This Sunday’s Encores Offer Plenty of Awkward Moments for the Sterling Cooper Gang


During this weekend’s Mad Men encores, look forward to a slew of high-stakes character moments — some entertaining and some downright cringe-worthy. The episodes kick off with Sterling Cooper in the hot seat when celebrity comic Jimmy Barrett compares a client’s wife to the Hindenburg (Season 2, Episode 3 “The Benefactor”); Father Gill offers Peggy a painted Easter egg “for the little one” (Season 2, Episode 4 “Three Sundays”); Don fails a sobriety test and enlists Peggy’s help (Season 2, Episode 5 “The New Girl”); and Duck, while in his office with his children, learns that his ex-wife is remarrying (Season 2, Episode 6 “Maidenform”).

Think you can you keep the events of each episode in order? Test your knowledge of the episodes with the Episode 203, Episode 204, Episode 205 and Episode 206 Ultimate Fan Games. Want to brush up on this week’s encores right now? Check out the Mad Men Episode Guide for full recaps, season overviews, cast interviews, trivia quizzes, photos and more.

Mad Men encores air Sundays at 6AM/5c.

Video – Watch the Latest Better Call Saul Teaser, “Car Wash”

His methods may be dirty, but there’s no reason why his car should be. Check out the latest Better Call Saul teaser, featuring Saul’s signature white Cadillac. And don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Better Call Saul two-night premiere event on Sunday, February 8 and Monday, February 9 at 10/9c on AMC.

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It’s All About Secrets During This Sunday’s Round of Mad Men Encores


The glamor and sheen of Mad Men has always obscured secrets hiding under the surface. When this weekend’s encores resume Sunday morning, some of the show’s juiciest ones will be revealed: Pete discovers Don’s true identity and threatens blackmail (Season 1, Episode 12 “Nixon vs. Kennedy”); Betty realizes Don has been calling her psychiatrist to keep tabs on her (Season 1, Episode 13 “The Wheel”); at the stables, Arthur, an inexperienced, but handsome rider flirts with Betty (Season 2, Episode 1 “For Those Who Think Young”); and after an American Airlines jet crashes and is need of an agency, Roger orders Don to find “a quiet place” to drop Mohawk Airlines (Season 2, Episode 2 “Flight 1″). Oh, what a wonderfully wicked web Mad Men weaves.

Think you can you keep track of it all? Test your knowledge of the episodes with the Episode 112, Episode 113, Episode 201 and Episode 202 Ultimate Fan Games. Then, see how well you’ve been keeping track of the events of the first season with the Season 1 Ultimate Fan Game. Can’t connect all the dots? Check out the Mad Men Episode Guide for full recaps, season overviews, cast interviews, trivia quizzes, photos and more.

Mad Men encores air Sundays at 6AM/5c.

Video – Watch Two All-New Better Call Saul Teasers, “Clean Shirts Dirty Lawyer” and “Mug”

‘Tis the season for giving, and AMC has a treat for Saul fans… two all-new Better Call Saul teasers, highlighting two more reasons to love Saul Goodman: his signature colorful dress shirts and his choice of coffee mug. Check them out below, and be sure to mark your calendars for the Better Call Saul two-night premiere event on Sunday, February 8 and Monday, February 9 at 10/9c on AMC.

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Hell on Wheels Q&A – Ken Wills and Justin Onofriechuk (Prop Masters)

HOW-Prop-Masters-Ken-Justin-325Ken Wills and Justin Onofriechuk, Prop Masters for AMC’s Hell on Wheels, talk about replicating authentic props and the gun Ruth used to shoot Sidney Snow in Episode 410.

Q: Season 4 includes a number of new sets, including the casino, the Palmer hotel, the railroad office, and the Cheyenne Leader office. Were there any sets that were especially challenging to provide props for?

KW: I think the printing press was the biggest challenge this year, and that was a matter of having to show the actors who were working in there how to run it. We had to teach Jennifer Ferrin (Louise), and she was brilliant. We taught her once, and that’s all it took.

JO: I personally got lucky because Ken had already established that set, so I ran away from it as far as I could. [Laughs] I walked in and everything was set up for me. My favorite set was the casino because it had all the liquor in it. I enjoy doing food scenes, and a lot of props guys don’t. I enjoy serving the food, having the food look good, and watching the people actually enjoy it.

Q: Talk a little about the press. Where did you find it?

KW: We were lucky enough to have some help. Pieces were found from museums and all over the U.S. It’s original stuff.

Q: Are there any other notable props on any of the sets that fans should be sure to notice?

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Hell on Wheels Q&A – Carol Case (Costume Designer)

HOW-Carol-Case-Costume-Designer-325Carol Case, Costume Designer for AMC’s Hell on Wheels, talks about designing costumes for newcomer John Campbell and what her own 19th century attire would look like.

Q: How much have the looks of series regulars needed to change over the course of four seasons?

