration, African Americans were very limited in the choices that they had, so I would imagine Psalms had a more tenacious personality. It’s not that I’m not tenacious, but you had to do a lot more then. That was probably a drive that you had and didn’t even know it. At that time, you had no idea if you would live to see the next day. You counted your blessings.

Q: You’ve had your share of fight scenes on the show. Do you enjoy doing them? Were you hoping there would be more this season? Continue reading “Hell on Wheels Q&A – Dohn Norwood (Psalms)” »

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Check Out Clips of Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss in Her New Film, The One I Love


Mad Men‘s Peggy Olson may not have found a keeper just yet, but in her new film, Elisabeth Moss has already got one — and she’s working hard to keep him. In this rom-com, Sophie (Elisabeth Moss) and Ethan (Mark Duplass) are on the brink of separation and escape to a beautiful vacation house for a weekend getaway in an attempt to save their marriage. What begins as a romantic and fun retreat soon becomes surreal, when an unexpected discovery forces the two to examine themselves, their relationship, and their future. Check out the official trailer and the two exclusive clips below.




The One I Love opens in theaters on Friday, August 22.

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Dispatches From the Set – Stunt Coordinator Monty Simons on Season 5

The-Walking-Dead-Season-5-Monty-Simons-560The Walking Dead Stunt Coordinator Monty Simons talks about the art of falling like a zombie and which character would make a great stunt actor.

Q: This is your first season on The Walking Dead production. How did you get into the swing of things?

A: I jumped in feet-first on the Premiere. It’s probably one of the biggest stunt-heavy episodes ever filmed. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to sit around and think about how to properly get into gear. We had to hit this gear immediately.

Q: How different is The Walking Dead from other series you’ve worked on?

A: This show is different in a lot of ways. When I first got involved with the show, I went back and watched the series from the beginning. It’s so unique in that each day you sit down to watch, you’re mentally involved. Your favorite character could die at any moment. It’s not The Cosby Show, it’s not Full House… this is the show that killed Hershel! Scott Gimple and the producers on this show are some of the bravest in Hollywood. [Laughs] It’s not a zombie show — the zombies move the story forward — but it is about people living in extraordinary circumstances and learning to cope with this new society and the lack of protection. They’re basically starting their lives over.

Q: What stunts from previous seasons do you find the most impressive? Continue reading “Dispatches From the Set – Stunt Coordinator Monty Simons on Season 5″ »

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Hell on Wheels Q&A – Robin McLeavy (Eva)

HOW-Cast-S4-Eva-325Robin McLeavy, who plays Eva on AMC’s Hell on Wheels, talks about the evolution of her character and why her chin tattoo is so iconic.

Q: You’re now in the fourth season of playing Eva. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about your character so far?

A: The most interesting thing I’ve learned about Eva is how resilient she is, and how much of a romantic she is as well. She started out really tough in Season 1, and then, of course, the whole Elam and Eva love affair was a big milestone in her life and in her evolution. It really allowed her to get in touch with the more human, softer, feminine side of herself. Giving away baby Rose was a real destruction point, and I found it fascinating that part of her survival mechanism in giving away the baby was that she did it not just to protect the baby, but also to protect herself and Elam from a community and an environment that might not be nurturing of a child belonging to a mixed-raced couple. She did that, and yet she still wanted to keep the relationship with Elam. That didn’t happen, so her resilience had to come into play. That’s what I’m exploring this season: How does Eva bounce back from her lowest point possible and build herself a new identity?

Q: Has the new season presented any new challenges for you?

A: Yes. I had a really strange experience at the start of the season, where I just felt really numb and I couldn’t figure out if it was me, as an actor. I figured out eventually it was because Elam isn’t in scenes with me anymore.

Q: So did being without Elam affect both Eva and you, as an actor, as well?

Continue reading “Hell on Wheels Q&A – Robin McLeavy (Eva)” »

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Hell on Wheels Q&A – Neil LaBute (Director)

hell-on-wheels-season-4-neil-labute-325Noted playwright and filmmaker Neil LaBute talks about returning to the Hell on Wheels set to direct two Season 4 episodes and how his work on stage informs his work in television.

Q: You previously directed the Season 3 Finale, “Get Behind the Mule.” What was your favorite moment from that episode?

A: I came into this show as a viewer first, so for me to get a chance to put Cullen Bohannon and the Swede together again towards the end of last season, knowing the audience was waiting for it, was a real thrill for me. That was one of my favorite parts, and definitely a highlight.

Q: This season you directed two episodes, the Season 4 Premiere, “The Elusive Eden,” and Episode 402, “Escape From the Garden.” What was it like to be back on set?

A: It was really nice, because it’s so much easier once you’ve actually done it and you understand the vibe. Suddenly you know all these faces and how the game works and you feel like you’re a part of the community. That’s always a nice thing.

Q: Is gearing up to direct an episode of a television drama at all similar to preparing for a play? How so?

