Goodfellas Stars Celebrate 25 Years With a Reunion at the Tribeca Film Festival

GOODFELLAS, Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, Paul Sorvino, Joe Pesci, 1990

To celebrate 25 years of director Martin Scorsese’s critically-acclaimed gangster film Goodfellas, actors Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Lorraine Bracco, Ray Liotta and Paul Sorvino will come together to close The Tribeca Film Festival at the Beacon Theatre in New York City this Saturday night. Attendees can look forward to a newly-remastered print supervised by Martin Scorsese himself, as well as a live panel with the cast moderated by Jon Stewart.

“I was most proud of this film 25 years ago, and equally proud of it now. I’m very happy that it is our closing night film,” De Niro said in a statement. Scorsese added, “It’s heartening to know that Goodfellas has come to mean so much to so many people. It’s wonderful to see one of your pictures revived and re-seen, but to see it closing Tribeca, a festival of new movies, means the world to me.” Fancy yourself an expert on the film? Play the Goodfellas Ultimate Fan Game and find out just how much you know.

Can’t make it to the screening in New York? Don’t worry: AMC will also be celebrating Goodfellas‘ 25th anniversary on Monday, June 15th at 7/6c, leading into the premiere of AMC’s new eight-part limited series event, The Making of The Mob: New York, at 10/9c. Narrated by Ray Liotta himself, the series will follow the rise of Charles “Lucky” Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and other notorious gangsters from their beginnings as a neighborhood gang of teenagers to becoming the murderous entrepreneurs and bootleggers who turned the Mafia into an American institution. Watch a trailer for the series now:

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TURN: Washington’s Spies Q&A – Seth Numrich (Ben Tallmadge)

turn-washingtons-spies-season-2-portrait-ben-numrich-325Seth Numrich, who plays Ben Tallmadge on AMC’s TURN: Washington’s Spies, talks about his character’s relationships with Caleb and Sackett and how his theater experience has helped him onscreen.

Q: In the Season 2 premiere, during a brawl, Caleb comes to Ben’s rescue and declares, “No one hits my friend but me!” How would you sum up the relationship between Ben and Caleb? In what ways is it similar to your personal friendship with Daniel Henshall?

A: [Laughs] I think there are some similarities in our relationship. I really love Daniel, he’s a wonderful guy and actor. I think people get cast in certain roles because there’s at least some hint of who they are in the character, and we have fun falling into our roles with each other. Ben and Caleb are really close to each other, and they always have each other’s backs in different ways. The way Ben comes to Caleb’s rescue is always going to be slightly different than how Caleb comes to Ben’s rescue.

Q: Ben is committed to doing all he can to protect George Washington and root out traitors in an attempt to keep the Patriots united. What do you admire most about Ben as a leader?

A: I’ve always been in admiration of Ben and his commitment. Now, as we see him growing as a character, I think what’s really cool is that he’s learning things are not always that simple. He’s becoming more of a man, and sees the bigger picture. He takes other people’s safety into account now. It’s the classic coming of age story, how to fight for what you believe in and also take care of the people around you. What I love abut Ben is that he’s hard, but he’s willing to admit when he’s wrong in order to move forward.

Q: Talk about the scene in Episode 203 in which Ben and Caleb get a tour of Nathaniel Sackett‘s spycraft workshop. Was the set as cool in person as it looks on TV?

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Mad Men Q&A – Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper)


Kiernan Shipka, who plays Sally Draper on AMC’s Mad Men, talks about saying goodbye to her on-screen parents and Sally’s reunion with Glen.

Q: You basically grew up onscreen. Do you still remember your first day on set and that scene with Betty’s dry cleaning bag over your head?

A: I do! I remember it very vividly. I’m lucky – I was six when I started – and all my memories early on are very vivid and I’m so glad I have them.

Q: Sally has certainly gotten sassier over the years and lots of fans love her for that! Where does that sass come from?

A: I think the fact that Sally’s sassy is because she’s a very smart girl and I don’t think she likes to put up with a lot. I think that’s where it stems from and I think it’s heightened usually when she’s frustrated with someone or just having fun. She’s witty.

Q: What was it like to reunite with Marten Weiner in Episode 710? What do you make of Sally and Glen’s friendship?

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TURN: Washington’s Spies Q&A – Ksenia Solo (Peggy Shippen)

turn-washingtons-spies-portrait-peggy-solo-325Ksenia Solo, who plays Peggy Shippen on AMC’s TURN: Washington’s Spies, talks about dressing in period attire, her character’s love triangle, and which 18th century custom she’d like to see to make a comeback.

Q: Peggy Shippen is a real figure in history, but she isn’t nearly as well-known as her husband, Benedict Arnold. What are some of the most interesting things you learned about her? Did you discover anything in particular that helped shape your portrayal of her?

A: What I learned about Peggy was that she wasn’t at all shallow like people thought she was. The image that everyone had of her was just of this party girl, but that was actually a cover for the very well-educated, politically savvy, sharp, and opinionated individual that she was. That was very unusual for a woman of that time, especially a woman her age. What was fascinating about her was that she really understood how men thought and operated, and she used that masterfully to her advantage. I felt lucky that there was quite a bit of information available about her. It made for a very rich understanding of her.

Q: Talk a little bit about developing your on-screen chemistry with JJ Feild (Major John André). Did rehearsing the dance scene in Episode 202 help? How much practice and choreography was needed?

