Jon Hamm Chats With Marie Claire; Ellie Kemper Discusses Hamm as Drama Teacher

mad-men-episode-707-don-hamm-peggy-moss-325This week, Jon Hamm chats with Marie Claire about Don, among other topics, while Ellie Kemper talks to Seth Meyers about having Hamm as an eighth-grade drama teacher. Plus, Gold Derby discusses Mad Men‘s chances at this year’s Emmys. Read on for more:

Marie Claire interviews Jon Hamm, who talks about first starting out as an actor with friends Paul Rudd and Adam Scott, and how he doesn’t understand why women like Don.

• Ellie Kemper, on Late Night with Seth Meyers, calls Jon Hamm, her eighth-grade drama teacher, “the prince of St. Louis.”

Gold Derby predicts a best drama series Emmy nomination for Mad Men, “which has also been nominated every year it’s been on the air.”
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Halt Casts Season 2 Duo; CarterMatt Talks Emmy for Lee Pace

halt-and-catch-fire-episode-110-cameron-mackenzie-325This week, Halt and Catch Fire casts two in Season 2. Plus, CarterMatt considers Lee Pace an Emmy dark horse. Read on for more:

Variety reports that Aleksa Palladino and Mark O’Brien are joining Season 2 as a series regular and recurring character, respectively.

• Looking way ahead to the Emmy nominations, CarterMatt calls Lee Pace “our biggest darkhorse” because his “star is rising due to Guardians of the Galaxy.”

• CarterMatt reports that AMC has put the first season of Halt and Catch Fire, “a show that consistently brought great performances to the table, coupled with stellar writing and just an era that we feel is under-represented on TV these days,” online here.

• According to Broadway World, Season 1 will be available on on Blu-ray and DVD on May 5.

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Aaron Paul Honored for Charity Work; Early Oscar Talk for Bryan Cranston

BB-Episode-512-Jesse-325This week, Aaron Paul and his wife are honored for their philanthropy, while Bryan Cranston is the subject of some very early Oscar talk for next year. Plus, Giancarlo Esposito talks Breaking Bad at a recent panel. Read on for more:

Variety reports that Aaron Paul and his wife, Lauren Parsekian, were honored at the annual unite4:humanity event with the Unite2gether Award for their philanthropic work.

• Oscar talk for 2016 is already starting — and The Huffington Post thinks Bryan Cranston could get a best actor nod for his role in Trumbo, which “could resonate with Oscar voters looking to make amends,” while The Hollywood Reporter thinks Trumbo is a best picture candidate. Vox also sees Trumbo making an impact since it’s “certainly an Oscar-friendly story, starring Bryan Cranston, the sort of actor it would be easy for the Oscars to embrace.”

BGR reports that Giancarlo Esposito’s favorite Breaking Bad scene is the one where he utters, “I will kill your wife. I will kill your son. I will kill your infant daughter.”
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EW Praises Saul; Michael Mando Already Eager for Season 2

better-call-saul-episode-104-jimmy-odenkirk-nacho-mando-325This week, Entertainment Weekly praises Better Call Saul as a “spin-off that works,” while Michael Mando tells Albuquerque Journal he’s already eager for Season 2. Plus, Gennifer Hutchison teases the rest of Season 1 to The Hollywood Reporter. Read on for more:

Entertainment Weekly lauds Better Call Saul as “the rare spin-off that works, expanding the original show’s mythology while creating its own distinct funny-sad sense of humor.” [No link]

• Michael Mando, talking to Albuquerque Journal, says he’s eager for Season 2 and notes, “Nacho is really unlike any character I’ve ever played. He’s extremely intelligent and patient. He’s very ambitious and to be in that character’s skin is a journey for me.”

• Esquire has an excerpt of Ian Black’s conversation with Bob Odenkirk, where he talks about “the origins of Saul Goodman.”

• Gennifer Hutchison, who wrote the latest episode, “Hero,” tells The Hollywood Reporter that Jimmy “doesn’t yet understand the implications of the things he does. As the season goes on, that’s what happens — there are consequences to his actions.”
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Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira Discuss Alexandria; Flaunt Features Norman Reedus

the-walking-dead-episode-512-michone-gurira-rick-lincoln-carol-mcbride-325This week, Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira discuss Alexandria, while Flaunt features Norman Reedus in a photo shoot. Plus, Ross Marquand provides some insight into Aaron and talks about playing the show’s first gay male character. Read on for more:

• Talking to The Hollywood Reporter about the group’s ability to fit into Alexandria, Andrew Lincoln says, “That’s the landscape that we’re investigating: whether these people are able to integrate anymore. Whether they are social animals; whether they can be recognized as social human beings anymore.”

TV Guide interviews Danai Gurira, who points out that Michonne trusted Aaron because the group is “in a dire circumstance and she can see that. It’s dire in terms of the literal conditions, but aspects of the humanity of the group were also starting to concern her.”