Continue reading “Hell on Wheels Q&A – Neil LaBute (Director)” »

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Hell on Wheels Q&A – Christopher Heyerdahl (The Swede)

hell-on-wheels-season-4-swede-heyerdahl-325Christopher Heyerdahl, who plays Thor Gunderson, a.k.a. “The Swede” on AMC’s Hell on Wheels, talks about the Swede’s new identity and being fully committed to his character.

Q: Has your approach to portraying the Swede changed at all since you first started playing him?

A: Whenever I approach a character, I take what’s on the page and I compile a list. What do I know about the character? What is said about him? What is the truth? What is questionable? The interesting thing about the relationship between [Cullen] Bohannon and Thor Gunderson is that they say many things about each other which may or not be true. So, I try to go through the script myself and not take what someone says about that character. I have four seasons of information about my character, but also about the characters with whom he interacts. My perspective of the Swede has changed, as I think the Swede himself has changed.

Q: In your Season 1 Q&A, you described the Swede as “a Norwegian survivor of the Andersonville Prison Camp who has the weighty responsibility of ‘keeper of order’ amongst the group of harlots, murderers and dipsomaniacs that is Hell on Wheels.” How would you describe him now?

A: He’s a very interesting creature, and has a very personal, yet distant, relationship with God. His actions always attempt to close that distance. Every step he takes, every move he makes… wait a minute, I’m going into a song… I’ll be watching you! [Laughs] Everything he does, from his perspective, is in honor of his desperate need to please God. An impatient God who wouldn’t mind wiping out humanity: That’s the God that Thor Gunderson understands, so it allows him to be this honorable Old Testament creature. Some may question the morality, but every character on this show has been created so beautifully flawed. The Swede is the absolute antithesis to our hero. He’s a formidable and dangerous adversary.

Q: So is he still a keeper of order at the Mormon fort?

Continue reading “Hell on Wheels Q&A – Christopher Heyerdahl (The Swede)” »

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Dispatches From the Set – Executive Producer Tom Luse on Season 5

The-Walking-Dead-Season-5-Tom-Luse-560The Walking Dead‘s Executive Producer Tom Luse talks about what fans can expect in Season 5 and where he’d hide out during an apocalypse.

Q: How do you prepare yourself for another season of The Walking Dead? Does it get easier or harder for every new season?

A: I would say that it has become a 52-week-a-year job for us. Sometimes we prepare the new season before the previous season is over. As we’re traveling, we have to prepare new locations. Zombies do not provide lawn services or leaf blowers — and the goal is to have our world look as if the world has been shut down for a couple of years — so in a way, we’re making a period film. We have to keep that world fresh for our audience. In order to do that, we have to be planning ahead.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of the production?

A: Change. That’s all it is. Nothing ever stays the same very long on The Walking Dead. You have to constantly adapt.

Q: You’ve worked on other horror productions like Jeepers Creepers I and II. Are you a big horror buff?

A: I’m a romantic comedy guy. I’m a lightweight, but the process of working on a genre film is a lot of fun. It’s given me a real appreciation for horror films and an understanding the genre. Some of the classic horror films growing up like Psycho and Poltergeist really scared me. I was the kid who would hide behind the seat during scary movies.

Q: You’re originally from Georgia. Has working on the The Walking Dead given you a sense of hometown pride? Continue reading “Dispatches From the Set – Executive Producer Tom Luse on Season 5″ »

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Halt and Catch Fire Q&A – Christopher Cantwell & Christopher C. Rogers (Creators, Co-Executive Producers and Writers)

halt-and-catch-fire-season-1-christopher-cantwell-christopher-rogers-325Christopher Cantwell and Christoper C. Rogers, creators, co-executive producers and writers of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, talk about their inspiration for the series and why Lee Pace is the perfect Joe MacMillan.

Q: How long have you two been writing partners? 

CR: Chris and I met when we were working together in social media. We were working together for about a year before we went out for beers and realized we were both dream-deferred writers and saw a chance to make a run at this.

Q: What inspired the creation of this show? Why did you want to tell this story?

CC: My father was in the computer field in the early ‘80s. He actually moved my family down from Chicago to Texas when I was six weeks old or so and took a job in system software. I saw his story and his experiences on a day-to-day basis with his job, and Chris and I were trying to figure out what to write next. We talked about the different relationships [my Dad] had with these brass knuckle bosses, like John Bosworth, and sales engineers he’d partner with like Gordon Clark. That informed some of the relationships [on the show] and gave us a depth of the world. From there, Chris and I started to research what was going on in computers in general at the time in Texas and we stumbled upon this reverse engineering story. We thought this would be a story people didn’t know and an interesting way into the world that we’re all familiar with.

Q: Chris Cantwell, how did you pull from your own personal experience when working on this show? Continue reading “Halt and Catch Fire Q&A – Christopher Cantwell & Christopher C. Rogers (Creators, Co-Executive Producers and Writers)” »

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