A: Chemistry is a very interesting thing, and you either have it or you don’t. We barely had any time to practice or rehearse our dance scene, and it was quite a bit of choreography that we had to learn. I was surprised by how seamless it looks on-screen, because in the moment, we had to deal with a lot of elements – the dancing, the dialogue, the movement with the talking. That’s a testament to our director and to the editors who cut it together to make it look like it did. They made it look like we really knew what we were doing.

Q: The role of Peggy involves quite a bit of extravagant period attire. Did you enjoy wearing such ornate dresses, or do you remember the corsets more than anything else?

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TURN: Washington’s Spies Q&A – Owain Yeoman (Benedict Arnold)

turn-washingtons-spies-season-2-portrait-owain-arnold-325Owain Yeoman, who plays Benedict Arnold on AMC’s TURN: Washington’s Spies, talks about growing up as the son of a history teacher and portraying one of America’s most hated people.

Q: You’re new to the cast of TURN: Washington’s Spies. What was your first day on set like?

A: It’s always quite intimidating when you come onto a show that’s already up and running. It was a very big character to step into — who doesn’t have the best reputation, historically. [Laughs] The cast couldn’t have made me feel more at home. Ian Kahn especially, who so brilliantly plays George Washington, was the first person I had contact with. He and I got along really well, which was nice because the show tries to establish a bond between the characters of Washington and Arnold.

Q: You grew up in the U.K., but are the son of a history teacher. How much did you know about Benedict Arnold, and the American Revolution in general, before taking on this role?

A: Growing up, I was always the kid who had to get his history homework in on time because my mom was actually my history teacher. We don’t get an awful lot of American history in our schools, so it was a real treat coming into this. It’s actually quite nice to approach the character of Benedict Arnold without any negative associations of how history remembers him. No one’s ever simply just a traitor, or just a good person. For me, it was finding that gray area, seeing him in his finest hour, and remembering him as a hero. He was a great general, and someone who people were willing to die for. That’s going to be a revelation for people watching the series.

Q: Executive Producer Barry Josephson has joked that you’re portraying “one of America’s most hated people.” Did Arnold’s real-world history give you any qualms about portraying him?

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Video – Wrapping Up Season 1 of Better Call Saul


Season 1 of Better Call Saul introduced Jimmy McGill, a struggling attorney from Albuquerque — and the man destined to become Breaking Bad‘s Saul Goodman. In a new interview, the cast and crew discuss the journey that Jimmy and the other characters of Better Call Saul have taken throughout the first season. Watch now to hear from cast members including Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks, as well as from executive producers Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, and Melissa Bernstein, who recounts Jimmy’s “arc of self discovery” and notes how much we’ve already come to know and care about him.


Better Call Saul returns for Season 2 in 2016.

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Mad Men Q&A – Mimi Rogers (Pima Ryan)


Actress Mimi Rogers, who played Pima Ryan in Episode 709 of AMC’s Mad Men, talks about keeping her role on the show a secret and putting together a tailored wardrobe.

Q: How were you approached to play the part of Pima? What was your first reaction when you heard the news?

A: I went in and auditioned for Matthew Weiner and his gang. It was an interesting situation because I saw a number of other women there and – in terms of the wardrobe and look – all of the ladies seemed to have gone in one direction, which seemed a little bohemian. I had gone in a very graphic and bold direction. I thought, “Well I either got it really right or really wrong.” [Laughs] I got to see how top secret the whole Mad Men process is because I was given my scenes, but was not given the entire script. I knew who I was going to be and what I was going to be doing, but I didn’t know for sure who I would be doing it with in terms of the regular cast members.

Q: Were you a fan of the show?

A: Oh, yes! I’m a huge fan. I’ve been binge-watching and staying up way too late at night because I just had to see what would happen in the next episode. I was totally immersed.

Q: Was it hard keeping your role a secret? Who was the hardest person to keep it from? When could you finally tell someone?

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Better Call Saul Cements Its Place as the No. 1 New Series on Cable


Better Call Saul stands as the #1 new series on cable among all viewers, adults 18-49, and adults 25-54 this broadcast season. The Season 1 finale on April 6 delivered 5.1 million viewers, 3.1 million adults 18-49, and 3.3 million adults 25-54. The season finale also led Better Call Saul to rank as the No. 1 scripted drama cable series on Twitter during primetime.
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Video – Better Call Saul Cast and Creators Talk Season 2


Season 1 of Better Call Saul left Jimmy McGill struggling to find his way in the world after discovering he’d been betrayed by his brother Chuck. Wondering what to expect when the show returns for Season 2? In a new video interview, Better Call Saul‘s cast and producers hint at what’s to come. Watch now to hear from cast members including Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks, as well as from executive producers Melissa Bernstein, Vince Gilligan, and Peter Gould, who says Jimmy will be “going in a direction towards moral grayness.”


Better Call Saul returns for Season 2 in 2016.

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10 Ways to Get Ready for the TURN: Washington’s Spies Season 2 Premiere


The TURN: Washington’s Spies Season 2 premiere airs this Monday, April 13 at 9/8c. Looking for ways to get ready? Here are 10 suggestions:

1. Catch up with a marathon of all 10 Season 1 episodes starting this Monday, April 13th at 10:30am/9:30c, leading directly into the two-hour Season 2 premiere event at 9/8c. You can also watch the cast and crew talk about where Season 1 left off.

2. Watch four sneak peek scenes from the two-hour Season 2 premiere.

3. View behind the scenes videos from Season 2 to get a preview of the upcoming season, meet this season’s new characters, and learn how Season 2 was made.
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