• For a Flaunt photo shoot, Norman Reedus explains, “I have to say that as far as my working life, I became really at ease and comfortable and proud of my work when I got to Georgia. It all kind of fell into place there.”
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Mad Men Heads to Smithsonian; New Trailer, Photos Released

mad-men-703-don-hamm-325This week, iconic items from Mad Men will head to the Smithsonian, while Elisabeth Moss is profiled by The New York Times. Plus, Matthew Weiner discusses the new Season 7 poster with Vulture. Read on for more:

• According to the Los Angeles Times, the Smithsonian will be the new home of several Mad Men items, including Don’s gray suit, fedora and office bar cart and the original script for Season 1, Episode 13, “The Wheel.” Also, Vulture reports on the upcoming “ambitious slate of cultural commemorations tied to the end of Mad Men,” including events at seven different New York museums and organizations and a major exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

• The Los Angeles Times spotlights a new 60-second ad for the final episodes that aired during the Oscars telecast. Entertainment Weekly says the commercial “effectively uses nostalgia to drum up interest in the series’ final episodes,” while The Huffington Post thinks the trailer was “better than the Oscars.”

• Matthew Weiner gives Vulture his take on the new Season 7 poster, which depicts Don in a car with “a feeling of, I hope, a little bit of a desperate drive.” Gothamist looks back at the series’ posters for previous seasons.
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TURN Moves to Mondays for April Premiere; Season 1 DVD Release Set for March 17

tn-ep105-spycrafthandbook-325This week, TURN: Washington’s Spies is moving to Mondays and getting an April premiere. Plus, Season 1 will be released on DVD next month. Read on for more:

Variety reports that Season 2 of TURN: Washington’s Spies will shift to Monday nights and premiere on April 13 with a two-hour episode. Comic Book Resources, Deadline, Digital Spy, HitFix, and TV Overmind also announced the news.

Shockya reports that Season 1 will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on March 17.

Cinema Blend spotlights a deleted scene from early in Season 1 that can be found on the Season 1 Blu-ray.

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Vulture Lists Breaking Bad On Netflix’s “Best Shows”; Aaron Paul Talks Loves of His Life

breaking-bad-episode-304-jesse-paul-325This week, Vulture spotlights Breaking Bad‘s presence on Netflix, while Aaron Paul reveals the loves of his life to Plus, Steven Michael Quezada discusses playing Gomez with Kansas City Live. Read on for more:

Vulture‘s list of the best TV shows on Netflix right now includes Breaking Bad, saying, ”Bryan Cranston’s virtuosic performance as teacher turned meth-dealer Walter White shape-shifts through each season of this sprawling, superlative drama until he (and it) becomes pretty much the greatest thing ever to have happened in front of your eyeballs.”

• Aaron Paul shares the loves of his life with, from his wife to Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree.

• Interviewed on Kansas City Live, Steven Michael Quezada talks about playing Gomez and how it was “good to play a Latino part where I was a good guy all the way to the end.”
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Bob Odenkirk Talks to British GQ, Reminisces With Conan on SNL Days With THR

better-call-saul-episode-103-jimmy-odenkrik-325This week, Bob Odenkirk talks about Jimmy vs. Saul to British GQ, while The Hollywood Reporter features Bob Odenkirk, Conan O’Brien and Greg Daniels reminiscing about their Saturday Night Live days. Plus, Raymond Cruz talks more about returning as Tuco. Read on for more:

• British GQ chats with Bob Odenkirk, who says Jimmy (vs. Saul) is “a much more dimensional character, and I think much more sympathetic.”

• Bob Odenkirk, along with Conan O’Brien and Greg Daniels, reminisces to The Hollywood Reporter about his time on the writing staff of Saturday Night Live.

The Hollywood Reporter speaks with producer Thomas Schnauz, who warns that Nacho’s “definitely no Tuco. He has a little more clear thinking. But there are several things you have to worry about with him.”
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Lauren Cohan, Sonequa Martin-Green Discuss Grieving; Ross Marquand Talks Aaron With EW

the-walking-dead-episode-510-maggie-cohan-2-325This week, Lauren Cohan and Sonequa Martin-Green discuss last Sunday’s episode, “Them,” and grieving for their on-screen siblings, while Ross Marquand talks about Aaron with Entertainment Weekly. Plus, MTV is moved by Rick’s “We Are The Walking Dead” speech. Read on for more:

The Hollywood Reporter talks to Lauren Cohan, who says Aaron’s introduction “brings about some unexpected sides of characters you think that you already knew. Those who are skeptical definitely put Aaron to the test and…we still have members of the group that are reticent to trust.”

TV Guide interviews Sonequa Martin-Green about Sasha’s grief and learns from her that “the only thing that she has is this present moment, and she’s going to go all the way in the opposite direction of her brother because it’s the only thing that she thinks she can do.”

• Ross Marquand talks to Entertainment Weekly and says Aaron’s “been tracking the group for a while and getting a vibe from them and getting the dynamics of leadership from them and how they work together—and that’s extremely important to him.”
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