A: Quite a bit, actually. A lot has happened to everybody. Everybody has gone through a certain evolution depending on their status in their community or what’s happened to them. I think The Swede would be the most obvious one. He’s gone, quite drastically, up and down and has had both good and bad fortune. That’s affected the costumes a lot. Eva is a fairly good example, too. She’s gone from being at the bottom of the bottom to being a wife, then a mother, then a widow; and she’s now moving into a more independent look for herself that is her own, as opposed to the look of a mother or prostitute.

Q: Talk a little bit about The Swede’s evolution.

A: The Swede’s look was so good at the beginning of the show that we wanted to keep him in that world, but he’s a man of many disguises. He’s like a coyote, like in the Native American lore, or a chameleon. We tried to make him blend into the environment that he’s in and still give us an edge and show that he isn’t all that he appears to be. Chris [Heyerdahl] is a great actor to work with because he’s willing to put in effort and make it a special thing. We’ve done a lot of fittings and talking and we try to keep him in dark colors. This last season, because he spent time as a Mormon, his costume didn’t evolve too much, but at the end, we do find him going back towards his original look.

Q: After multiple seasons, does it get easier or harder to design for the series regulars? Do they get any input into their attire?
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Mad Men Nabs Two Writers Guild of America Nominations

MM-702-Don-Hamm-Sally-Shiipka-325The Writers Guild of America has announced the TV nominees for the 2015 Writer’s Guild Awards and Mad Men was honored with a nomination in the Drama Series category as well as the Episodic Drama category.

Mad Men writers Heather Jeng Bladt, Semi Chellas, Jonathan Igla, David Iserson, Erin Levy, Matthew Weiner and Carly Wray will face stiff competition for the Drama Series award: The writers of HBO’s Game of Thrones, CBS’s The Good Wife, Netflix’s House of Cards and HBO’s True Detective are also in the running.

In the individual Episodic Drama category, Mad Men‘s Season 7, Episode 2 “A Day’s Work”, written by Jonathan Igla and Matthew Weiner got the nod. The other nominees in this category include episodes from The Good Wife, Game of Thrones, SundanceTV’s Rectify and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

The winners will be announced during a ceremony on Saturday, February 14 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.

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The Walking Dead Q&A – Seth Gilliam (Gabriel Stokes)

The-Walking-Dead-Season-5-Gabriel-Gilliam-325Seth Gilliam, who plays Gabriel Stokes on AMC’s The Walking Dead, talks about killing his first walker on set and Andrew Lincoln‘s superhuman commitment to the show.

Q: You actually didn’t know you were reading for the part of Father Gabriel during your audition. When were you told who you would be playing? Did you have any guesses beforehand?

A: I didn’t have any guesses beforehand. I was told about a week before I came down to start shooting. I started with a blank slate. I didn’t know anything about the character and just went off of what was on the page.

Q: Have you found any similarities between you and your character as you get to know him?

A: With every character that you play, you try to find what [characteristics] like you are in them and hopefully there’s a little something to use. I think there are some qualities in Father Gabriel that we share, but I imagine he exorcised those before all of the wonderful walkers came along.

Q: When we first meet Gabriel, it’s clear he isn’t fit for fighting off a walker. How do you think you’d fare against one?
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Revisit Some of the Best Lines, Quips and Words of Wisdom From Season 1 This Sunday


Mad Men encores resume this Sunday, December 7 at 6AM/5c and this weekend’s episodes feature some of the best quips and one-liners from the first season. After Joan lends Peggy an outfit, Ken chimes in with his opinion: “They call a girl like her a lobster – all the meat’s in the tail” (Season 1, Episode 9 “Shoot”); during a casting call with twin models, Roger shares his unforgettable words of wisdom and hope: “When God closes a door, he opens a dress” (Season 1, Episode 10 “Long Weekend”); and Peggy awkwardly discovers what the Electrosizer is really for: “It vibrates…it’s probably unrelated to weight loss” (Season 1, Episode 11 “Indian Summer”). Want more quotes from these episodes as well as the full season? Try your hand at the new Season 1 Quotes Ultimate Fan Game. Then, delve deeper to test your knowledge of each episode with the Episode 109, Episode 110 and Episode 111 Ultimate Fan Games. Want to brush up on this week’s encore episodes right now? Check out the Episode Guide where you’ll find full recaps, season overviews, cast interviews, trivia quizzes, photos and more.

Mad Men encores air Sundays at 6AM/5c.

Video – Talking Dead Episode 508 Highlights and Bonus Scene Featuring Emily Kinney (Beth) and Robert Kirkman


Want more Talking Dead? Watch these exclusive video highlights and a bonus scene featuring Chris Hardwick and his guests, Emily Kinney (Beth), Robert Kirkman and Keegan-Michael Key.

Bonus Scene: Talking Dead: Episode 508
Keegan-Michael Key chooses which character from the show he’d want on his team during the apocalypse; Emily Kinney talks about Beth and Daryl‘s friendship; while Robert Kirkman discusses Rick‘s shifted morality.

Highlights: Episode 508: Talking Dead: Beth’s Journey
Emily Kinney talks about her experiences playing Beth and what it was like shooting Episode 508.

Click here to see photos from the Midseason Finale of Talking Dead.

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